Cambodia · 6 Days · 19 Moments · December 2017

New Year in Siem Reap, Cambodia

1 January 2018

Chilling at Brown Coffee. Very good decorations and design and I really love it! But the chocolate might be a little bit dilute...

31 December 2017

Preah Khan temple, the first and only temple to have a second floor building, which was used as a library. This place also have a lot of trees growing on the temple like Ta Phrom temple.
Neak Pean temple. If translated to Thai, it means The Wrapping Naka, which we’ll see it as a sculpture beside the temple. This temple was used to be a psychological therapy centre because people who had mental symptoms would come here and pray.

30 December 2017

@ Night market and Pub street at the centre of the city. A lot of good restaurants recommended by our tour guide were here, e.g. The Red Piano, Khmer kitchen and Vietnamese Pho.
Ta Phrom temple, one of the most famous temple in Siem Reap. Many scenes in Tomb Raider were filmed here. Even though the repairing of this temple is not complete yet, but many parts of temple which the repairing was completed look so spectacular. WARNING: since this place is full of trees, the atmosphere inside is very humid.
Bantaey Seri temple, or Pink temple, which will turn pink when sun shines during summer.
Walking up to the Kbal Sapean (the beginning of the bridge) to see hundreds of the sculptures of Sivalinga. This is the place where the brahman used to do the religious worship in the ancient time.

29 December 2017

Angkor Wat, the centre of religion in Angkor. Built 30 years before Angkor Thom. There are sculture walls surrounding the temple telling stories about the war of King Suryavarman II. You may see it from the outside and think that it’s kinda small, but I’ll tell you, it’s HUGE.
The eastern gate of Angkor Thom
Bayon Temple, the holy temple located at the centre of Angkor Thom. The face sculptures that was built on the top of each prang were believed to be the face of King Jayavarman VII.
Watching sun rise at Angkor Wat.

28 December 2017

Phnom Bakheng, a temple on the mountain hill. Tourists would go up to the temple and watch sunsets. But nowadays there are too many tourists, and the temple cannot bare that much people. So they limit the people going up to only 300. As the tourists have the same purpose: watching sunset, so the queue was full since afternoon. When the sun started to set, the people who couldn’t make it to the temple, like me, just have to settle somewhere that can clearly watch sunset😂
Pre-Rup temple, the oldest among the three temples in Hariharalaya Ancient City.
Bakong Temple, the official state temple of King Indravarman I
Preah Koh temple, one of the temples in Hariharalaya Ancient Ciy. Built by King Indravarman I to honour King Jayavarman II, the founder of Khmer Empire.

27 December 2017

Night market street. A street full of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Very buzzling. Full of westerners and Chinese.
Tonle Sap, the biggest lake in Asia. When traveling along the lake, we will see a floating village, means that the houses, mini mart, local authority office, school, restaurants and even church are built on the floating rafts and boat is the main transportation. It’s quite fascinating for me how people can build their houses on the rafts. Unseen Cambodia😲
Lunch and Nearykhmer(นารีเขมร). I guarantee that this restaurant is SUPERB. Y’all shouldn’t miss when visiting Siem Reap!!
Angkor National Museum A place where we can learn about history and arts of Khmer. From visiting the museum, I’ve come to the conclusion that in the ancient times, Cambodia had a very civilized arts and culture. Their nation had been developing such a fine and grandiose culture for so long that they also had an influence on many nations; we can see that Cambodian arts and culture were a foundation of many nations’ cultures.