Portugal · 6 Days · 25 Moments · September 2017

Alentejo's trip, Portugal

22 September 2017

Out last day in Évora we woke up early and went to a bakery to have our brunch. It was a nice breakfast, with eggs, bacon and bread. Everything that Pedro likes when his vegetarian mode is off.😁

21 September 2017

Since we spent some money in the last dinner, we were trying to find some tasco.. We saw some comments about "Manel dos Potes", we went there but it seemed to much "tasco", so we went to another place called "Tasquinha do Zé".
We spent some hours walking through the city..

20 September 2017

We went to a restaurant with biologic food. They offered us a Porto wine and a soup with beldroegas to try. We tried many different dishes with new flavors. Shrimp with strawberry, mushrooms with tomato and basil, sardines with almonds, everything amazing. Only the bill wasn't so amazing... 87€ 😨
We arrived at Évora and went to the house that we rent through Airbnb.
We arrived to Herdade do Esporão for a wine tasting. While we waiting for that, we sitted for a moment and enjoyed a glass of wine.
Last day in Monsaraz, we checked out from our hotel and we went to explore a little bit of the village.

19 September 2017

We spent some time choosing a place to go dinner, finally we decided to go to "O Gaspacho", a place to eat some tapas. Unfortunately the place was closed and we had to go to some other restaurant that we saw in TripAdvisor, "Sabores de Monsaraz", outside the wall. The restaurant was full and there wasn't a table for us. We had to come back and go to "Casa Modesta" restaurant. It was a very slow service, but the food was good.
Fluvial Beach in Monsaraz
Relaxing in the nature 🌴
Pit stop in a viewpoint to take some pictures 😘
Nice lunch with a view over Alqueva
Cruise over the Alqueva
Breakfast with a wonderful view 💕

18 September 2017

We went to Templários restaurant inside the wall in Monsaraz.
Our hotel inside the wall - D. Nuno hotel - a tipical house in the 80's.
Arriving to Monsaraz. Amazing view to Alqueva 😍
Funny moments before saying goodbye to Montargil 😸

17 September 2017

Our dinner was at Tropical - A traditional restaurant with good price ratio quality
Who goes to the gym in the hotel? Only him.. 🙄😘
Jet ski with love 😍
Relaxing in the hotel 😎

16 September 2017

We went to Kat's Bar to eat some snacks and beers. There was an amazing gizzards
Infinity pool 🌅
Arriving to the hotel and starting to explore every corner