Myanmar · 247 Days · 20 Moments · January 2016

Peggy's adventure in Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)

15 September 2016

Recap of the last few weeks in Yangon is mainly filled with work, in a good way :) a big highlight this week was when our Supervisory Board members visited from NL. We took the 17 of them around Yangon and into the teashop, very cool discussions and nice to see their interest. Next to that the taxi and radio campaign for my brand kicked off and now I am content and happy to take a small break :) currently on a plane to Amsterdam so ready for two weeks of friends, fun, and they tell me; even sunshine??! Also a few days in Italy with Kim so great times ahead. See you soon!

20 August 2016

Crazy Bangkok:) made me want to write again immediately. During 4 days I had a lot of nice food with colleagues and joined product tests with funny Thai consumers. Loved Bangkok again, less rain than Yangon, even some sun from time to time, but it's a tight race for worst traffic.. Taxi did have a language helper on speeddial; golden business opportunity in Myanmar! Just like that skytrain.. Who knows, one day.. Part 2: Back in Myanmar, on the train from Pyin oo Lwin to a place called Gokteik, to see the Gokteik viaduct. After that turn right around to Mandalay in a car which I can hopefully find there (easy according to the hotel..), in time for my flight back to Yangon tonight. Unfortunately it is raining and cloudy all the way not so great for the views.. But happy to combine the Mandalay worktrip with some sightseeing. ..a few hours later..>>Soooo of course there was no car.. Will miss my flight :( on the train back now.. Well I wanted to play tourist this weekend ;)

14 August 2016

Okay, one more since I am still on my way and Bangkok taxi's are also fine for blogging ;) August highlights; started going to the gym again, and continued our language classes at my house with Gijs and Marleen. Even though we should study much more we are learning and having a lot of fun. Something completely different was when I visited a fashion show last Sunday from a French designer Charlotte Barjou, who is actually now making me a dress as well :) Last week we welcomed the first official Ambassador for the Dutch Embassy in Myanmar, a special moment we Dutchies celebrated with Heineken and bitterballen ofcourse! After some nice Yangon party nights, this week is now all about business trips, going to our Bangkok factory to talk about product development and end of the week to Mandalay for a market visit. Flew from the new Yangon international terminal today, big upgrade!! Now it's time for a nice Sunday afternoon in Bangkok :)

19 July 2016

It's been a while since I shared an update. Now on my way to Bangkok for a few days and since planes are my favourite place for blogging, here we go :) Highlights from July; mainly stayed in Yangon experiencing rainy season in all it's glory, which means ups and downs; wet feet but ok temperatures for running, some lazy movie-watching on a Sunday but unpredictable tv reception and internet, and airco mainly needed to avoid moult on your stuff. Many people get ill these days, a few weeks ago it was my turn for a week, thankfully friends and colleagues came with sweet care packages. The pictures with this post are all from 1 Day, July 19 - Martyr's Day, commemorating the assasination of General Aung San. The National holiday attracts many locals to Yangon. Traffic was crazy so I just took my camera and walked around shwedagon and people's park, I felt like the only foreigner in the city; amazing to be a part of their celebrations with picknicks, playing music and even breakdancing groups

14 June 2016

On the road to Mandalay! Actually from Mandalay to Yangon again, after our first customer event. A good night with bartender shows, and big orders:) this week it's a bit mixing work and holiday so Kim joined the event as well. Last week was great!!! After our reunion at Bangkok airport we had a great time in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, with a nice cooking class and great weather. Unlike rainy Bagan, which still was a lot of fun cruising between the temples on our e-bikes (and pulling Kim along when hij e-bike was out of battery ;)). Then, in Yangon we had a chill weekend with drinks with my friends and relaxing + watching some Euro2016 games. On Thursday we will go to Singapore as final destination of our trip, to visit Remco and Sophie and then it's time to say goodbye again.. But still a few more days :)

2 June 2016

Sawadee ka! Hello from Bangkok:) arrived tonight and ready for some relaxing and quality time with Kim 😍 he is arriving on saturday and we'll take a trip to chiang mai, then to Myanmar and we finish in Singapore in 2 weeks time with Remco and Sophie! The last twee weeks were filled with work hard, play hard; with COO visit to Myanmar and yesterday World Milk Day as work related. You can see the celebrity shot in the pictures, taken on World Milk Day ;) we organized a great football clinic for kids with the Dutch embassy and the Myanmar national womens football team. As for play hard, my colleague Anyeint's wedding was beautiful to see and the opening of the newest place to be in Yangon: The Penthouse, makes for great weekends:) and with this new season I can actually run outside again, so have been doing that as well. So conclusion, having a great time! And now time to rest hard for a few days..

19 May 2016

Wow it's been a while! But today rainy season started in Yangon, start of a new period; exciting! Immediately the temperature feels 10degrees lower than before, no more sauna! (well at least today..) hard to believe it just switches from one day to another but we'll see. Have been in Yangon for a few weeks now, mainly working and exploring the city some more. We celebrated Kingsday with all Dutchies and then my marketing colleague Ralf left for the Netherlands so at the office things are a bit busier. Also I have started a Myanmar language class with Marleen, which after 4 lessons is still fun but also challenging! This weekend I am invited to my first Myanmar wedding so maybe I can practice there:) And the best update is that in 2 weeks time Kim is flying in for a holiday, so can't wait for that!😍

18 April 2016

So, the upload times are often a bit delayed.. But here is another short update right away;) Back from Inle Lake and seen some more beautiful parts of this country. A bit more touristy but nevertheless worth while! The hike from Kalaw was quite and pretty easy to do, mostly downhill, luckily because it's very hot this now. We had some local experiences in dinnerplaces and the best was during our overnight home stay in a mountain village, showering from a bucket never felt better;) so now back in Yangon, catching up on things and getting ready for work tomorrow. Ow also tried the cinema for the first time yesterday, Marleen and I went to jungle book; another new experience :)

12 April 2016

Mingalar nhit thit! A.k.a. Happy Newyear! What a crazy fun it is to throw (ice) water on everyone and dance to loud, bumping house music! Our trip to golden rock, malawmyine and hpa-an was beautiful! On the way the car was constantly splashed with water and thanaka, and our driver James had a hard time avoiding all the dancing teenagers on the street. On thursday we celebrated Thingyan in Yangon, wow what a party!!! Completely soaking wet, talked our way onto one of the stages and danced + drank beers with locals; it doesn't get much better than that. Next up, Shan state :) this morning we left for 2 days walking from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Now first lunch and chill break in a small village and we just had delicious home made Shan noodles prepared by our guide Ko Yee. Can't wait for the rest of the trip:)

9 April 2016

Happy Thingyan everybody! Myanmar Newyear is celebrated with a big waterfestival and 8(!) national holidays. Include 2 weekends and you get 12 days out of the office! As one of few foreigners staying in the country, I finally got the travel plans sorted, stocked up (oh yes stores close as well) and ready for crazy:) And for Eva who will fly in tomorrow. Last two weeks were filled with work trip to Bago for a customer dinner and karaoke, a lovely sunset boat party on Yangon river, and some more work and fun in between. Can't believe it's already been 3 months, time flies in lovely Myanmar

22 March 2016

Back in Asia after two weeks of Netherlands packed with friends, family and colleagues! great to see everyone and spend time especially with Kim :) we took a roadtrip through Scotland to celebrate his 30th with plenty of whisky. After a week the food poisining that Marleen and I got from Ngapali also disappeared so ready for some weddings! Both Remco&Sophie and Sanne&Mark looked beautiful and loving and we had amazing times!! Then it was already time to pack up and go back "home". So on my way now, transfer in Bangkok and in a few hours I will be in Yangon again for part 2 of my Myanmar adventure 😎

6 March 2016

Myanmar you are beautiful! 😍 first amazing Bagan beginning of this week with mom and dad, celebrated my moms birthday in a Hot air balloon; wow! And especially exploring the small tempels was great. On wednesday Marleen arrived as a very spontaneous last minute guest πŸ˜€ she explored Yangon and Bagan while I was working and this weekend we relaxed at Ngapali Beach. Many trips this period, my NL trip is due tomorrow already! See you soon!

26 February 2016

Mingalabar! The plane is always a good moment to edit some photo's and write a few lines. Last week I explored Singapore, very clean, organised Singapore with it's huge shoppingmalls, great MRT subway system and beautiful Gardens by the Bay. I found a dress for Sanne's wedding and rubber shoes for rainy seasonπŸ˜€ Our office there looks a lot like Amersfoort (with the most inspiring views ever), and it was great to meet all the colleagues I will be working with from a distance. Then it was back to Yangon because my parents arrived on Friday! First visitors from home and first guests at my appartment. Great to show them around Yangon and now we are flying to Bagan for a few days.. So probably beautiful pictures to follow in next update ;)

14 February 2016

Goodmorning from Yangon Airport, right now stranded due to heavy fog.. So Singapore will just have to wait a few hours more, but that give me time to update on my last week. And what a crazy week it has been. After the Bangkok trip with Tharaphu, I flew back to Yangon and transferred to a bus with Marleen and set off to hpa-an, lovely mountainous area 6h from Yangon. Beautiful caves, rocks, pagodas and zwegabin mountain to discover (go soon while it's still our secret, the airport will open up soon). We were not completely fit so zwegabin was tough on us but we made it! And were rewarded with the views and blessings from the monks living in the monastery on top. Sunday evening a night bus, to switch bags again, take a shower and back to the airport for a daytrip of office meetings in Bangkok again. A bit crazy but I'm not complaining! Now I'm very excited to explore Singapore the next days, so curious! Weekend to play the tourist and then 2 days in our Asian headquarters. Vamos!😎

11 February 2016

Sawadee ka! New adventure; trip to Bangkok with Tharaphu, Myanmar colleague. Two days to visit FC Thailand office, factory and even a farm and milk collection center. Great to see the care of Thai farmers and the work done here. Decided to write about this already because the next days will be filled with exploring a new part of Myanmar, a place called hpa-an. I will fly back to Yangon tomorrow to transfer on to a 9hour busride to the countryside. So an update on that weekend will follow soon!

6 February 2016

Sunday February 7th, this week I celebrated my first month in Yangon in a longyi for traditional thursday at the office. An interesting new experience of this week was joining the Yangon Hash, I had never heard of "hashing"; which is a combination of running in an unknown direction, following papertrails, and afterwards drinking some we had fun:) seeing unexpected places, getting lost in Yangons smaller streets and being cheered on by local Myanmar people. A very good alternative to the carnavals weekend all of you in NL are celebrating now.. Next weeks will be packed with work and travelling; Bangkok, weekend to hpa-an, and Singapore, very exciting :)

30 January 2016

Hi everyone! Almost one month in Yangon, time flies overhere and discovering new things about this city and it's people everyday. And that I need to buy a vase if I want to buy flowers;) This week we did a taste test in teashops for our products, fun to do with the tea masters at different locations. Tried some difficult yoga moves (AUW) at the gym.. Don't quite understand the different class levels yet; this one was not Peggy level.. Had some more dinners with colleagues and also some homecooked meals for myself:) and the weekend was relaxing with some yoga yesterday and in the evening a colleague took me to a traditional puppetshow downtown, very special! Afterwards discovered bbq street in chinatown, very buzzing place:) and today visited to Yangon Zoo and finished with dinner and drinks with Dutch girl Marleen, nice sunday!

24 January 2016

This week it was time for my first trip outside of Yangon. So with a few colleagues I took a domestic flight to Myeik, quite an experience! Especially on the flight back when people were just making phonecalls and getting up during landing; This is Myanmar :) Myeik itself was tropical, a gateway to amazing islands which I hope to go back for and explore some day. The region is very much influenced by neighbouring Thailand, in it's food, language and products. The local pagoda festival provided a great scene to be treated as a celebrity again, funny experience ;) as I write this, it's Saturday afternoon and I am "touring" town in the Yangon circle train, takes about 3hours and you see a bit more of the city, besides the busy centre. It's getting hotter this week, so tomorrow I guess a swimmingpool will be nice:) So now it's sunday evening, enjoyed that swimmingpool very much today πŸ˜„ now I'm at a photo exhibition, in a mexican style restaurant with lovely quesadillas; perfect sunday!!

17 January 2016

Wow only two weeks! Normally hardly long enough for a vacation, now long enough to make me feel at home in Yangon! Time flies, and on the other hand it feels like I've been here for a long time already. This week I visited many teashops with my colleagues and started working on the plans 2016. Also read a lot and had nice dinners with colleagues and customers, topped off with a dj party at the french institute which was great fun! A lot of internationals at the party, and I met up with a Dutch girl that also just moved to Yangon. On Saturday there was a job fair where we had a stand and hundreds of people visited. Afterwards I decided to go all Dutch and take the bicycle and tour the city, strolled along Inya Lake and then cycled a long way across town; great experience!! Today was our first day of sampling the new Dutch Lady milk products in one of the parcs in town, in between the rollercoasters we sampled milk and entertained with cow games ;) All in all a great second weekπŸ˜„

13 January 2016

Mingalabar! I started a blog about my move to Yangon, Myanmar and would love to share some of my experiences with anyone who is curious. Sooo, first week: arrival in Yangon on January 3, great house and lovely people making me feel at home:) I have really had aan amazing start! Started with a national holiday on Monday and then the first working week on Tuesday. Energised team of colleagues, showing me their market and plans for 2016. Mixed with a lot of fun, dinners and Newyear's drink with Dutchies. This first weekend I spend discovering downtown Yangon, joined the gym and relaxing a bit.. Ready for week 2 and all the weeks that follow 😁 ...this I wrote last Saturday, but unfortunately nobody could see it. I guess when I add pictures, something goes wrong with sharing.. Sooo last chance for journi, hope you can see it now! If yes, update will follow on the weekendπŸ˜‰