Singapore · 3 Days · 2 Moments · October 2016

Trudy Seow

Performances attended

18 October 2016

Jeeves and Wooster at the Capitol Theatre on 15 October A three man ensemble did justice to the play about Bertie Wooster and a silver cow creamer. Delightfully comedic and pretty much in the essence of P. G. Wodehouse. The actors were lively, especially the one who was playing Bertie Wooster (and who bore a striking resemblance to a young Hugh Lawrie) as he was jumping around on stage for the full two hours! Very crisp and cultured voice which fit the role well. The other two actors played all the other roles!! Amazing switch around time for clothes and character changes. The one who probably was the most versatile was Jeeves who even in one scene played two characters having a conversation with each other - one male and one female! The only thing is that his accent / voice was quite rough and not as crisp and clear so at some points you really had to listen hard to understand him! The staging and prop usage was really quite amazing! With secret nooks and crannies!

16 October 2016

Hilter as Jekyll and Hyde - on 14 Oct 2016 at Victoria Theatre It was an intense two hour long play with a lot of wayang kulit influence for several sections. The main role of Hitler was very impressively played. The struggle between the struggling artist (Jekyll) vs the mass murderer (Hyde) who becomes more prominent because of consistent rejection of his works. The actor was fantastic in his dual portrayal constantly switching from one to another. The wayang kulit execution was one of the better ones I have seen - really incorporating the traditional style to good impact on the storyline. Loved that the ending caused the audience to realise that the 'hero' of the play eventually became the next villain after Hitler's death. Echoing the theme that there is a Jekyll and Hyde in everyone of us!