Europe, North America · 32 Days · 61 Moments · October 2015

Perri's odyssey through Italy

1 November 2015

PPS. Just looked closely at the mug and found it is for decoration only and I can't even drink coffee out of it. UGH
PS. Also found the tower of Pisa mug I forgot I bought myself.
Found the keys!!
I'm home. Wally and Charlotte were so glad to see me. Now all I have to do is wash everything and find my house and car keys!! πŸ‘. Then I'm off to the market to get some veggies and cheese. Believe it or not I lost about 8 pounds.

31 October 2015

Goodbye to Italy. The flight from Venice to Philadelphia was ok. Menu shows how well we ate. They said I could plug in my concentrator and it would charge during the flight. It did not. So after about 6 hours I started feeling sick. I actually had altitude sickness because I didn't realize I wasn't getting oxygen. Changed the battery and felt much better. David got ill in Murano yesterday and rose got ill today. Hope I wasn't the one passing around a virus. So now I'm on the plane to Phoenix and am quite sure I'll run out of battery before I get there but hope for not too long. I'll be so happy to get in my own little bed tonight.

31 October 2015

After breakfast we all piled on the water taxi to the airport. The whole time we were driving there I thought my suitcase was going to end up in the drink. Then you get off and walk "7" minutes to the terminal, finally find American Airlines , go thru customs and etc and we are now at gate 29 waiting to get on the plane.

30 October 2015

Today we went to Murano. We had a tour of a glass factory snd watched them blowing glass. I treated myself to an incredible gift. The platter you see. Should get to Arizona in 3-4 weeks. David got pretty ill. Hope he doesn't have what I had. So Tina, Carole and Jean went to Borano to see linen and lace and we took the water bus back to San Marco and walked back to the hotel. Notice I did find ginger ale.

29 October 2015

Walking to Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace. It was drizzling and when we got there the whole square was flooded. That's why you see people walking on ramps over the water. I took a couple pictures but decided I wasn't that adventurous. Katie and rose went on but the rest of us shopped our way Back to the hotel. I got at shirt and some wonderful blank masks that I will zentangle. Everyone changed their wet shoes and headed out again but I'm back in bed. I made it 2 hours but still feel icky.
Breakfast in Venice. It's a bit cloudy, misty outside but we are venturing out. I still feel s bit punky but hope getting out will help.

28 October 2015

We went across the street to a restaurant for lunch. OMG. It was so quaint. The chefs/owners come out to welcome you and we are like kings. I got a chicken salad which was perfect for my stomach. After the meal the chef said his wife makes the cake and he would bring us cake with 7 forks. We ended up with two plates of different desserts, grappa, and some homemade strawberry wine. I treated to lunch because everyone has been so great. They went out wandering and I came back to my room to rest.
This is our room. Hopefully the panorama worked.
We schlepted down four flights and set off looking for our hotel. Venice is actually very flat to walk......except for the bridges over the canals. Once again our directions were not so great. We must have walked over at least 5-6 bridges , some more than once I think. We FINALLY get to the lift. We got a room on the first floor but it is actually up a couple flights. I'm now laying on Tina's bed. It's the only room available. I thought I wasn't going to make it but laying down helps.
Last night Tina, David, and jean went to the grocery to get food for breakfast this morning. Then everyone went to a wonderful fish restaurant called Raffaelo I stayed and went to sleep. This morning they made a wonderful breakfast of eggs, yogurt, cheese,tomato, bread with tea and coffee. I'm resting again but I'm sure I'll be much better later.

27 October 2015

The view from the "terrace" upstairs from our apt.
We are at our 3 bedroom apt in Venice. Only up 4 flights with no lift. PHEW!! Venice is amazing so far. We will see more later.
First picture is the view from our room in Sienna. Then rose and Katie on the train to Florence. And lastly my lunch on the train to Venice. We had an easy time with the trains thank goodness.
Breakfast went well. I'm all packed. We will take the train to Florence snd then a train to Venice. Tina got us a 3 bedroom apartment for the first night in Venice. Then we can move to the hotel.
Good news. I'm alive and walking. Wow. That was a horrid experience. At one point I thought I was back in post stem cell. But the morning is sunny and I'm going down to breakfast.

26 October 2015

There was a change of plans today. We are still in sienna instead of taking the train to Balzano. Last night about one in the morning I started getting sick and vomiting and diarrhea until about almost noon today. We called in a Doctor Who spoke absolutely no English but she gave me a shot for the nausea and I got some medication for the diarrhea. We've changed our tickets so that we're staying here until tomorrow and then going straight to Venice. I am feeling better but still very very weak . more tomorrow

25 October 2015

Dinner tonight at La Taverna di Cecco. Very good food and wine. And excellent company. Rose, Katie, Carole and I took a taxi back to the hotel. I figure 4-5 miles was enough walking today. Tina, David, and Jean walked back and I bet they stopped for a gelato. Tomorrow early we take the train to Florence and then a train from Florence to Bolzano.
Today we walked to the Duomo. It is one of the most beautiful churches I've seen. Outside was a wonderful sculpture that really made you smile. We ate lunch (pizza, of course) and walked back to the hotel. One of the streets had a sidewalk sale and was playing opera. There were costumed people out who were advertising a show of some kind. Back to the hotel for a rest. Everything I own hurts!

24 October 2015

Dinner in sienna.
After having a glass of wine (or two) on Tina and David's patio Arthur hotel we set off to find a restaurant. We walked all over. Often up streets that are at a 60 degree climb , I swear. We finally got to the main square called Il Campo and had a nice dinner. Now we are going to meet back in Tina snd David's room for a nightcap and plan for tomorrow. Sienna is a beautiful city but walking is up and down hills!!
OMG. This morning we had breakfast and packed and took taxis to the bus station. As soon as we walked into the station Tina discovered her purse was missing. What a scare. After phone calls to the hotel who called the taxis....and 35 minutes of nail biting-- the taxi driver came back with her purse. We missed the first bus to Sienna but are on the next bus now. Only a short trip.

23 October 2015

David with David and a "small" calzone for lunch. We also found the gnocchi maker and gelato. All in all we walked about 5 or 6 miles today. Now resting before dinner. Tomorrow on to Sienna
Having coffee on the patio of the Ufficci. Here I am in the scarf I bought last night at the mercado.
At the Uffitzi gallery. So much to see. So far Michaelango and Botticelli. I'm getting a book because reading about this is so interesting.

22 October 2015

Katie and Rose went to dinner by themselves to celebrate their 27th anniversary. We don't know where jean was but she knew we were going out. On the walk home we found a shop that had the gnocchi paddles so Tina snd I are going back tomorrow so we can make gnocchi at home.
We started out the day going to the Duomo. It is absolutely fabulous. I might add at this point that Carole and I went to bed last night before 8 and were awakened at 9 this morning. I think we were tired. Then we went to another church (sign attached I forget the name) and went to the market. Outside are streets and streets filled with vendors. Scarves, leather, and wool. Inside is the food market and upstairs a few restaurants. I have included the picture of my first glass of wine which I knocked on the floor. They were really nice and brought me another after cleaning up number 1. The young man said to be careful because they would have to give me plastic next. Then we went to lunch where I got the famous florentine tomato soup with bread. Yum. Then back for a nap and at 7 we went out to dinner at Pepo. I have had more wine in the last week than I've had in the last year. We drank two bottles at dinner (Tina, David, Carole and I). (See next entry)

21 October 2015

Then we went to the Complesa di Santa Croce which is an amazing church. Inside are the tombs of Dante and Michelangelo and Galileo. Then we walked back to the hotel. I am pooped.
We are in Florence. What a beautiful city. I am in love. We went up to the Michelangelo Plaza and looked down over the whole city including the wonderful Ponta Vecchio. We walked a bunch and also took the bus up to the plaza.
On the train to Firenze. It's s fast train that goes about 150 mph. First class so they give you drinks and a snack (cookies or crackers). We thought we were going to be on the train for 6-7 hours but it is only 3 hours.

20 October 2015

Yesterday was a trip to the Amalfi coast. We were on a bus that held 18 people with Carmine as our guide. We stopped at Positano, Amalfi , and Ravelo . Each with their own character. We also took a 45 minute boat tour on the Mediterranean. The coast looks so much different from the sea. I found some great handmade paper in Amalfi and in Ravelo I found this cat who sat on my lap for about 20 minutes and didn't want to leave me ( he had claws) 😱 we left about 10 and got back to Sorrento about 6:30. We got off the bus at the city square and walked around. Found a great place for dinner and I got some trinkets to bring home

19 October 2015

This is where we went for dinner. I had pasta with mussels, clams, calamari, and shrimp with one langestino. Absolutely wonderful. We were right on the water and the seafood was very fresh. We also had 2 liters of wine . And some limoncello. And of course fresh baked bread. I'm stuffed. πŸ˜„πŸ’žπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ€
Today jean, Tina , David and I went to our cooking class. We Made gnocchi and eggplant parmegano and pizza. We also had some of their homemade limoncello. Pepe gave me the recipe

18 October 2015

Last night after dinner we all sat on Katie's patio and drank about 3 more bottles of wine
We had a wonderful lunch or linnet as we now call it. The young man who kept bringing us wine kissed our hands as we left after 2 hours. We are now back at the hotel with a bottle of their wine. Woohoo
We are finally at our hotel called the Green House in Sorrento. We had a terrible time getting here as we were trusting Jean's GPS and walked 10-15 minutes (during which I fell but didn't hurt myself). We finally took a taxi and our driver ,Giovanni, will drive us all back to Naples so we don't have to take the puddle-jumper train. My room is at the end of the building with a private patio. It's now after 3 and I'm hungry and want a glass of wine. 😁
We are on the train from Naples to Sorrento. 34 stops and 70 minutes. Fun.
On the train to Naples. We had trouble getting our ticket. Then the guy told us the wrong car and we were in 8 and needed to be on 2. The train was leaving in 2 minutes. We had to HUSTLE and I was hugging and puffing. But we made it. 🚊hooray for chemical help for pain. πŸ’ŠπŸ‘

17 October 2015

The town is Albano Laziale
Lunch at Al Grotto Vino E cucina when we visited the Vatican summer home. Fantastic meal
A bunch of people got off at Gondolfo so now I have 4 seats to myself. πŸ˜„πŸ‘
On this train but I am not sitting near anyone I know. Across from me is a woman who keeps picking pimples on her face. So I am spending most my time trying to ignore her. I'm sitting on the side facing the aisle so it's not that comfortable and I can only see out the window across from me unless I try to turn around in my "space". ( it really isn't a seat) I'm having fun trying to understand snipets of conversation of the Italian couple next to me. The ride takes an hour. 😩
We walked up Vatican hill and then down looking at the gardens.
Sistine chapel
We are at the Vatican. 4 miles of museum. Unbelievable. Now we tour the gardens and then take a train to the pontifical villas.

16 October 2015

Today we went to the borghesse gallery. But found out the tickets were for yesterday. So now we are going back at 5 pm The guy was really nice to get us in then. Jean and I rode around the gardens in this peddle bike and saw some fantastic sculptures. We had lunch and walked back to the hotel. (Probably another3-4 mile day). I'm taking a taxi back tonite and then we have 7:30 reservations at a fantastic restaurant.
I must have missed the official announcement about breakfast. I'm here drinking my coffee and no one else has come down.
BTW. I figure I walked about 4-5 miles yesterday

15 October 2015

After dinner we got back to the hotel and since we can't find TV in English, Carole and I are watching QVC In Italian. Maybe I can find something wonderful to buy. πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘­
Big day so far. Coliseum and pantheon and lunch and gelato and lots of walking and having fun. Now resting before dinner.

14 October 2015

No one wanted a big dinner so we went to a small deli/restaurant and got pizza (3 kinds) cokes and totally enjoyed it. The bread looked amazing as did their baked goods. Back at the hotel now and off to sleep. I wish we could figure out the air conditioning.
Today after a brief rest at the hotel we set out to find the Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps. The man at the front desk said go right and it's about a ten minute walk. Nothing. We asked a young girl. More directions and about a 15 minute walk. Nothing. Then we asked a policeman. New directions and about a 15 minute walk. Nothing. By this time we had walked about 3 miles and Rose and I were giving up. The last directions we got were to send us back in the direction we came and it would be another 10-15 minute walk. At which point the two of us hailed a cab .., told the other heartier folks good luck and we took a 15 minute ride back to the hotel. They showed up after 5 with bottles of wine and tired feet. It seems the Trevi fountain is under repair and you couldn't really get near it and for some reason there was s big fence in front of the steps so you couldn't go up. So we all met in David and Tina's room and drank wine and talked and just enjoyed each other.
Ps. Here are the porcini mushrooms we had for lunch
We are finally at the hotel in Rome. Our room is great but it is so humid here I am soaking wet. Changed into dry clothes and getting ready to go exploring. I'll have pictures later.
It's Wednesday morning in Rome. Humid. We are in the airport waiting for the contingent coming from Charlotte. I slept last night and drank bunches of wine. Good food but too much. It was really nice to lay down and sleep. They fed us dinner, I watched part of a movie, slept, and then it was time to get up for breakfast.
Having a little snack in the Admirals Club. Do you think the cheese and crackers pay for the first class ticket?? Of course we got to Philadelphia and had to walk about a mile to the other concourse and gate. But we are relaxing now. πŸ˜„πŸ‘
Here we are on the plane to Philadelphia.

12 October 2015

I'm all packed and have set the alarm for 4 am tomorrow. I really excited and hope I have packed everything I need.

30 September 2015

Actually I just created this but we aren't leaving until October 13th. Get into Rome on the 14th. More then.