Spain, Canada · 25 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Phil and Pat's adventure in Barcelona

19 July 2017

Barca day 4 In the morning we did the sagrada familia visit, which was stunning. It was also the day tom and Nathan were arriving from Switzerland, so we headed to the beach for some volley. For supper we met up with pietro, the speaks' friend who stayed at their place for five months when we were in cegep. We went to a pinchos place for supper, then to the mojito bar, and then a club. It was a great night And herein concludes the journey of Patrick and Phil's adventure in Europe, as our flight out was the next day at 1 pm.
Barca day 3 We finally found peanut butter, so bought some pb and j and made French toast pbj. We had a lazy wake up, and did the sagrada familia walking tour and civil war bunkers tour. After that we went to a nice paella restaurant, and took a dip in the sea.
Barca day 2 We grabbed some bacon and eggs and had ourselves an ice big breakfast. We did the walking tour, then headed to the beach, where we found a really cool church group from the states, and played volleyball till 10. They were generous enough to invite us for their home made supper, which we ate on the beach. Pat and I then headed out to a mojito bar that our hostel was going to.
Barca day 1 (2/2) For supper we went out to a pinchos place, which basically means the restaurant has a bunch of hors doeuvres set out, you grab whatever you want, and they count the toothpicks at the end to tally the cost. The street where we were was mainly 1-1.80 euros per. We were pretty beat from having only two hours sleep, so we went to bed early.

25 June 2017

Barca day 1 (1/2) The way out of Croatia was quite stressful, as we overslept our alarms, and ended up getting up at 5:44, making it a gentle challenge to catch our 6 am bus to the airport. However, we'd prepared well the night before, and by some miracle boarded the bus right before she left. At the airport we left tim as he was heading home. Pat and I arrived in Barca at around noon, and checked into our hostel. The hostel was really cool, offering tons of activities every day and night, and often free food or sangria. We headed north to guell park, which was greatly fashioned by the architect Gaudi, likely Barcelona or even Spain's most known shaper of the land.