Canada · 15 Days · 7 Moments · August 2016

Philip learns what to do and not to cycling

23 August 2016

yukkk electrolyte adder tastes awful
check for meals close by ask how far by car and do the math 10min by car could be an hour of hills each way otherwise plan to draw down a dinner and a breakfast
when booking check for washer/drier facilities every 2 days alternates clothes And when it rains - things get wet unplanned - it rained so hard ran down the rubber booty covers and soaked my shoes and my front bags we not exactly waterproof....wet bottom

12 August 2016

Not a list, but I wanted a place where I could drop in comments about things that would make a difference next trip that weren't obvious to me Given the stream of consciousness, it will be a mix of yes and no, like everyday ...
Multi-USB charger is awesome. Saves on plug space and carrying wall plugs (weight and space)

10 August 2016

Bring a gnome - continue a global tradition and it is fun to share their perspective on the world

9 August 2016

BRING LESS STUFF Multiply weight by distance - ask for every single thing - is it worth carrying for 2000km ? Once you have done this, separate into 3 piles - 100% I need it now and everyday 100% needed but later in the trip I need this in case..... Pile 1: what is purpose and is it worth buying a lighter one? By the way - take minimal food - it is heavy and takes space there are plenty of stores you can buy trail mix etc.... Pile 2: if you only need later either mail yourself a box to a post office or other place that will hold it, far along the trip. Consider just buying that stuff there when you really need it.... I have an extra layer of cool weather clothes needed in 1000km - carrying all the way - should have bought there... The in case pile - pick out 20% of it and leave the rest. Think hard about carrying something you may never use... After 4 days, I left one box - 10lbs 3 days later I would leave another 5-7lbs Justify to a friend see if they buy your story