Taiwan · 3 Days · 13 Moments · July 2018

Phoebe's voyage in 阿里山&日月潭

28 July 2018

Drive back to Taipei
Visit 中台禪寺
Wat 客家菜 for lunch with Kurmit
Visit 文武廟 and 埔里酒廠
Bike around 日月潭 with Kurmit

27 July 2018

Check in at 日月潭大淶閣 hotel
Arrive at 日月潭, walk around 玄光寺 and 伊達邵 to buy 小吃 for dinner
Eat 翁窯雞 for lunch at 阿里山山下
drive on 新中橫 to see 台灣第二大神木, see monkeys, go to 塔塔加 but 土石流 so u-turn to take highway to 日月潭
watch sunrise at 祝山 & walk around 櫻之道

26 July 2018

eat dinner at 阿里山遊客中心 & watch sunset at 阿里山火車站
Check in at 阿里山閣大飯店 & hike around 姊妹潭、神木28號, take 阿里山小火車
Drive to 阿里山 & eat 便當 at 奮起湖