Peru · 9 Days · 11 Moments · April 2017

Puno y Cusco

13 April 2017

Two days alone in Cusco because the two ladys doing the MachuPicchu. #hostelchanging ✅ #cocamuseum ✅ #buyingaMeatballburger ✅ #checkingoutAmazonastour ✅ #relaxing ✅ #chocoexperience ✅ We will do the Salkantay-trek later in May to MachuPicchu 👌 You see i'm just taking pictures 😅🙈 A new word in my head is: "masaje" means massage 💆 and really every 5minutes somebody asked my/us on the street to get a masaje 😬😃 Sitting next to german people is really the worst thing while traveling #maybenottheworst 😅 but you understand all the dumb shit they are talking about and you don't want to be part of this. 🤥

12 April 2017

Today we did a wild free walking tour 😃 and visit some special places and another part of Cusco. Tasted Alpaca-meat again and for the first time Pisco-Sour 🍹 #eatingacheapperuvianmeal🥘 #eatingcakeafterthat 😬🍰

11 April 2017

Picking up a girlfriend from the Airport means taking a taxi at 6 and waiting 2 hours for the plane ✈️. Asking at the information who tell us: The plane from Lima can't land in Cusco (but was there flying above the city...) and had to return to Lima, maybe at 10 o'clock it arrives. 🙄 Nope 👎 at 17:30 with another Airline 🛬 Now three people traveling juntos 🐾 #eatingburger 👻 #threetimesattheairport 👌 #eatingwithmusicinthebackground 😎🎶 #jealouslook😏-->🌯

9 April 2017

We first buy food and were overwhelmed from this foodness everywhere 😍😱😦👻 ,buying fried potatoes and fried pig for lunch and relax the rest of the day and fix our stuff 😌 Next day recognizing that Easter 🐣 is right around the corner and the Christ is in Cusco 🙏 Best view from our Hostel balcony

8 April 2017

After some stops we arrived at Cusco and take a Hotel where the ISIC works, but it was cheaper without ISIC 😅 So continental breakfast and switching the Hostel to another one where ISIC works, now really 😁 Nice sunny welc☀️ome in Cusco, this beautiful city 🌃
Now sitting in a tourist-visiting-bus 🚌 to Cusco which means we do 5 stops at special places on the way to Cusco and had lunch included and all the entrances. So it's a very comfortable bus, takes 3hours longer and is 3 times more expensive than a regular bus. At 6:20 we get picked up at the Hostel and the journi begins... #wifionbord 📳 #sheetsagainstthecold ♒️ #niceguidsonboard 🤵🏽 #stomachfeelsgood ☮️ #onestopbeingon4335m 🈷

7 April 2017

Arriving really exhausted at the Hostel...(three hours can be very long in the sun ☀️) They told us that it rains in April most of the time so we can be lucky 🍀 ... and watching friends, eat something and sleep soon at 9 because we need to wake up early the next day. Yesterday we were already at 6:30 awake cause the sun is already there and we sleep soon these days because of my sickness. (At 6pm it's dark in Peru 🇵🇪)
We decided to visit the floating Islands Uros in the Largo Titicaca 🌴 🌊 by doing a three hours trip. Really impressive these family's and buildings on water. After getting Dollars 💵 and Pesos 💷, some snacking 🍌 🥔 we were picked up at 12 at the hostel.

6 April 2017

Really doing nothing than watching Friends, some other stuff from Germany 📺 drinking much water, tea and the Elektrolyt-mixture and sleeping soon. #dayofrecreation ⏳⚖️⚙️🎈📈☯️ #nextdaywalkingthroughPuno

5 April 2017

We canceled the tour for tomorrow to the floating Islands and called a doctor instead at 4:30 in the morning 🤢🤒🤕 I had the same feelings like in Aldea Luna but we were alone and my stomach feels really bad ☠️ (i eat very much in the evening like in Aldea Luna which is bad on a high altitude 🙈 #failonmyside) So half an hour later a doctor and a lady arrived 🚨and they had given us a lot of crazy medicine and even an injection in my arm💉. We decided not to take the Antibiotics cause in the morning i feel better, but the doctors arrived at 9 and in presence of them i begin to take too pills 💊 Well Antibiotic for a week 💪 Im writing this so easy cause it's just 8hours later and i feel really well, watching 6 episodes of Friends in the Netflix-having-hostel and maybe cause of the pills and drinking very much 🤓

4 April 2017

We travel to Peru and at the border we saw only strange people and don't like anybody 😬😅 Great nature but the walk through Puno wasn't lovely 🚶🏽 The Hostel is a good one and we had a double room and nice breakfast. Eating in a sweet restaurant a steak of Lama with Salbei-Potatoes and a potato-egg-crumble 😍 with a cake and Tunki-coffee right from this region 🇵🇪 #bestorganiccoffeesaidsomepeople #the'Heimat'inFuldagotthatCoffee 👌