Peru · 12 Days · 12 Moments · September 2018

Piero's Trip to Peru

16 September 2018

Going back to Lima by bus gave me the opportunity to visit some places on the road. The one i liked most was Huacachina. An oasis in the desert where only one road from ica leads to. We also stopped at the Nasca Lines before sunset. I definitely want to come back to spend more time i the desert. Don't ask me why but it was kind of magic to look around there.

14 September 2018

After spending nearly one week around Cusco I started my trip back to Lima where I would meet a girl that contacted me through Couchsurfer. I like to meet people from the placed I go and talk about their lifes and habits. I took the 'Peruhop' which is a flexible bus service. You book your itinerary and you can hop off in a city and stay there as long as you want. You just have to book your next hop ON 12 hours in advance. My first stop was Puño and the Lake Titikaka with the floating Islands. We met people living on the island explaining us how they build them. They even invited us to enter their small houses where usually 3 people live.

13 September 2018

You can actually walk up from Aguas Calientes or take the bus up and down. Buy your ticket in advance online so you don't need to get in the line for that. Get your busticket and entry ticket to 'Mapi' at "Peruways" online. Machu Picchu is just a magical place. With the mountains full of trees and the temple formation you feel to be somewhere special. The first question that arose: How long did it take to build this place? It belongs to one of the new world wonders. I feel very inspired and I cannot stop looking around and breath in this place.

12 September 2018

The trip I was looking for since I had decided to visit Peru was Machu Picchu. As my roommates had already gone to this place before arriving I decided to go by train and do everything in one day. It is not the cheapest way to go to 'Mapi'. There are a lot of agencies who offer the trip for 300 Sols which is under 100 💲. If you decided for this way you will be carried with a minivan to Hidroeléctrica where the road finishes it is a long trip 4-6 hours. Afterwards you go 2 hours along the railroads to arrive to 'Aguas Calientes' where you will spend one night in a hostel before going up to 'Mapi'. If you decide to go by train you take a taxi to Porroy Station (25 Sols from Plaza del Armas) - let your hostel call a taxi. They usually know reliable drivers. I got to now a nice student driving taxi. His name was Alfredo and he told me he wants to visit Germany after finishing his study. The cheapest train ticket is 65 Dollar and runs before 6am.

11 September 2018

Today was kind of a chill day. Well the hike to rainbow mountain was great but we spend a lot of energy there. I filled it up in the morning with a fresh 'jugo' made with passion fruit and oranges. In Cusco you will find a lot of places where you can get fresh juices. In the evening we visited an art exhibition were we met Lucho Soles. He is an peruvian artist. I like his toppery work a lot.

10 September 2018

Today I went to Rainbow Mountain with my roommate Peace. The weather seemed to be very bad this day. Was it worth to get up at 2am to get to that mountain? We drove 3 hours through little andean villages with very narrow 'streets'. If you ever go there better do not look how much space there is between the cliff and the tires of a car. Our guide was Jacky. A small woman with a lot of power cause she does that track everyday. We went to hours through the foggy mountains to reach the place we actually had been come for. It is somhowe 5200 m over sealevel. A couple of people had real problems with the air. I was lucky and had no problems besides not being that fast going up. We booked the tour at and we were pretty about our trip.

8 September 2018

After traveling by bus to Cusco I did not have any feeling of sickness because of the altitude. Some people claim going by plane is faster but a lot of people end up 1 or 2 days in bed. I had a nice first evening in the hostel with some pisco sour and nice conversation with a girl from the U. S.. The weather could not be better. On my second day in Cusco I went to the free tour in Cusco and it was a great tour. At the end I ended up going to the 'Cristo Blanco' with a guy from Belgium and a girl from Spain that were also solo traveling. I highly recommend this tour since it is a way to listen to a native guide with all the insides you won't find in a book.

7 September 2018

20 hours with the bus seem to be a lot. But arrived in Cusco I was not having problems with the altitude. My roommates weren't so lucky. Most people come by airplane. Since ussually they come from sea level 3500 meters are not so easy to digest. And in fact a couple of roommates in my hostel had to stay in bed for at least one day. Everyone is different. So if you plan to go to Cusco keep that in mind. I stayed at Kokopelli again. I like the vibe in that place and I was about to meet a lot of nice people I was spendinh my time with during my stay in Cusco.

6 September 2018

This story is crazy. I was in this nice little place where they make wonderful bocadillos/sandwiches "La bodega iberica" - and a guy asks me something in spanish . I tell him "hablo solo un poquito de espanol, soy italiano" in the next moment this mans eyes illuminate and he begins to tell me that he once lived near Modena where his first wife played professional Volleyball. He gets to fresh up his italian language skills with me and invites me to eat something with him. His name is 'Gustavo' he is such an adorable man and shows me photos of his family. I show him pictures of my nephew.
My real first day in Lima is also my day of departure for Cusco. In the Shot you see the coast and El Faro de la Marina. A lot of people doing sports here and a really nice fresh wind. It is the end of winter so not really the sun that makes this place nice. But it is definitely nice!
But i am lucky this time... The fligh to Lima is delayed as well. I reach seat 25H. 25... I always try to choose seats that sum up to 7. Yes I am a bit superstitious. I am lucky again. I get to practice a bit of spanish in the next 12 hours of flight. Next to me there is a pervian student that studies in Florence Italy. So whenever I don't get the right word I skip to Italian. Her name is Sol. She lives with her aunt and studies 'IngenierĂ­a'. My thoughts after 2 hours: "I am happy to don't die alone if the plane crashes.' Yes I don't like to fly. But you got to do what you got to do...

5 September 2018

So my trip starts in my home town at 3 am in the morning taking the first train to the airport. I haven't slept much but I am excited. I was concerned about my baggae first cause i have a 50L backpack but really it fits in those frames where you can control it. I hate those long queues for registration of baggage, that is why I always try to jump this step if possible On my first flight there is an old man sitting next to me which is really sweet telling my the story of his live. Working as an Agricultural expert for 30 years now mostly in Africa. I see his name on is baggage tag. 'Hartmut' what a nice old German name. He is the first Hartmut I get to know in my life. Bad weather over Paris so we depart an hour late. I am thinking 'hope to get the connecting flight in Patis'. There is no other one today going to Lima...