United States of America · 43 Days · 7 Moments · August 2016

Scott Slay

Phone log with Haven and Simon

13 September 2016

Preparation for September 23-25 2016 visit with Haven and Simon in Pensacola, FL.

29 August 2016

I paid for Simon's medical bill.

20 August 2016

I talked to Haven and Simon while they were with my mom. Haven and Simon went to a birthday party. We talked about Cheerleading with Haven and about Simon's Homework and paying attention in class.

16 August 2016

I talked yon Simon today via my dad's phone. We discussed his new Spanish class and how to say My Name Is in Spanish. My dad heard the whole conversation on speakerphone.

15 August 2016

Today I talked to Haven about her Cheer Leading Squad and her Strings ensemble Echo. Simon and I talked about his new friend Jackson and we reviewed his vocabulary words. Rural, Urban, Meadow, Cousin and more.

3 August 2016

I called my mother Suzanne Bowen to talk to Haven and Simon since they are staying with my mother today while Sarah is at work. Simon told me that they enrolled in a new school yesterday Tuesday 8/02/2016. Haven told me that Sarah told the kids not to tell me yet because they were waiting for the paperwork to go through. She also said that the school gave them school TShirt and told them to go ahead and get the supplies. I immediately ask Sarah about this matter via text. I was not consulted before Sarah made this decision.

2 August 2016

I had some very friendly conversations with both Haven and Simon about their new cats . Haven did say she was no looking forward to being a part of the service at Tim's church. She told her mom that she doesn't want to be an "Akalight" but that Sarah said she has to try it at least once.