Thailand · 2 Days · 4 Moments · July 2016

Pieter & Charne's adventure in Chiang Mai Thailand

4 July 2016

2016/07/04 Monday Today was our first day at our course it was from 10 to 3 which was over so soon, mainly because we anly got our books and entroduced ourselves to everyone in the class. After class we came home hot as hell and just cooled off in the room, we went out again to have a walk around and then came back again, so today was a chill day, tomorrow the work begins

3 July 2016

2016/07/02 Saturday After getting on a plane in Kenya we were on our way to bangkok which was a very..... very long flight, the style of the plane was more modern with bigger screens and movies and series that you could chose from, it was nice, but when it came to be 1am and we knew we had to sleep we could simply not get comfortable enough, it was very uncomfortable and neither of us got more than a couple of minutes sleep. After, what seemed like a lifetime, 10 hours, we finally landed in Thailand Bangkok, and then the running started.We had to figure out what to do, where to go, how to get there, and the airport is huge. We figured it out, well Pieter did, he's smart like that đŸ˜….So we got our bags, went through customs... and then we were on our last flight, we were so tired and moody and salty from sweating because we had run around so much, we did honestly not want to even look at a plane, never mind fly in another one. So after about 3 hours we landed in Chiang mai Thailand.
2016/07/03 Sunday Last night we were picked up at the airport and brought to Eco Resort in Chiang mai, where were going to be living while we do our TEFL course that starts om Monday. So this morning we got up had a shower and then some breakfast and we set out to explore our new surroundings.... furthest we've walked in years! And the weather was scolding, we were sweating like pigs but it was so nice to see the local market with all the new and weird things.We tried some local restaurants and we were very pleased, was so nice to try some of the different dishes that are really unique. Pieter has been abit flue-ish today so after our trips we mostly spent some time relaxing in our room where we have 2 single beds, not the nicest thing for us but it's fine I guess, just hope we get better sleep tonight, last night was even wors than on the plane because of being over tired, maybe tonight we'll go check some street vendors and see what they have. Tomorrow our first TEFL class starts
2016/07/01 Friday It's Friday morning and Pieter and I are getting everything ready sothat we can leave from Newcastle, KZN, South Africa to Johannesburg, OR Thambo airport to start our journey to Thailand Chiang mai and then after a month to Bangkok. With everything ready and us waiting to book in our bags it was time to say goodbye to our parents and that was very difficult for the both of us. I almost wanted to take my bag and go back home. With some tears shed, and our bags booked in we were on our first flight to Narobia in Kenya, the flight lasted 4 hours. We landed at 10pm. We had no water and the only currency we had was Rand and Thai Bath, luckily we could use our card to buy some water sothat we wouldn't die of thirst. It wasn't a very long wait to get on the plane and soon we were in the air in our second plane for the day.