North America · 22 Days · 42 Moments · September 2017

Perri's Leaves and Lobster Adventure

25 September 2017

Home again. Clothes in washer (first load) and a quick visit to the grocery. My cat Charlotte has a bad eye infection and I have to keep her in the house, but I must thank my friend Sally and my daughters Lisa and Gayle for taking such great πŸ‘ care of her while I was gone. There is really no way to thank them. I had a fantastic time with my friends Tina, David, Katie and Rose. We travel well together and really enjoy each other. Keep tuned for the next adventure.

24 September 2017

At LAX. Tired and waiting for our next flight. Can't wait to get 🏑.
We are at the airport. I didn't even use a wheelchair. Tina is off to get me an iced americano at Starbucks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I'm also going to the duty free shop to see about the scotch prices.
First picture is the side of our hotel. I thought it was beautiful. Then after breakfast went to Chinatown and wandered around. I wonderful shops filled with lots of great things. I found a great bowl that I don't know how I'm getting home. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„then we stopped at a noodle shop for lunch. I tried to take pictures through the window of the man pulling the noodles but they didn't come out. The noodles you eat in your soup were made literally minutes ago. We are back at the hotel and will leave for the airport in an hour or so. πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘

23 September 2017

We went by the museum of modern art and in front was a Chihuli glass sculpture, a totem pole, and another great sculpture. We stopped and ate lunch. I got a poutine hot dog. It was huge and I couldn't finish it.
Hop on hop off tour today after breakfast. Here are some pictures of Montreal. It is a large city and we got on the bus but couldn't get up too so you couldn't see much. Finally got up top on stop 7 (of 9) and when we got to stop 9 the damned lady made everyone get off and wait for another bus. So we waited 20 minutes and damned if the same bus came. At lest we got on top.

22 September 2017

Here is a picture of our room. Love it. We walked to dinner and had an ok dinner....but they did have iced coffee. Them walked back to the hotel. I'm really excited about my walking. Now I'm going to bed.
We took a walk this morning after breakfast. (I had eggs Benedict with salmon and goat cheese). There was a ship with some great little sculptures that I took pictures of. We saw a man on his motorcycle with his Bernice mountain dog that he took in a trailer on the back. Both lived it. We got all our luggage to the bus 🚌 station and after a 3 1/2 hour drive we are st our hotel in Montreal. The room is very nice with an apple computer, wifi, Apple TV and a keurig coffee maker. We are going to have some wine in the room and then off to dinner

21 September 2017

The indoor market was huge and filled with superb vegetables and fruits. Afterward we went back to our hotel and took a nap. Then off to dinner at a great fondue and crepe restaurant. We ate and drank for almost two hours. I took a great picture of the hotel on the way home. Now I have David trying to get off the back pieces of my walker which I have worn out. Good thing I brought extras with me. πŸ‘πŸ˜
We left the hotel this morning and first went down the hill on the fanicullaire to the older part of the city. We walked and came to s fantastic mural that covered the entire side of a three story building. Incredible. We kept on walking to the indoor market.

20 September 2017

Left the ship this morning at 8:00. Up way too early!!! We took our luggage to our hotel (Auberge du Tresor) and then we took the on-off bus to the cruise included. We cruised up the st. Lawrence river. The highlight of the ride were the Montmorency falls that are actually higher than Niagara falls. Lunch was fish and chips and poutine. We went up the funicullaire which is a cog train up the mountain that delivered us half a block from our hotel. Our room is very nice and we layed down for a quick nap and slept 3 hours. We were still so full from lunch we are just staying in and watching tv (if we can find an English Channel).

19 September 2017

We went to the pinnacle grill on the ship for dinner last night. Here is a shot of the lobster bisque and my crab cakes.
In Quebec City. Didn't post last night. We took the hop on hop off bus and here are some pictures from the bus. The first shows our hotel ( with the red) and the last is the haircut of a woman in front of me that I liked.
My final towel animal. And the view from my veranda of Quebec City.

18 September 2017

Ooops. We have one more day on the ship. We are going to Quebec City but we don't get off until day after tomorrow.
I forgot to show you the covered bridge we crossed. It was filled with local artwork. Here is also a good picture if the fjord and the little restaurant where we are lunch. We have to pack up tonight and get off the ship tomorrow in Quebec City. Then we find our hotel and wander for a couple days.
This morning I went down to the medical center to get some antibiotics because I have a tooth hurting. The doctor was really cute and agreed with my diagnosis and treatment. Then off we went on our tour...hours late. Our tour guide, Louise was very good and lots of fun. As we drove through the town we saw some interesting sights...but as we got out of town a bit we went to a place where many artists had done nativity scenes. Fascinating. We learned lots about the fjord and learned about ice fishing and the 35,000 lakes in the area. We stopped for lunch and then drove back. The leaves are just beginning to turn but you did see lots of yellow, orange and red ones.
This morning we pulled into Saguenay. I had breakfast in the room. We are at the beginning of the fjord.

17 September 2017

First I want to talk about our servers at table 135. We we right at the back end of the ship looking out on the water. That way we could see whales, dolphins and beautiful sunsets. Our servers were Budi and his brother Libra. Libra was the one who made us the wonderful origami animals and also did card tricks for us. Our wine lady (I can't remember her name ) and David had great discussions every night about our wines. I drank lots of scotch. Tonight we had steak and lobster. Then we saw a great singer and impressionist.

16 September 2017

Charlottown was beautiful. We left the ship and took the tour on the Hippopotobus. Quaint homes great sights and a wonderful guide who loved puns!! In the midst of the tour our bus driver came around and gave everyone a lollipop. After the tour we went to a little shack and sat at picnic tables and had incredible lobster rolls and fries. Back to the ship where at dinner we had another superb paper animal and of course a great towel elephant. We went to s show and saw the best ventriloquist I've ever seen. He was so funny. They really do have great entertainment here.

15 September 2017

Leaving Sydney. We had the porter open the doors between our verandas si we can all sit out , drink some wine and talk. At dinner not only did we have a wonderful paper origami, we had an incredible swan made from a napkin. As far as I can tell we are the only table he does this for. We are very lucky. Then we saw a show which was wonderful and now I'm going to read in bed. Good day!!
Today we are in the town of Sydney...the home of the world's largest violin. It's a gray day buy cool and wonderful. We walked around and I got myself a silver pinky ring made from a cocktail spoon. Now we are back on the ship for lunch. Tina and David are walking all over but we saw what we wanted and came back.

14 September 2017

Today was the stop in Halifax. I am really tired and decided to stay on the ship. I have pictures taken from the lido deck of where we docked. Also a picture of a great hot dog and fries for lunch. It was very nice sitting out. I took s great nap and then went to dinner with our group. We have a waiter who makes us a fantastic little origami animal every night at dinner. Tonight we got a dragon and a crab. πŸ™‚πŸ˜€then rose and I stopped for judy s few minutes at the casino. She won lots more and I came out even tonight. Then up to the room and the ubiquitous towel animal.
At dinner tonight we saw a glorious sunset from our table by the window. We have this table every night. Then to the casino where I won again. I now am up a total of $95. I'm off to read in bed. It's been a long day. Tomorrow is Halifax.
Bar harbour is a beautiful village. Many summer "cottages" built by the wealthy years past and now. We took Oli's Trolley for a 1 1/2 tour through Acadia National Park. We drove a 27 mile loop around the park and up Cadillac mountain. The leaves are just beginning to turn colors. At the summit you could look out over the harbor and see our ship. The weather is fantastic and it was a beautiful morning. When we got back we went for lunch and I had a lobster. Heaven!!

12 September 2017

Just a quick note to say I won $60 on the slot machine in the way back to the room after dinner. πŸš’πŸ‘πŸ’‹πŸ˜€
At dinner tonight our waiter (from Bali) made this rabbit for me.
Sights in Boston. Plus the pub David and I escaped to to have a drink, a lobster roll for lunch, and some street performer getting out of a straight jacket.
Ate breakfast and now in a shuttle into Boston. Oh boy... have I walked!!

11 September 2017

On the ship all day as we sailed to Boston. I spent the morning out on the deck enjoying the weather. Tonight we saw a great show Rose won in the casino, I drank a nice scotch at dinner ..... so much for today. Tomorrow is Boston and I'll have more to say. No internet in the boat so I'll have to wait till tomorrow in Boston to send. I'm a happy camper.

10 September 2017

We survived all the lines to check into to ship and I am happily laying on my bed in room 8023. As usual anywhere I want to go on this huge ship is at the other lots of walking. My room is great. We went to dinner which was good and now I'm relaxing. I left David and tina talking to the guy at the art gallery and katie and rose went out on the deck. Tomorrow is a day at sea.
This morning we went to the World Trade Center memorial. It is so amazing. When you sit and realize what has happened here it makes you sick. The names of all those who lost their lives are engraved on the stones surrounding the pool. And when we walked around streets nearby you realize you are in the spot where the tv cameras showed people running away from the distruction. There is a museum (we didn't go in) and lots of places to sit and reflect. They are getting ready for the anniversary of 9-11.

9 September 2017

We ate dinner at a great Brazilian restaurant. Drank a couple bottles of wine and had some wonderful authentic Brazilian dishes. It was really wonderful and I was having such a great time I didn't take any pictures. Katie and Tina went to go see Miss Saigon at the theater and David, rose and I came back to the hotel. A shower helped some but I am really sore from walking so much today. It was a fun day and I loved every minute!!!
We saw the Michael moore show and he was fantastic. After the show he came outside with some other cast people and we all sang a song called "I can't keep quiet". He made me feel that I need to do something to make sure our country gets out from under tRump. He gave many examples in many stories of how a small action can make a huge difference.
Yes... we are on the today show. Do you believe that?? Of course not
St Patrick's cathedral and Rockefeller center. We at walking all over and I'm doing pretty good. Also pictures of Times Square. Rose and Tina got us tickets to see Michael Moore this afternoon.
We are having breakfast at the Times Square Hotel. Got everyone but rose. Off to see NY

8 September 2017

In the Milwaukee airport. Our flight to NY is delayed. Boring.

4 September 2017

Finally figured out how to show you our itinerary.
Yep. Here is the beautiful purple toe. Doesn't seem to bother walking too much. But was not what I needed right now😟😜

3 September 2017

Note: I dropped a water bottle out of the refrigerator and broke a tie tonight. Great way to prepare for a trip 😟
I am leaving on my next adventure next Friday. I'm going on a cruise with David and tina Robbins and katie Moore and rose prince. We are going on a holland America cruise starting in New York We will spend an extra two days ...actually a day and a half New York and have some great plans. We all got together in Sedona this weekend and made plans for what we want to do at our various stops. I'll put an itinerary up for all of you to see and keep in touch as we get going πŸ·πŸ‘πŸ˜„πŸš’