United States of America · 5 Days · 19 Moments · May 2017

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12 May 2017

Wells Fargo Arena, Tempe, AZ - Convocation was a great affair. NFL quarterback and ASU graduate, Brock Ossweiler was the featured speaker. All said, it was a great moment and a crossing of the finish line that seemed all the more sweeter because family was here to share it with us.
Scottsdale, AZ - Tania has been getting ready for her Convocation and it has been a frantic morning. Never the less, she has kept moving forward despite a minor curling iron burn and a late Lyft vehicle. What a champ!

10 May 2017

Scottsdale, AZ - We have arrived at the AirBnB home that we rented for this trip and it took all of four minutes within arrival of the kids finding their way into the pool. Getting the lay of the land. The place is HUGE! Could easily sleep 16 people. Again, I don't know where Tania manages to locate this places but she does a fantastic job as always! Sending out text messages to family to let them know what our plans are. Tania just told the kids that their pool time is limited to another 15 minutes. She walked back in and said,"Oooh! I need some Starbucks." Certainly there will be a Starbucks run in our immediate future.

9 May 2017

Sedona, AZ - We arrived at Junipine Resort a somewhat tired and gassy bunch beneath the rocky cliffs and full moon in Sedona. I don't know how Tania manages to find these places, but almost every time Tania makes reservations for us at a place to stay, the results are phenomenal! A cottage (#11) nestled behind the cafe that has enough room for us all. Tania managed to gain recognition for her graduation and the concierge/hotel clerk gifted us with a complementary bottle of wine. The kids are already hard at work dissecting the place and tearing into the board games that were in the entry way drawers.
Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, AZ - Welcome to paradise...plus a dash of May snow!
McGuireville, AZ - At a gas station off Highway 17 for bathroom and snack break.
Chandler, Arizona - On the road to Northern Arizona and The Grand Canyon

8 May 2017

Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ - Moorkur Volga and Grandma's odyssey has ended with us finding them after they took the wrong tram down the Stadium grade and into the wrong end of the parking lot.
Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ - Graduation!!!!! Congratulations to the Class of 2017!!!!
ASU Fitness Complex, Tempe, AZ - Tania with the the heart, soul and spirit of Starbucks: The Siren and The Legend!
ASU Fitness Center, Tempe, AZ - Partner Event The Open Forum with Howard Schultz and Michael Crow, President of ASU.
ASU Fitness Complex, Tempe, AZ - The documentary crew hard at work during a Graduation Day pre-grad interview.
ASU Fitness Complex, Tempe, AZ - The soon-to-be college graduate decorating her cap!

7 May 2017

2157 - Staybridge Suites, Chandler, AZ - we are back in the hotel after the Starbucks Mixer and a quick bite to eat at Red Robin down the street. Something gave me gas (everything does quite actually). I am a male of the human species so it's a given that I will have an ample supply of gaseous emissions to expel at any given time. Anyhow, its quiet in the suites at the moment. The kids are all exhausted and asleep and Tania has joined me on the bed to go over tomorrow's itinerary and create some semblance of a plan for the festivities leading up to the graduation ceremony. Should be interesting!
1807 - Arizona Grand Resort, Chandler, AZ - attending the Arizona State/Starbucks Student Mixer at Arizona Grand Resort with Tania. Met up with Christian and Tobi Larin who are just awesome all around! Good to see them again. It's been three years since we had seen them before their move to Tacoma, Washington. A great night of socializing was had by all.
1458- Staybridge Suites, Chandler, AZ - We arrived intact at our final destination with the documentary film crew here to greet us. We got to meet Jaye, who is the spouse and co-film maker with Adam, her husband. We are going to get a "set shot" of the van pulling into the hotel where we are staying. Need to talk to the director about my cues. Ha! Ha! Ha!
1332 - Burntwell Rest Stop (Outside Tonopah, AZ) - We hit the rest stop so Audrey could find some relief and expel the demons that were tormenting her from within! Quick break for bathroom and stretch and then back on the road! Also noticed that damn engine check light came on in coordination with the traction control light again. Researched the trio of warning lights and got no real answers. Thanks for nothing, Toyota!
Andy needs a pee break
1036 - Stopped for coffee and breakfast at Starbucks. Turned into a bathroom stop as well.