Canada, Greece · 8 Days · 38 Moments · July 2018

Phil & Vero's Greek Orgy

7 August 2018

Relax day and travelling to Santorini!

6 August 2018

Today's stats. Car and beach day!

5 August 2018

Fitbit stats... lots of car today!

4 August 2018

Fitbit stats for the day.
OH, WHAT A LIFE #5 / GROSSE VIE SALE #5 Once we had enough of the medieval town, we crossed back to the main land and grabbed a drink at Di Porto Café, on a terrace overlooking all the boats which are in for the night. I had a Rossini (Strawberry Liqueur, Strawberries, and Champagne), Véro had a Lollipop (pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, rhum, bitter, and orange liqueur??!!), and mom had a limonade. GROSSE VIE SALE!! - Philippe
MONEMVASIA PART IV - MATOULA Fourteen years after having had an amazing meal at this restaurant, I just had to return again. Aubergines in a tomato sauce, little fried anchovies, stuffed wine leaves in a lemon sauce, and of course horiatiki.
MONEMVASIA PART III (Trying a new filter on my camera, it made the colors more vivid) The last picture is of a cactus with its fruit, a Prickly Pear. 🎶 Now when you pick a pawpaw 🎶 Or a prickly pear 🎶 And you prick a raw paw 🎶 Well next time, beware! 🎶 Don’t pick the prickly pear by the paw 🎶 When you pick a pear try to use the claw 🎶 But you don’t need to use the claw 🎶 When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw ... have I given you a clue? - The Bear Necessities, Disney’s Jungle Book
MONEMVASIA I discovered Monemvasia at the end of my 2004 Olympic Summet spent in Greece, and for that reason it has a nostalgic feel to it for me. Monemvasia is a town located on a small island off the east coast of the Peloponnese. The island is linked to the mainland by a short causeway and is the site of a powerful medieval fortress. The town walls and many Byzantine churches remain from the medieval period (+/- 10th century AD). There’s more Monemvasia to follow! - Philippe
DRIVING TOWARDS MONEMVASIA After Mystras Véro took the wheel, so I took a few shots from the back seat. Whining roads, olive trees, orange trees (?), and lots of mountains. We drove through a village where the GPS mislead us and we ended up on tiny streets going up or down on 45 degrees angles while being 4 inches from each building, Véro was sweating bullets and I was too stressed to take pictures. It was amazing, but scary!!! - Philippe That was quite intense. But my experience driving on Montreal roads (especially in Westmount driving stick) came in very handy. J'aurais pu peter des noix de grenoble tellement que j'étais tendue (pppow-pppow!) Mais je ne savais pas que ça allait être pire le lendemain.... à suivre... - Vero
MYSTRAS PART IV (I think we liked this place - and imagine, we only saw about 10% of the archeological site!!)
MYSTRAS PART III Here comes the fancy shots... 🤤📷🤓 --- Phil is a great photographer! We (Poppy and I) sit and wait a lot while he takes his pictures, but that also means that I make fun of him once in a while for it (last pic). I actually appreciate sitting. Damn stairs everywhere! Lol. - Vero
MYSTRAS PART II (Views and an art installation)
MYSTRAS A new discovery for me of relatively recent ruins, of Byzantine times (14th & 15th century). It’s a fortified town filled with different churches. It’s really hot out (and we are hungover) so we didn’t do the whole parkour but what we saw was breathtaking. And the view! Mystras is on a mountain overlooking Sparta. More Mystras to come... - Philippe Site superbe si on est un peu geek de l'histoire grecque. Poppy nous a raconter plein de chose sur le site et nous a acheter chacun un beau livre sur l'histoire complète du site. Je sais que je vais le dévorer à mon retour au Canada. - Véro
(GPS tag for the Rest Area we had breakfast at)
PELOPONNESE ROAD TRIP BEGINS! We begin a three day road trip through the Peloponnese. Mom drove us out of Athens (crazy drivers Athenians are!!), then I took the wheel at the first highway toll station. First stop: Kineta! A beautiful discovery from my 2003 trip to Greece, I returned to Kineta to show it to Véro. Just like 15 years ago (YIKES!) there was no sea bath involved, but some breathtaking views on the beach. - Philippe My first real view of the ocean. Took a huge, cleansing breath, hoping it would be a miracle cure for my lack of sleep and hangover. It didn’t, but i still enjoyed the view and breeze! - Vero

3 August 2018

Fitbit stats for the day!
WHAT TO DO AFTER MANY DRINKS? Answer: walk to the beach and the marina (barefoot), of course! - Philippe (At 3am, in my pjs - Vero)
OH, WHAT A LIFE #4 / GROSSE VIE SALE #4 Mastic (That was actually not bad. Still warm, but not a slap-in-the-face rough! - Vero)
OH, WHAT A LIFE #3 / GROSSE VIE SALE #3 Tsipouro (That one made my nips perk up it was strong!) - Philippe Similar pic from 2008. Seems we got into the habit!
OH, WHAT A LIFE # 2 / GROSSE VIE SALE #2 Tequila (It was warm, no salt, no lemon - it was rough! - Véro)
WHAT’S AFTER FOOD & DRINKS? Answer: change location and have more drinks! Phevos brought us to Couleur Locale, a multilevelled bar / restaurant with an amazing roof patio overlooking the Acropolis, where we had several rounds of Mythos and Alpha beers and plenty of laughs! Ooooh, What a life!!! (Aww shit, now we have to have a shot!) - Philippe
BLAST FROM THE PAST - DIOSKOURI Véro and I had planned to go to the Acropolis Museum in the morning but thanks to our friend JetLag we got up at 11:30am. In fact, I wasn’t able to sleep until well past 7am, then slept 4 hours. Eeeeek! We went shopping a bit more around Pasalimani (which means Pasha’s harbour), and then we met my old friend Phevos, my BFF from the Athens Olympics in 2004. He brought us to Dioskouri (the upper one), where we had a wonderful meal of Horiatiki, fried calamari, and a big meat plate. YUM!! It was great to catch up with such a sweet and dear friend ❤️ - Philippe I was so excited when I learned that we would be meeting up with Phevos, when I thought he couldn’t leave London! What an unexpected surprise! Being in Plaka (like the By-ward market in Ottawa, but bigger and more Greek!) brought back memories from 2008, and I just HAD to get a Mythos! Food again was amazing, best traditional greek salad. BTW, there is no lettuce in Greek salad, plz stop! -Vero
THE MEASURE OF A TRUE FRIEND... ... is someone who not only waxes your back without flinching (unlike yourself), but also enjoys doing it 🤪 #BeachReady - Philippe ... that was fun! For all the times you pissed me off in the last 27 years, i took my revenge! Mouhahahahaha! - Véro

2 August 2018

Fitbit stats for today!
OH, WHAT A LIFE #1 / GROSSE VIE SALE #1 Véro and I often say “Grosse vie sale!” (which can be translated to “OH, what a life!”!) here and there when we are enjoying a moment of our vacations. This time around we’ve decided we’d do a shot every time we say it. This is our first one: ouzo, in our PJs, on my mom’s balcony at 1am (6pm for us jet lagged). Véro et moi disons souvent “Grosse vie sale” lors d’un bon moment passé en vacances. Nous avons décidé de se pèter un shot chaque fois qu’on le dit. Voici notre premier shot, en pyjama (bobettes) sur le balcon chez ma mère à 1am. Grosse vie sale! - Philippe “GROSSE VIE SALE!” Et tchin, tchin pour vous tous au 🇨🇦! - Véro
FAMILY DINNER After our first lunch, Véro and I went for a little nap, followed by a bit of shopping. Then we surprised Véro with a family dinner organized by my cousin Nota. Cousin Elia was there as well as cousin Adonis. “Restaurant chez Nota”, home cooked meal on a great terrace. Great food, good wine, nice family = perfect first evening! Chicken, spanakopita, kokinisto (beef and noodles) and of course horiatiki! Adonis named the pastry “a Greek Big Mac with chocolate”. There was also ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Six different flavours of ice cream. - Philippe C’est toujours un peu stressant de rencontrer de la famille de tes amis, mais je me suis fait accueillie en reine. Et en plus j’ai eu droit a une explication de pourquoi un certain mot viens du grec, un incontournable quand je suis en 🇬🇷! Et je vous ai dit a propos de la bouffe mentale? Tout est gouteux, et presque tout Keto. Lol. - Vero
FIRST MEAL Horiatiki (Greek salad), lachanika (veggies), loukaniko (boar sausage “excuse me”), and kotopoulo (chicken), with kerkiraïki (Cretan beer)... at Bibere! They even offered us an amazing dessert, and a mastika (a Greek digestif)! Stin iya mas (cheers!) - Philippe La bouffe, non mais LA BOUFFE! C’est comme si j’ai fait ma diète avant le voyage JUSTE pour pouvoir plus manger! Lol - Véro
Wow, juste wow. Vue débile de l’appartement à Poppy, et exactement comme je me souvenais 10 ans passée!

1 August 2018

AIR CANADA SUCKS The rest of Wednesday was spent at Duty Free for 2 hours, having a Caesar, losing my earbuds 🤬, Véro losing her purchases (found it back) and a 9hr flight. What a flight! I usually freeze on planes but this one was hotter than a sauna, with no personal air vents to cool down. The only electrical outlet at our seats wasn’t working. They promised to reset it but never did. There’s no TV but you can rent an iPad for $10 or use the Air Canada app on your phone / tablet (IF you downloaded it before the flight) to run their Media Player. Unfortunately it wasn’t working, movies weren’t loading at all. “Sorry, so many people are trying to watch stuff”. There’s no map to follow our progress, no Wifi to check emails / social media (not even to purchase!!), no window to watch outside to pass the time. We asked twice for headsets, never came. And with my morning coffee I asked for a glass of water, which I also didn’t get. Paid $1,400 for that?! - Philippe
On decolle pour Athènes sous peu!!
Landed safely in Montreal... but I bet ya $20 my luggage stayed in Toronto. I also have to find Véro, who landed in Montreal a minute after me... MARCO??? - Philippe
Ottawa to Montreal. Cleared security and NO line-up! Why am i getting the nexus then? /vv
Derniers preparatifs avant de quitter la maison... /vv

31 July 2018

Vero has left the (office) building! I am officially on vacation!!!
Hi! This is my first entry, written in the last 24 hours before the beginning of our Greece 2018 trip. This Greek journey has been in the making for a decade, ever since the somewhat of a fiasco Greece 2008 was. Tonight I packed. Smallest luggage ever, I’m quite proud of myself! Tomorrow, last day of work, last Tuneful Tuesday for a few weeks, and on Wednesday August 1st we fly towards the Greek sun. Don’t worry, Icarus has got nothing on us! ☀️🇬🇷 - Philippe 2018/07/30 (Technically 2018/07/31)