Turkey · 13 Days · 24 Moments · June 2016

Peder's adventure in Turkey

3 July 2016

It's my night out! Great time. The couple on the left are from Iran. Atheists and Wonderful people. Not because they are atheists, just an observation. Hehehe! Here is how Instagram can change the look of a pic. The guy signing is the owner who bought me two beers. Had a friend translating part of the things he was saying. Have a feeling he really liked me. Like really! Troy is the Aussie. Really nice guy. First solo trip and just getting a feel for it. At the end of the night we ate at some kabab place that left my stomach is a precarious place. The balance is off down there.

2 July 2016

More walking and found this exhibit. All the nautical knots! Dad you'd love this.
Walking Izmir. Ankle will heal, I have to much world to explore. Beautiful ocean side city. I really like the vibe. It's much more secular. The Bohemian vibe is fun.

1 July 2016

Straight from Ephesus to Izmir. Still pissed off about the ankle. Now gotta walk all over the bus station cause I won't pay the $15 taxi on principle. Took 30min but found the bus to the city center. From there I'm supposed to get a cab for 12 lira. Get there and they want 20! I know it's $4 vs 7 but hell no! Im walking on this broken ankle to spite you! Finally grabbed a cab for 15. 😕 And he got lost.
Ephesus... After a great morning workout and swim at Atilla's. This place is awe inspiring in sheer history and heat! Holy sweat! Got my audio tour and map... Cobble streets and holes! Ahhhh!!! Took that last selfie 2 seconds before I took a left while looking at the map and stepped in the uneven patch on the left. SPRAINED ANKLE! 😡😡😡%}*!~!^|£\]!!!! Ahhhh And the running of the Bulls is in a week! Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm so freak'n pissed. Almost threw my phone. Decided instead to place it down with authority. Now I'm just walking out of this place. I need ice. Pic pic pic and done!

30 June 2016

Another bus, the another bus... putting fethiye in the rear view feels good. Even with my weird beard trim I received. Had a great ride to selcuk. Hung with Amin the bus driver. Energy of a man who loves breathing. We couldn't communicate with much more then hands and smiles. But we tried and tried. Then, sat back and soaked in the ride. Atilla hostel... Man! What a wonderful place they've put together. Tourism is dead and I'm the only one here. So, I got invited to atillas own bbq with his friends. Ate my first steak in 2.5 months. So good.

29 June 2016

Fethiye... This is the fun beach, boat, party etc etc place. ..... It's empty! And I had an issue with my hostel. A/c is on the website. But upon arrival tells me I'd need to pay for a private room. I'm exhausted from a crappy bus ride that stopped 100x and news of the bombings in Istanbul kept me from sleeping. Now this. "Oh helllllzzzzz no!" I need 2 hours of sleep and it's gonna be in a/c. It did eventually happen. After a night, which was saved by hanging out with my friend Ben from Aussieland (met in Istanbul), so in the morning I left for salcuk and Ephesus.

28 June 2016

Finished my day with this semi traditional, though I think it's more tourist based potted chicken stew. A "sword" is used to crack it open. Pretty good flavor. Now it's the overnight bus to Fethiye.
So! Last stop on the tour is the underground city. This series of caves again was built by Christians. But these served as hiding places. Entire communities of Christians would come down and stay for 1-5 days. This one in particular held as many as 5000 people. Even had a chapel. One of the earliest in the entire region. The cross carved into the wall was the location. Where I'm standing they believe was used to either torture or stigmata practices. This place had kitchens, bedrooms, ventilation and communication shafts, dining, storage rooms. Animal shelter, traps, rolling doors to cut off the Romans. These stone doors had holes for air and stabbing the intruders.
There are definitely moments that make me feel like Indiana jones is going to come screaming by saying "RUUUUNNNN" Didn't happen 😒. Then a walk along the river next to Ihlara. This gorge is the largest in turkey. Great OJ and place to rest along the way. MORE CAMELS!
Woke up 5am. It's freezing! But this is Cappadocia, this has to be seen. What a show. As the morning progressed I jumped on the red tour. That took us to another colony of caves. A traders path. Many on the Silk Road would stay here to rest. Also used by militaries as look out points. We couldn't go to the higher points. But they must be incredible.

27 June 2016

Holy crap it got hot in my room. But! I solved it.
After the open air museum, and sneaking in a few pics of the church. I ran across to the open areas and just starting climbing everywhere. Took a nap in a 2000 year old house. A bit dusty, but otherwise great. With dusk fast approaching I did a rooftop workout and ran to this lookout point and caught the sunset. Soooo, incredibly beautiful.
Cappadocia! Wow his place is so cooooool! CAMELS!!! These cave are all from the original Christians who were hiding from the Romans at the turn of the millennium. So complex and fully functional.

26 June 2016

Ooooops. This turned out to be the woman's entrance. Next door I did get the famous Turkish bath by a heavily scarred man who through me around, soaped me up and washed me down. Then, looked straight into my eyes and says "shower, then tip!" Wasn't gonna deny this dude! 10% in your hand scary man. Glad I did it. Itstanbul, we are done. Robs gone and now it's my turn.

25 June 2016

We started our night with a chance meeting. Mr. Rachelson. Haven't seen him in nearly 20 years. He just stopped in front of me. Waiting to see if I recognized him. Man! I was so excited. He's still the same guy. Direct and challenging. Love this guy. From there we made our rounds ending up in our same bar cause everything was empty. Though we did on purpose let a local guide us. Insisting that we weren't going to pay or buy anything. By the end of it. They asked for money for guiding us to a place we didn't want to be and had to switch into Spanish, which quickly put us on the same playing field. They left without incident. The following morning we hit the ottoman palace. Beautiful views. Can see why they built there.
Soooo, we tried local yogurt. Ha! Rob sums up the experience. The sandwich is. Fish and bread.... There, you've done it. Cool ambiente to be honest. Even shared the pickled veggies. Also what they sound like.

24 June 2016

Rob... My personal InstaGram hiccup! Well... We went for the bus tour and it was well worth it. Hit the palace which destroyed our perverted understanding of what Herems were. They were basically the counter measure to the Hapsburg's.

23 June 2016

Now we are hitting the big stuff. The Sultan Amed and the Hagia Sofia, the later being nothing short of incredible. Has served both religions. The underground cistern is massive 130m by 70m. Sooooo cool. Just imagine having discovered it after so many years. It was full of water and fish when a Brit "re-discovered" it. Today Rob and I realized just how fresh the pain of common statues internationally is among the people. Our guide mentioned how the turks did their part (held their fronts) and it's the Germans who lost the war. As a result of the German failure, they lost their empire. Unlike so many others, Italy, Greece, etc. The Turks were a true world power no more the 100 years ago. Crazy! That last pic is why all interactions are handled with the right hand! 🤐

22 June 2016

Another day in Istanbul. Found a gym! Cruised around... Just walking and walking. Rob arrives tonight. So hitting all non essential tourist spots. My new Aussie roommates Chance, Craig and more Aussie travelers wondered down istaklal street. We hit a rooftop bar, some mall outdoor place and got filmed buying cheese bread. The young man selling it was of Uzbek background. I'm guessing his aunt or mother was the lady so enthusiastically filming every moment of our purchasing process. In the end we settled on this little alleyway. Awesome! Outdoors, bean bags, shisha and beer. Had the owner and the taxi driver communicate and bam! There was Rob. After he'd walked the wrong direction.

21 June 2016

So I found out today that robs heading my way! Super stoked. My First visitor from home. Anyways, I got pulled in for Apple tea after 10min of small talk that almost sounded genuine. He promised me a shisha and more tea if Rob bought anything. I promised to to return with him. Then I heard 2 similar stories and realized they hand out tea like candy on Halloween. Then guilt many into returning or buying something as reciprocity. Anywho... Tried another night out. Fail! But we did manage to have 3 dogs follow us all the way to the tram station.
Soooo I cruised about a bit and then?!!! Found a gym and! I just happen to have my gym gear! What a shocker! Will say... This is the first gym who's host is a cat. After a wicked tough workout. A slow meandering through the streets of Istanbul. Those are Beebee guns. Crazy number of them. And of course some of the famous fishy fish sandwiches.
Started my first full day with Ben. Hit the modern art museum and took the funicular up the hill to Taksim square. We wondered down istiklal street until we crossed a bazaar. That's where I left Ben to do his laptop work.

20 June 2016

Landed and got a cab for 40 lira! Saved 15€!!! This guys seriously loves his Cadillacs. I counted 20 plus through the interior. Met Ben and it's off for a shisha and food. The dervish dance was a definitely plus. So was the call to prayer. First of my life. Sooooo coooool