Thailand, Egypt · 9 Days · 62 Moments · November 2017

Family journi to Egypt

7 December 2017

We reached home around 1 pm on Dec7...end of this journey for 9 days trip (Nov 29-Dec 7)
The golden mask of King Tutankhamun and the treasures found with his mummy in Museum of Egypt while his mummy was placed in The Valley of King in Luxor.
The last local meal in Cairo before we left for the airport.

6 December 2017

Last stop for the day is shopping at Kaan Old market. Our tour guide brought us to Jordi, the shop with lots of souvenir in valuable price. We can buy without worring about bargaining or cheating. Then stop by to have some tea and coffee in the market. It's the old 200 year old cafe..very nice one.
The Mosque of Muhammed Ali was constructed with various architecture from various counyties. Colod glass from Europe, wall made by Egyptian Alabaster stone, chandelier from France, decoration from turkey style and flower deco style from Arabian.
After lunch, we went to Muhamad Ali Mosque, one of the biggest mosque in Cairo. Along thd way, see local life of crowded people and lots of traffic on the road. At the mosque, we see the malfanction clock which is the one french used to exchage with Obelisk from Egypt. (placed at Place de La Concorde in Paris currently)
Then we went for lunch in Thai restaurant named Sabai Sabai. Everyone is enjoying the meal as we missed Thai food. Due to traffic jam, we walked along the small road for 10 min to the restaurant. The weather today strarts to get colder.
The last day in Cairo, our schedule is very tight, starting the day with Museum of Egypt where we see many important mummies, including King Ramses II, Queen Hatshetsup, etc. But the hilight is the Golden mask of King Tutankhamun weighted 11 kg, including all the treasures that was found in most completed ancient treasure in the same place. The museum does not allowed photo except pay 50 LE. But I prefer to see by my eyes and listen to our tour guide to tell the story of this period of history. The museum is located in the square (Tarir square) where the revolution in the last 5 years happened.
We stayed at Intercontinental hotel in Cairo..very nice hotel with free wifi in room 😁 The hotel starts to decorate for X'mas already. Also, the security here is...I mean every places in Egypt are tight and strict, which is good due to lots of circumstances lately as we can see from all cars entering the hotel must be examined by the trained dog.
We ride bus back and stop at rest area to buy fresh food.

5 December 2017

When we reached the palace for Pharoak, it's already dark.
After lunch, we went to visit the biggest library in middle east..Biblioteque d'alexandria.
We had seafood lunch at fish market restaurant. Tje fish was good...after so many chicken meals 🤣🤣
The traffic is real bad that we reached the palace of Pharok when it's already dark.
Next stop is Pompey's pillar. This pillar is built by 1 granite from Aswan. It was used to hang the head of Pompey, the rebel who tried to assasin Alexander
Then we went to the fort where built on top of The lighthouse of Alexandria...used to be one of 7 wonders of the world but was destroyed by the Roman. This place we saw the Mediteranean sea from Africa continent. At the time we visited, we saw a group of people drag one boat up to shore.
The 1st place we visited is Catatomb..the tomb for the city governor. And lately, it has been use to bury some rich civilians.
Reaching Alexandria late morning. It's amazing tjat our big bus drives into small roads with crowded cars and people. The taxi here is in yellow black color. Taxi in Cairo in white and in Luxor/Aswan in blue-white.
Woke up early in the morning, taking bus to Alexandria. It is foggy today that when we reached expressway, it has been stopped for awhile to wait for the fog to be faded up a bit. Then we continue for an hour and stop for rest area at Maester. It took 3 1/2 hrs to go to Alexandria from Cairo.

4 December 2017

Having late lunch at Italian restaurant in Aswan city and heading to the airport passing the old dam seeing Philae temple from the dam.
Stop by the unfinished obelisk from Queen Hatshetsup reign. It's unfinished because of the crack and this becomes the lesson for the next obelisk building.
Stop by at perfume shop to see how they make tjd perfume glass bottle amd smell the perfume originate of welknown commercial perfume brands such as Channel No.5, Dior, Armani, Hugoboss, etc.
We took motor boat back to land. Merchandise on sale on the boat as usual. Next stop is the place to see and buy perfume made by natural flower without oil and alcohol. This is the original perfume for many commercial perfume brands in Europe such as Channel no. 5, Armani, J'Ador by Dior, CK, etc. Also, there are 2 perfumes reserved not export..Lotus (the sense found in Tutankamen tomb) and Papyrus.
There are lots of wall crafting. How we know who the picture is? By look at the sign at the front of the person. If it's the throne sign, that is Isis. If it's the bird sign, it's Hather. Both received worship by Petolomy who also got milk feeded in the picture to represent that he is the son of God (though he's from greek)
There are 3 temples in Philae, one in the middle is for Isis. The one on the left is for Horus her son and the right one is for Osiris, her husband.
After visiting High Dam, we took motor boat to Philae temple, located on the island. This is the temple of the story telling that a girl was prohibited from her father to love a man and was kept on this island. Her lover who tried to find her, by the help of birds and cow and crocodile, finally, he found her on this island and happily live together. Another meaning of this place is this is the temple of Isis..the wife of Osiris.
Our first stop for the day is High Dam, which is considered the life of Egypt as it controls and provides electricity for 70% of the whole country. The High Dam is 3 km long with over 110 metres height. (40metres on top..90metres down below) on one side ofmthe dam is Naser lake and the other side is Niles river. We can only take photo. No zoom or VDO allowed as this is considered important place with military control. No plane can fly over this dam.
This morning wake up with this magnificent view from my room on the cruise. Today is our last day on board. After breakfast, we checked out and continue our journey riding the bus to the High Dam in Aswan.
Back to our cruise for the last night on board. There are another group tour checking in..I guess they will cruise back to Luxor for sure while we will fly back to Cairo tomorrow. Tonight is resting time while last night, we dressed up in Egyptian dress and joins tje party to dance like Egyptians..quite fun and play some games before going back to our room. The game is similar to ours...Music chair.

3 December 2017

In the evening, we walked from our cruise to Aswan market. Drink sugarcane at the shop on the corner of the market..quite nice. Then going for bargaining shopping. The negotiation is like Shenzhen. We have to negotiate the price down more than half and we got good bargaining price for the night with some souvenirs.
Back to Aswan, we spent half an hour sailing on the Niles with wind boat. We saw seabirds very close eating the bun we feed them. On the boat, also got merchandise for sale. Egyptians try to sell and earn money in every way.
After visiting AbuSimbel, we took another 3 1/2hrs bus ride back to Aswan seeing local lofe along the way. Also, we passed the old dam at the beginning of the Niles in Egypt.
Another temple is for Nefetari whom was the favorite queen of RamsesII. She is the only one who got Cartouche name (normally Cartouche is for Pharoah only) The temple is built as mountain from sand stone. Inside, there are lots of crafted wall telling stories. Unfortunately photo is not allowed.
We reached Abu Simbel in the morning around 8 am. There are 2 temples. The temple of Ramses II and his wife Nefetari. Normally, the temple was built to worship god but Ramses II built this temple far from the city, right closed to Sudan (previously the land for Egypt enemy) in order to show power over Egypt enemy. Inside the temple, there lies 4 gods. Horus in Ra's form (don't remember the name) Ramses II himself, Amunra and God of darkness on the left. On 21st Oct and 21st Feb, the birthdate and coronation date, the sun will shine directly inside to the temple and illuminate 3 gods, except left one. (God of darkness) This temple previously located in the area currently is the manmade lake but was moved to build the lake using 4 years to move it.
Our cruise docked at Aswan at night while we were sleeping.We woke up very early in the morning (3:30am) to take the bus for 3 1/2 hrs to Abu Simbel. Our bus drove pass in the middle of the desert Sahara. Nice sunrise view along the way.

2 December 2017

This picture shows the equipment to do mumification. Also the Isis Goddess sitting pregnant. How ancient Egypt knows about the baby gender? By planting Barley and Corn together. If barley grows faster, it's the boy. If corn grows faster, it's the girl.
Ancient Egypt Calendar. There are 3 seasons: Harvest season, Agriculture season, Flood season. 4 months, 3 weeks in each month. 10 days in each week. Ra (the sun symbol) represents day. Moon represents month. Line represents number according to how many line. Horseshoe represents 10.
Interesting wall crafting. 1st is the coronation and the purification.
Ancient Egypt, there are 4 gods. The inobis, (dog shape....), Horus and Ibis.
Our cruise reached KoOmbo temple where there is Cleopatra the 7th, the most famous queen of Egypt who changed from Greek Empire to Roman Empire. This place is different from other temple as there are 2 temples..can see from top entrance where there are 2 signs of Horus with wings. One temple on the left is for the good..Horus. temple on the right is for the evil..Zobek the crocodile god.
Cruising on the Niles, we saw train and road on the bank of the land we passed.
The crafting on the wall tells the story of Horus revenge and try to kill his uncle Zeth. But his power is not enough that he prayed to Ra, the highest god who blessed him power to be in the form of Ra with 2 expanded wings, which is the symbol be seen at the top front of the door to enter the temple everywhere. The small animal at the bottom, Hippo represents Zeth which was not killed until Horus in new form can defeat him (picture with Hippo lies upside down) Then Horus presents to his father, Osairus with his mother Isis who has the symbol of throne on top of the head supports him at the back.
Horus (in the form of falcon in angry face because his father was murdered by his uncle, Zeth) wearing 2 levels of crowns, one on top represents the south and at the base represents the north means he rules both lands. So, the temple of Edfu means the temple of revenge. Inside the temple placed the boat which Horus rided to take the dead Pharoah to meet 2nd life god, Osiris. The ceiling of the temple was dark because of the smoke from fire caused by Christians, who fled and lived in here during the invasion of the Romans. The person between the leg of Horus is Petolomy, the king of Egypt in Greek empire, being there for Horus protection. Horus=god of protection.
Today we woke up early taking the horse ride to the temple of Edfu, the temple of Horus. This is one of the most complete temple left from ancient Egypt. However, this was built in greek style temple. 3 things that we can say this is greek temple are 1. The top of columns in palm tree shape 2. There is corridor surrounded the temple 3. There are things that support the flow of rain from the roof..not to pour into the wall of the temple.

1 December 2017

Experiencing water door to change the level of water for the cruise from lower to upper level.
Interesting selling from the local via small boat. Throwing merchandise on board.
Afternoon, we start our cruise on the Niles from Luxor travelling to Aswan. Very nice scenery with sunset view on the Niles.
Last sightseeing for the day is the agamamnon statue. (Previously amenotep)
After that, we stopped by for the alabaster stone shopping place. Then we went to Hotshepsut temple where is the tomb of one of the welknown queen (king)
After the balloon, we went back to have breakfast at our boat and joined big group to The Valley of Kings where we went down to see Pharohs tomba, including thd welknown Tutankhamun golden tomb. His mummy also is still there in the tomb.
The 3rd day in Egypt, we woke up very early in the morning (4am) to go to ride hot air balloon. The tour came pick us up and we took mini van to the port to take small boat crossing Niles river to tje westbank. Our ride took place near the Valley of Kings. The weather is very nice and calm. Our ride taking off and landed at the same place.

30 November 2017

We went to Luxor temple at night time and it's worth going at night because the light makes the place so much beautiful.
After lunch, we visited Karnak temple. One of the biggest temple.with highest columns in the world.
Then we stopped by Papyrus shop.
Back to dinner at our cruise and watch belly dance before going to bed. Our room on the cruise is nice.
Pass the first day in Cairo. Lots of things noticed in summary 1. It is a desert city with lots of garbages. The roads are so dirty. 2. Real bad traffic. Jam all days with no rules in driving. People walk across the street at own convenience. Lots of horning along the way. 3. The people at some points are very nice eg our guide and hotel staffs are helpful. But the local people at tourist spots afe annoying trying every way to cheat from tourists. One person just approached us at tje Sphinx taking my phone to take our pictures in many gestures (obviously good pictures taken) but he just asks for money, which I won't give him as we did not ask for it. Also...afraid he aill take my phone though. He was so mad but i insisted i did not ask for it. 4. The houses Egyptians live in look like destroying buidling but people still live in there. 5. The food is similar to Turkey. The arabien food. 6. In Cairo, lots of ad billboard like Bangkok. 7. Amazing is only where the Niles pass isgreen.
2nd day of our tour..we went to Cairo international airport to take the flight to Luxor. The landscape we saw below is desert. When there is the Niles, the land becomes green. It's so amazing. We reached Luxor around noon.

29 November 2017

After finish all west bank attractions, we headed back to our hotel on the east bank. The traffic was real bad. We stucks in traffic jam (seeing lots of amazing car driving of Egyptians) for almost w hours reaching hotel exhaustedly. Going to our room for a mini rest but lost in the hotel for awhile as we could not find our room. Then walked to the dinner closed to hotel. Very nice chicken dish
We had lunch quickly at a chinese restaturant in Giza around 2 pm as our schedule was late...pretty good though. After lunch we hurry to one of the world 7 wonders..The great Pyramid of Giza. It's an amazing place. Really love it. Beautiful!
Then we went to Saqara visiting stair level pyramid, one of the original of pyramid structure building. We got a chnace to walk down thd pyramid to see the tomb (empty) inside. The ceiling painted in blue represents the sky.
We reached Cairo around 6 am and took an hour to pass immigrant and start our trip. Tour guide lead us to havd breakfast at the hotel, prepare our wearing and start tje first visit at Memphis, where lies Pharoh Ramses 2 statue. One of the biggest 1 stone statue left in almost completion. Only the legs were cut.

28 November 2017

Tuesday night of Nov 28...start my new journi to one of the places I am looking forward to...Egypt. This time we travel with group tour as heard from many sources that Egypt is not good to travel by own self. So, we decide to go with the expert instead of traveling on our own like every time. Start the trip with my powerbank has to stay home as it does not show its weight...well...I carried it with me to many countries funny. Anyway, I have to go out and leave my powerbank with tour guide whom did not go with us. The worry is how am I gonna charge my phone then??