Asia, Europe · 16 Days · 8 Moments · April 2017

Rahma's Story in Europe 2017❤

28 April 2017

hello from Italy! Today is going to be my last ever day im Europe before i come back to Indonesia. I hope my journey will bring something to my life! and also I believe about classic thoughts : there are many ways to Rome. i hope it'll be true for me!

26 April 2017

BARCELONA! This is 2nd day, and its a bit rainy today. I hope we'll have a nice day todayy

23 April 2017

This day, i go to Paris with train.

16 April 2017

Today is Easter. I eat breakfast in the morning with my hostfam : Egg and Egg-Chocolates! Yay. Also, typically western breakfast, bread. Gonna go to some places today. Hope we'll all fine. Yay❤ The first place we go is a windmill in Best. It is big, and yet old but had been renovated. Next one, we visited Klompenmuseum. It is museum for clogs (you know, wooden shoes) and i made my own clog! After that, i went to a village where i could play, cycle something looks like car 😂. We do 7 km in 1 hour and i got lost. Sadly 😂 my team been discualified but i still enjoy it (eventhough its cold and freezing and tiring). Last one, we went to an old city named by Huesden. It is really cool! We eat pancake in a Dutch restaurant near a huge canal with a windmill near it. See you ❤

15 April 2017

This place is called by Amsterdam. Grass fields and cows eating--close with highways. I start to love this city, who combines technology, but still, they also respect their nature. Respects the green space eventhough they also have awesome architectures and furthermore, they are care about what we called balance.
Yayy, we arrived at Abu Dhabi and now still waiting for boarding to Amsterdam❤

14 April 2017

Yaaayy! Today is the day! Our plane will board at 18.20. Hope we'll safe until Jakarta❤

13 April 2017

Tommorow i'll fly to The Netherlands with my friends! Wish me safe flight❤