Japan · 6 Days · 6 Moments · October 2016

Solo Discovery in Kyoto and Osaka

19 October 2016

Left the Airbnb apartment and onto Osaka I go! Definitely arrived to a beautiful sunny day in Osaka, and I was happy I got the chance to explore Dotonbori early in the morning before the crowds came in!

14 October 2016

This place was simply magical. Despite the crowds, it was surreally serene. Venture a little further and get lost in the massive fields of bamboo. Close your eyes and listen to the quiet chirps of birds, the soft blowing of the winds. Simply magical.
I ventured to Gion in the evening, as I heard you could actually catch sight of a real Geisha if you were lucky. While I walked the streets of Gion, I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for one, but as I ventured further, I noticed a crowd gathering outside an establishment. A taxi was waiting outside, and beside I know it, everyone starting snapping photos like crazy. You could hear the non stop snaps of cameras, and that's how I knew it was a real Geisha everyone had their sights on. The Geisha climbed quickly into the taxi and before I knew it, the vehicle was making its way to the Geisha's next appointment. It was indeed a very exciting moment. I stayed on for a little longer, hoping to catch another Geisha, but I wasn't as lucky as before. It was a very interesting experience and I would definitely recommend Gion for that reason alone.
there's something about Japanese temples. The Todai-ji temple in Nara is beautiful. That sky definitely amplified its beauty!
Nara Park was next, and boy was I excited!! I had always wondered how the deers could wander and roam free around the park, and how many would there be. It didn't disappoint - they were EVERYWHERE! 😍 But they clearly were accustomed to tourists: they snatched maps tourists held in their hands, lapped up ice creams that were carelessly left at a height that was of easy reach. One even bowed back when someone bowed to it! I would love to go back someday.
Woke up early and headed to the Fushimi Inari shrine. Was lucky I arrived early so there wasn't many people hiking up, which of course meant having more opportunities and time for good photos!