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31 January 2016

P.S. The great golf happened Friday. Yesterday we went to a swap meet and out to dinner. β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™
I am home. I had to drive through a tough sand storm around Blythe but it really was no problem. Here is also a selfie I took of Julia, Rick, and me right before I left. BTW I played great golf yesterday (finally). Wonder where my next adventure will be!!

29 January 2016

We played golf with friend Rita today. I was playing so much better than last Monday. I had great fun and am now testing my poor back. I think we're going out to Mexican food with Rita later. I'll take a picture then.

27 January 2016

A few shots of the golfers and the clubhouse.
Rick and Julia are playing at the Classic Club course. I am not cause my back is too sore. I'll play Friday. This course is incredible. They are playing with a father and son, both named Ben. And they are great players.

26 January 2016

We just went to see Star Wars. I wasn't impressed but I loved the popcorn.

25 January 2016

We played golf today at Shadow Hills. Wonderful time but I was fore and didn't play well. The back 9 was much better than the first. Then home to sit in the hot tub. Early to bed tonight.

24 January 2016

Julia knitted me an afghan!! It's made of a cotton/rayon blend yarn and is sooooo soft. It will be perfect for Arizona because it is lightweight. Julia and I are just going to veg out today and Rick is gonna play golf.

23 January 2016

Here I am at Julia and rick's house. Of course Riley was here to greet me. Julia and Rick are at a golf tournament so I can sit and relax and maybe nap before they get home. The house is beautiful with a pool and hot tub in front. They are right across from a mountain ...a great place for Riley to run around. More later.

22 January 2016

Here are close up pictures of a quilt where the woman zentangle do the cornerstones. This gives me some great ideas.
Oh my gosh. This quilt is fantastic. Look at the close up!!
Some of the miniature quilts entered. Makes me think I'll try to enter one next year.

21 January 2016

The second picture is of the quilt that got best of show. It is truly incredible. The last picture is of a quilt that I fell in love with. Shopping today was fun and I got some incredible indigo fabrics to make a shirt. I fell in on love with them. We went to a seafood restaurant for dinner and the best thing I had (other than the clam chowder) was a lemon drop martini.
This is Wanda in front of their award winning quilt "Spirit of Sedona". It was done by 6 of the Mavericks quilters and got an honorable mention.
Here is breakfast this morning. I am only posting this because I wanted to show how adventurous I am and I tried a rambutan. It looks like something out of the ocean but inside is a fruit sorts like a leechee Yum. Now we are off to the quilt show. I borrowed a wheelchair from Phyl and am pushing Wanda. We will see how that goes but so far so good.

20 January 2016

We are having a little libation before dinner. 🍹
Wanda and I are here at the Doubletree Inn. Wonderful ride and we talked about everyone we know. We got here before the bus from Phoenix and we are relaxing in our room. We have a dinner tonight and tomorrow we go to the quilt show I'll post pictures tomorrow. πŸ“ΈπŸ€“

8 January 2016

Ok. I'm gonna start another journal for my trip to Road to California Quilt Show in Las Angeles and then to La Quinta to be with Julia and Rick. But I'm really not leaving until 1/20 so I will not be writing until then. I just set it up today and don't know how to delete it.