North America · 34 Days · 81 Moments · February 2019

Phoenix, AZ

6 March 2019

This is after my backhoe operator did his job....welcome home - NOT!!

4 March 2019

End of trips- home safe n sound by 2pm after o’niteing in Shelby, MT. BITTERLY cold there tho...-33😣

2 March 2019

It begins😡.... I DONT wanna go home!!!!! -22 in Shelby- just 33 miles fr th border & that crossing happens tomorrow😡

1 March 2019

Oh MY loving oath...good thing there’s nothing like this at home... It’s called KNEADERS- YUM!!!!!!!
Fabulous hotel - geared for longer stays..note th full size frig AND please read th note that’s pinned to th cork board!!
What a temp difference....😡

28 February 2019

Now of th same...
Death Valley- day 2. Armagosa OPERA house (yes, opera house); Dante’s view (DO take th time to see th video😳); FABULOUS oasis hotel, visitor center Ryelite ghost-town; wild donkeys & n running to Hawthorne NV Travelodge.

27 February 2019

More Death Valley....
More Death Valley....
Took a pic of th dash showing temp & elevation... 285 feet BELOW sea level...lowest place in North America...
The flowers were out because of th inclement weather they had last week...
More Death Valley...& yes, I was VERY busy taking pics!!!
More Death Valley....
Death Valley- first 1/2 today, back to Pahrump e/o day, last 1/2 tomorrow. An amazing scenario...
Shoshone- my FAVOURITE swimming pool that I wasn’t allowed to swim in....😡 Had to be staying @ either motel or RV park. Would have IF th motel would have taken pets....😡
On th way to th China date ranch...
More date ranch...
China date ranch - WONDERFUL date shakes, fabulous dates. An oasis in th desert that has history😉😉 read th story on th signs!!
Snow over Pahrump....BRRR

26 February 2019

GENEROUS side salad @ BW in Pahrump... Off to explore & show Wayne Shoshone & China date ranch tomorrow 😁
‘Leftovers’ fr th last week of storms... On our slow way ‘home’😡
Joshua trees in bloom after th MAJOR snow/rainstorms!

24 February 2019

Wonderful day!!! Lovely warmth! 18 holes of golf & happy hour in th backyard...,watching th lovebirds😁 My kind of backyard!!!

23 February 2019

Snow on th local ‘mountains’...neverbefore seen!!!

21 February 2019

What does one do on an inclement day??? Juice!!! Oranges, grapefruit & lemons!! Yum!!! It has SNOWED 3’ in Flagstaff & has poured all day today & is supposed to do th same tomorrow......& we left home for THIS????
So much for ‘warmer climes’ this winter!! Rain/windstorm last night - Arizona roads closed because of SNOW & STILL snowing....& we came here because?????

18 February 2019

It has been COLD these last 2 days - th locals have never seen snow on th local mountains...brrrrrr Going back to Mesa - at least there it’s warmer!!!

16 February 2019

On th way to see Wayne’s friend Barry & Gf Joanne in Palm Desert. GORGEOUS view fr their lr window. Guess they had some real RAIN w washout consequences a day or ago!

12 February 2019

Apache Junction. A restored mining town. Reminded me lots of Barkerville only this one was a ‘hot weather’ territory town!! Found a few treasures to take home😁

11 February 2019

Date palm flowers....wired, but th dates are sure good!!!

10 February 2019

And then to finish off a VERY busy @ 10; golfing 18 holes @ 2 & then a fund raiser dance till 9 pm.... Will need to go home to recuperate- but wait, maybe not just yet😉still TOO cold there!!!
Park flora & fauna.. look closely at th palm trees for th love birds/budgies th hang out there! And bunnies everywhere!!!
Golfing @ th Park...i was just th cheerleader/photographer 😉

9 February 2019

Lornas ‘pet’
Lornas GORGEOUS Amarillys!
Flea market in Mesa - 4 buildings (walking feels like a mile) looong - dozens & dozens of stalls...just like Yuma only I think more expensive. By th time we’d walked it...3.5 km’s!!!!

7 February 2019

Acres of solar panels!! Why not!!
Going into Los Algodones, Mexico for Mexican vanilla!! Only problem is nobody told us we’d be standing in line for 11/2 hrs...but one makes conversation w others also in line & time passes!! Saw th Yuma territorial prison - that’s what all th pics r from. Sunny day but cold wind. Off to Yuma flea market tomorrow & then back to Mesa.

6 February 2019

We were (all 4 of us) all together in th truck driving at & Wayne decided there were 3 too many voices offering opinions & directions 😉😉

5 February 2019

The boys heading off at th corner to go hit some golf balls!!!

4 February 2019

This is where we’re staying...went for a walk this morning & pigged our on a whole fresh-off-the-tree grapefruit!!!! YUM!!!!

3 February 2019

We saw so much different terrain coming down into ‘desert land’. Amazing & beautiful. Arrived in Phoenix in 1 piece at 3ish this afternoon. Will post pics of th AMAZING accommodation at Wayne’s sis & bro in laws place...backing up to a golf course - go figure!!

2 February 2019

Mountain passes everywhere...BUT we’re keeping ahead of th weather👍👍 O/nightingale in Cedar City then it’s off to Phoenix tomorrow. Boo & I are about ‘sat out’🤨 Now I know WHY I like traveling w thRV!!! Supper @ Applebee’s & then BED!!
Approaching Idaho...

1 February 2019

Going over one of th passes in Montana. Quite beautiful actually but not th Rockies!!!😉
Leaving today...-14 & blizzard....incentive to head for warmer climes maybe???

31 January 2019

Preparing for Phoenix...