Romania · 9 Days · 21 Moments · April 2018

Pie's voyage in Romania

16 April 2018

Visiting the village museum. This place exhibits several style of houses and lifestyle of people in the past, different through the regions. Even though the map make it looks like this place is very big, but it’s actually not that big.
The black church, the biggest church in southeastern europe. Originally this church was dedicated to St. Mary. It was called the black church because once the town was on fire, and the church was burned so they became darkened, and from then it was called the black church. Unfortunately, the opening hours of the church is in winter schedule, so it closes really fast and open quite late. Hence we don’t get a chance to go inside:(

15 April 2018

Tried a crêpe in Braşov. Actually there are many crêpe shops, but we picked the one that people are queuing. The crêpe turns out to be too sweet for us😂
Bran Castle, well-known as Dracula’s castle, because this place was once Vlad the Impaler’s. But later, Queen Mary of Romania came to stay here. So the furniture and decorations are being restored to be more 19th century-ish. Hence the properties of Vlad the Impaler were likely to be moved into the museum.
Peles Castle, construct during the reign of King Carol the First, to be his summer palace. Though it looks small outside, but the interior design and decorations are very flamboyant. The major decorations are made from woods; oak woods, cherry woods, pine lemon woods, etc. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take the photos inside unless we paid for the fee.
The panoramic view of Brasov

14 April 2018

Coming to Brasov. I like this city very much as it is such a lively and beautiful city. There is a big square which is a place where people come to relax, children come to play with friends, and family come to enjoy their moments. There are also a market, kind of a handmade market. It was full of goodies and souvenirs handmade from Romania.
Visiting Salina Turda, the biggest salt mine in Romania (not sure if also in Europe). It’s not only a salt mine, but there are also so many activities to do down there as they are all called ‘the amusement park’ because it has a big lake for boat rowing, pool table, bowling, ferry wheels, table tennis, and more. I had a chance to go for boat rowing. It’s very fun and exciting:)

13 April 2018

Taking a walk around Sighisoara. Full of colourful building:)
At the cathedral in Biertan. This cathedral is not only the Angelican church, but also the shelter for refugees during the wartime, because it was built with three walls surrounded.

12 April 2018

Sibiu was chosen to be the cultural capital city of Southeastern europe. Its symbol includes the seven citadels. Each of them signifies the occupations that are responsible for each citadel. These two citadels we found are the Potters citadel and the Carpenter citadel.
Taking a walk around the old town of Sibiu. Lots of beautiful Orthodox church and colourful building. The weather is also great!
Having a lunch at a restaurant called La Turn in the Large Square. The food is spectacular and the taste is very good.
Curtea de Arges is a royal Orthodox church. The tomb of King Carol the First and his wife are placed here as well as the tomb of King Carol the second.

11 April 2018

Cărturești Carusel. Mainly a bookstore and café, but there are also various goodies here. I really love the decorations in the store.
Biserica Sfântul Anton.
Palace of Parliament. The second largest administrative building in the world. It used to be a headquarter of the communist party. Nowadays there are still some parts of the the building that are in use. In my opinion, this building is very HUUUGE, like, really. The decorations inside is very grandeur. There are various rooms for various occasions, for example, theatre, dancing room, seminar room, etc.
Located on the Victory street, the CEC Bank’s building is very eye-catching and beautiful. Not so far away, there is a well-known church named Stavropoleos Monastery Church, a small church full of ancient Fresco paintings.
Taking a walk through the old town district in Bucharest. The architecture is quite unique and impressive. There are a lot of bars and restaurants in this area too.
Start off the trip by transferring the flight at Istanbul airport:)