Hungary · 4 Days · 8 Moments · May 2016

Peder's odyssey through Hungary

4 May 2016

It's party night! Started with a group of young cats from Australia, Holland and Brazil. This pub crawl was... Small in size 15, but big in spirit! Plus we added on another 15 or so stragglers, talk'n bout my jerseys boys and MIT India. This crawl included a crazy start at detox... 2 dead spots... And the highlight of the night. "Instant"- clubbing.... On another level, 27 rooms all connected by wild hallways, passageways, stairways. Thank you Budapest! By day or night you do it right.

3 May 2016

Took a Communism tour. Walked around learning about what Budapest was like before the change in '91. Fascinating! He gave us a bunch of stories. Jokes that in communist run Hungary were funny. good insight on how it felt in those days. Little fun fact. The monument with the big star is celebrating Russian communist takeover in 1945 and sits in front of the US embassy on the corner. Gas is why it remains. So the US and local government placed Reagan walking from parliament (behind him) through the monument to the embassy. Hahahaha! That bridge has the leader of the revolution of 1956 who was executed by the Soviets. Our guide insisted we walk from left to right (from the monument toward parliament "democracy") pretty awesome to catch a glimpse of his passion. Those black dots are in 100 bullet holes signifying the 100 gunned down in the parliament square.
The basilica was condemned by the communists as unsafe after it had "supposedly" been hit during the air raids. It's now open and showing off its intentioned awe!

2 May 2016

Heading back after waiting for a kabab FOREEVER! And... Whaaaaa! Dominic is walking toward me. So fun how these circles work. As the rains approached I wondered into Hachapuri, suckered in by a picture of chicken. Wow! That worked out. The basilica turned out to be right in front of me as I was introduced to Hungarian bread and a perfectly Cooked chicken. Hmmmmmm.... Man a good meal after a long day makes all the difference.
The palace/ capital hill is where the president resides. This structure is almost unreal. Feels a thousand years old, but isn't. Though some of it goes back pretty far.... Histories story tellers forced Buda and Pest to keep pressing the reset button. The reconstruction and additions around the Mathias church are spectacular. Oh! And found chimney cake!!! Ohhhh yeahhhh!
Made it to the top... Beautiful view. This fortress never truly reached its full potential. A theme that I'd find through out the city. Budapest has seen a lot of occupiers and Nomadic bringers of devastation. The view however is worth it... As I stand around I got to watch a hustle in full force. People gathered around a man hiding a painted pebble under 1 of 3 little cups. He gives a going rate for the first pick, when wrong. The 50-50 pick goes at about half the price. He does this a a dizzying rate. "500 you, 250 you, 100 for you." As he's paying out and receiving. The next round is underway, bidding begins. There is lots of yelling and back and forth, then.... He busts out screaming that 500 euro were stolen from him! Pushing a young woman out of his way he storms off cursing the heavens. He descends the stairs adjacent to his stage. He's gone, cheated, angry and 1 round of bets unpaid... Richer! Ha! Brilliant! After the show slowly wondered up the bank of the river.
So the walking commences. I just start heading toward the river. Map in... My backpack, cause who really wants to know where they are going? First observation.... Apart from goulash and wieners, the food selection is a bit more varied then Austria. So far... At the river the call of the citadel on the hill rang in my ear. Crossed Sisi's bridge, actually Elizabeth's bridge. The Danube is big! Busy and moving.

1 May 2016

Budapest.... Getting here was a breeze. The ride through the country side is chalk full of green hills, plains, yellow highlights and the promise of new experiences.