Turkey, Thailand · 12 Days · 40 Moments · April 2015

Family's adventure in Turkey

17 April 2015

After Chora church, we go back to hotel and have a rest, waiting for the van to pick us to the airport. Our flight departs at 12.30 am. We arrive safely in Bangkok at 1.30 pm

14 April 2015

We go to Chora church. It's a Protestant (correct?) church, some of the church are in renovation. So we can visit only some parts. There're many painting about jesus, and the virgin mary. We can see that many pics are peeled, especially at the eyes, because people believed that it was lucky, so that peeled it.
@ Gülhane Parki. Lots of beautiful garden
We visit Hagia Sophia. It used to be a Christian church before, then it was changed into a mosque, but there're still have some painting of Christ there. Inside it's really big. This place was made of marble, so it's feeling cold for me--"

13 April 2015

Obelisk, near Ayasophia and Blue mosque.
We've been told that there's an ice cream cafe which is very delicious, called Mado. So in the afternoon we find the cafe and decided to try. There're a lot of Don Durma with Turkish Delight. If you try those tasty deserts with Turkish tea, that must be marvelous!
Next, we go to Basilica Cistern, a big underground chamber which used to collect the water. This place also have 336 columns. There's a column that have Evil eyes pattern, and there's a little hole on that column. So people always insert their right thumb and make a circular spin on the wall, so our wish will comes true(I guess...). Another things in this place, there're 2 Medusa's head, one is up side down, another is lie on one side. It's still not clear that how are these happen, but the scientists guess that they must have been moved from another place and mistaken place on the wrong side.
Today in the morning, we visit Topkapi palace. This is the Harem main hall. It was in use when holding a ceremony or etc. and another is outside the Harem

12 April 2015

On the way walking back to our hotel. Ayasophia and Blue mosque are so gorgeous at night.
We're back in Istanbul. Then visit the Süleymaniye mosque. It was build before the Blue mosque for about 60 years!! But it's still so beautiful and very big.
Go to the Spice market. Many spices, tea and Turkish delight sell here.

11 April 2015

The evil eyes tree😜
View of the unique,stunning and marvelous Göreme.
We visit Vanessa Seramik. It's a factory that made many useful things from pottery, then draw the paintings on it, paint with colours and dip it with the glass cover to make it shines. Some pottery are glowing in the dark. There're many masterpiece things sell in the shop. I buy 1 little pot for collecting my earrings and necklace.
We go to Göreme open air museum. It's about architecture that from natural stones. It used to lived before but now cannot because of the risk of collapse. Very very extremely freezing!

10 April 2015

Arrived at Göreme. Beautiful
Kaymakli, the city under the ground. Very big city. 7th floor but we can get only 4 floor. Temperature inside are 12-13 celceius even in summer or winter, and there are oxygen still flowing around.
Sakura at Caravanserain

9 April 2015

We are now at Konya, the most conservative city. Most of the women in this town wear head scarf. They are very strict religious. I don't see ANY tourist in this city, because maybe there're just only 1 attraction in this town. So we are only 1 group of tourist in the city!!! And everyone always look at us like we're weird with their super curious face. I wonder if they had never seen a tourist in their life?! Do we look so weird and strange when we're Asian group of tourist walking on the street in the town??!!! I don't really like this city...😥
On the way to Konya. It's snowing and the temperature is 0 celcius! So we stop and take some pictures for a while. I never expected to see a snow in Turkey!
We visit Roman theatre at Aspendos. It was build long long time ago, but it's not destroyed too much, so it can still in use.

8 April 2015

We go to the old harbor of Antalya. It has a very marvelous view and many great café. There're a lots of boat for tourism. And there're pirates ships too. That's cool!
We arrive at Antalya. This is an old town of the busy city, I think it's very beautiful and unique. This city is nearly similar to Bangkok, it's crowded, busy, lots of cars and not so clean --"
At Düden waterfall
Stone of Mustafa Atatürk, father of Turkey. On the way to Antalya.
The Cleopatra pool
We visit Hieropolis, another ancient city. Then we walk to the big white calcium mountain, which also called Pamükkale too. It has hot water. The water includes calcium, so it's good for our digestive system and skin. First, we walk with naked foot to the pound, and it's extremely freezing! But the water is warm, so that's very relaxing.

7 April 2015

We arrive at Pamükkale. This is a big mountain of Calcium.
Along the way to Pamükkale, very beautiful.
The next place, Ephesus (which I called it ruins of Ephesus). It had been rebuild for many times in ancient ages. Then it was excavated by many foreigners for about 500 years till now, there are many spots that has been waiting to be excavate. In ancient times, it's a very big city, much bigger than Akropolis, and there are a lot of structure which show us that it had been renovate for many times in different ages.
We visit The house of Virgin Mary. Which believe that the Virgin Mary had been stayed and died here. There're holy fountain which we can drink, so we collect a bottle of holy water.
Our first full breakfast in Turkey!

6 April 2015

Next city, Kusadasi. Its name means bird island. I guess this island is full of birds(and that's true in the next morning). In my opinion, I think it's a great city, beautiful beach, clean street, lots of shops and restaurants, and stunning view. But we don't have enough time to explore this city. A hotel we stay, for me it's nearly horrible! There's no any facilities for us and the room is so small. Luckily, we stay here for only 1 night.
We go to Akropolis, an ancient town which full of ruins of the king's palace and people's town in ancient times. Then it's raining and so windy. So it's really hard to take a photo, and we're all wet ^^"
This is my lunch ;)
On the next day, we have to cross from the European minor to Asia minor of Turkey with our car, so this is a big ferry that cross the minor with many people and cars.

5 April 2015

We visit the Blue Mosque for the last place. It's really big. By the way we have to wear a scarf to hide our hair, that the Muslim rule.
We walk to Galata tower, a high tower that was used to be a lighthouse before. We have to wait in queue for about 1 HOUR!! And the weather is soo cold. Amd when we go up to the top by elevator. We've got beautiful picture of Istanbul.
We go to Taksim station and walk to Istiklal avenue looking for restaurant. Finally, we get into a restaurant. Our lunch are many type of Kebab. All are yummy!
Then, we go to visit Dolmabaçhé palace, it's a Sultan's palace. It's very big and luxurious, but not as Verseille. But it still look so gorgeous.