Malaysia · 8 Days · 45 Moments · May 2018

Penang 2018

27 May 2018

Couple of hours wait at KLIA for the final leg home

26 May 2018

Last night in Penang, for a big group meal at Long Beach 👍 Video from Long Beach Cafe Early morning departure from the hotel, so they provided us a "breakfast pack" to take with us.
Last day in Penang, spent relaxing by the pool. And then hujan besar!
Few more photos from last night's birthday
Happy 88th Birthday Sarojini!
Penang War Museum 12
Penang War Museum 11
Penang War Museum 10
Penang War Museum 9
Penang War Museum 8
Penang War Museum 7
Penang War Museum 6
Penang War Museum 5
Penang War Museum 4 Video of the escape tunnel:
Penang War Museum 3 Video of the escape tunnel:
Penang War Museum 2
Penang War Museum 1

25 May 2018

Lovely breakfast in the hotel this morning with the extended family!
Snapped these pics from a book at the hotel, featuring photos from old postcards of Penang. Part 2 of 2.
Snapped these pics from a book at the hotel, featuring photos from old postcards of Penang. Part 1 of 2.

24 May 2018

Tonight we had dinner at an Indian Muslim place, and had some tasty meals from their special Ramadan menu. Roshan and a few other family members have also just arrived.

23 May 2018

These are some of the photos that the extended Haverfield family shared on their WhatsApp group. Auntie Molly is in the photos.
We then drove around for ages through Central Georgetown to find this place that serve the best kueh teow, Assam laksa and cendol. And it was!
We went and bought durian and had a good feed. We then drove into Georgetown, past dad's old neighbourhood again so I took another quick video. Auntie Shamini also pointed out the location of the old house on Jalan Kebun Niuor. Here's a link to the video:
Lunch at Saro-ka's house. We had chicken rice. 8 bungkus cost RM$48.
Few photos on the way to Saro-ka's place including Shamini's old school
Back to Batu Ferringhi for Kueh Teow, Bee Hoon and sizzling prawns.
Descending Waterfall Hill temple
Sweating it out at the top of Waterfall Hill Temple. Notice in photos 6 and 7, the repeated Tamil characters.
The walk up the 500+ stairs at Waterfall Hill temple
The maternity hospital and the nearby cemetery where there is this interesting grave where an owners dog used to sit there, once his owner passed away.
Walking down the "little" Air Itam Road, off the main "Air Itam Road". The other side of the earlier temple. Link to video of the walking tour:
Leaving the unnamed today and walking along Jalan York towards Dato keramat Link to video of the walking tour:
Unnamed road along the water to the back of the Naduthai Sri Devi temple. Link to video of the walking tour:

22 May 2018

Late last night after a few drinks, the boys wanted "streetside burgers" which is becoming popular with the local youngsters. The roadside stall didn't have any left, so we ended up at McDonald's. Check out the Nasi Lemak burger! Oh and it also Ramadan.
Breakfast with Shamini, Tara and Andrew. Today we're off to Jalan Utama to do dad's walking tour of where he spent his childhood.

21 May 2018

Tonight's sunset was magnificent! This evening we went for a swim and then Auntie Shamini joined "the kids" for dinner. We had a large selection, including kueh teow, bak kut teh, tom yum rice, chilli squid and chicken satay!
Tara, Andrew and Auntie Shamini have arrived at the hotel! Auntie went to the pool while the young ones went for drinks. and something to eat.
Very humid this morning and still some rain about. Breakfast is provided by the hotel and very sumptuous with lots of choices. Not many people at the hotel, must be the off season due to monsoon. They're dismantling from a wedding held here last night. They certainly don't have the same unions and safety regulations here! We'll be meeting up with the Haverfields this afternoon.

20 May 2018

After a short nap, we went out to get a late dinner. The kueh teow and satay were delicious but the combination of the heat (even at 10:30pm) and getting almost no sleep last night, has left me uncomfortably full! Came back to the hotel and watched the lightning across the water. It was very frequent, but curiously there was no sound so perhaps it was very, very far away!? I learnt that the Haverfields will be joining us tomorrow. I hear Auntie has been eating durian, lamb biryani and mango already! Update: At midnight (almost on the dot), the heavens opened up and it's bucketing down. It's going to be extra muggy tomorrow morning!
Sunset was lovely tonight! Unexpectedly, some guy was trying to sell camel rides.
Settling in and acclimatising. We went for a walk (west) across the beach. There are jellyfish around so it's recommended not to get in the water. This is especially difficult, as it's hot and humid, but not like the burning heat we get in Australia!
Park Royal Penang. What a lovely resort, a recommendation from Auntie Shamini! Last week we were trying to keep from freezing and now I'm trying to keep from melting! Very humid too.
Some photos from the plane, leaving KL and 35 minutes later, arriving in Penang.
Waiting for our connecting flight to Penang. It is "lewat" by about 45 minutes.