Philippines · 5 Days · 10 Moments · August 2016

Tara Murphy

Philippines (August 2016)

29 August 2016

AM of diving and the PM spent on an ATV around the island/ mountain visiting the hot springs! 😊
ATV tour this afternoon after diving! Last day in the Philippines! It's been amazing!! 😍
Last day of diving in the Philippines! Amazing diving... Will def be coming back here! Check out the dive boat! ⚓️

28 August 2016

Drinks after diving... $3 for TWO cocktails! Including a great setting, music, ambience! 😊 #DangerouslyCheap

27 August 2016

Accommodation; beach view cottage 😊

26 August 2016

View of the pool :)

25 August 2016

Beautiful sunset on arrival in the Philippines 😍
After 2days of flying, this is the last flight (for a few days!) Pure luck that we made it!
Having a quick VERY much needed drink (or two) after a long day and stressful arrival into the Philippines! 🍻
View of the plane in Manila airport, heading to Dumaguete next! 💦 #MonsoonSeason