Italy, Vatican · 17 Days · 44 Moments · May 2016

Peder's adventure in Italy

23 May 2016

Did get some shopping done. But really want out. My back is still being a little biatch! Its ok.... Cause the broken relationships museum got me to make a decision. Zagreb! Here I come... In 10 hours. 😞😞😞
Said good bye to Charlette after 1 week together. What a flood of conflicting emotions. Gonna miss my buddy but I love my freedom. My trip won. Soooooo.... Milan!.... Ok... Actually... More accurate is milan 😕. Not blown away by this city. Where is my gelato!!!! Incredible hostel though. First triple bunk of my life.

21 May 2016

I so wanted to steal her wine glass picture and post it on my Instagram! After another incredible day... And attempts at slowing time down. The decision was made to add another night to our adventure. Bye bye Corniglia here we come riomaggiore! HOLY CRAP THAT WATER IS COOOOOLD! And that beach... Is boulders. People really need their sun!

20 May 2016

Day 2!!!! What a grand decision!!! Charlette is a great travel buddy. Insane how many things we have in common given her Austra-alien origins. Also kept up with my wicked pace! Only a hand full of stops and march on we go.

19 May 2016

Slip, hail and finally shine... Made it! Found a series of cat houses on the path. Yes... Adorable kitties living in the woods. Decided another day had to happen. Cinque terre is far to perfect for just one rainy day. This sunset cemented that decision.
Rain or shine this hike is going down!!!
Rain! One full day and it's rain (with a smattering of hail). Still... Hit the train and thoroughly enjoyed the process. The train south was closed so we had just enough time to hike north to Vernazza and monterosso. Then that previously mentioned hail forced a train ride back.

18 May 2016

The first evening looks promising. Great views, weather, and hands down the greatest dish of my life!!! Cicio's has a soup that just changed the game. Go to Corniglia just for that! Ok... And the views. But! Seriously! Eat there.
So after a giving it a lot of thought. I'm going to join Charlette in cinque terre! 5 days in Rome are enough. Everyone talks about this region. After arriving. I see why. Wow!

17 May 2016

They sure do have small cars.
St. Peter's.... Jesus! This is huge. Ungodly huge? Or godly huge. I'm still not sure. They have tome under the grates. Death depicted everywhere. And! Yoda! So at the very least.... The force is with them.
Rafael really can paint! And ummmmm, that Michael guy! Shuck in that pic... These people are photo nazis! Sistine chapel... Done!
The Vatican!!!! Ok... Should have bought tickets yesterday. Lost €20 on that decision. Holy full! Beautiful nonetheless. They do ceilings like no other.

16 May 2016

The days walk ends with a fly by of the castle, a glimpse of the Vatican which is still on the agenda, and a drive by of the great bar from last night. Jack! You are an inspiration! I've never, ever, ever ever been next to someone who let the music take over like you! Also, these kinds of churches are allllll over. So random.
More street performers. More churches. A beautiful piazza and a new twist on gelatos!!!
Back at it myself after a fun night out. Gym, parks, Pantheon. Selfies... Are back. The statue of the cloaked man With a sword is actually a man. He moved so slowly that it was difficult to detect. Impressive.

15 May 2016

Tour day! Hit the coliseum with one of my new buddies Charlette. First day in weeks without a selfie! Walked the Old city. The original "basilica" meaning hall of kings has the 3 arches. Was a massive thing..... As it turns out so were a million other buildings. But such is the fate of history's less fortunate.

13 May 2016

Rome is incredible. Every corner serves up a full plate of history! And gelatos. This evening a group of us set out to take on the town. Clubbing night! We got of the subway and I approached some passer by who looked in the know. That fortunate encounter led to an incredible night at the beer fest. Hung with NATO people and drank some of the 300 artisanal beers. Awesome!
Wondering about I stumbled across giovanni and more! Those water fountains have become my greatest allies.

12 May 2016

Made it to Rome. This city has history, not sure you knew that. Between all that history are a few million people trying to master the Dance between the living past and the inevitable future. And... Laundry interweb stores were born! I don't know if cathedrals will be on my to do lists anymore. I've been to Paris, Florence and Rome. I think I'm done!
Rounds of drinks..... They really only serve one purpose. Keeping everyone drinking at the same accelerated rate. I need to devise a means of catching myself before giving the casual nod that confirms acceptance of proposed terms. Anyways... Didn't get outta hand. Got another friend in London. This is great. Also! Roommates with a beauty writer from New York. Super cool. Love the blazing red hair. Couldn't stop laughing. Really funny mannerism. Next article is perfume and pain. Will look for it.

11 May 2016

Ok! Here is a lesson. Never pay €1.50 for a bathroom!!!! Pay €2 and eat seafood curry with ricotta cheese on squid ink polenta!!! Then use their bathroom! Your welcome! So made it! Got lost royally lost at one point. Even managed to Float over the channel. Must have blacked out. But I do remember turning around like 18x in 3min. Guess what else? Got my initial on the GPS! Just ignored all the "look at the odd man" stares. I'm soaked straight through. Time to get back and do... NOTHING! Which turned out to be beers.
Art is all over the place. Hidden to those who don't get lost. I definitely found alllllotttt of them. This gelato place is an absolute must if you like pistachio. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST IN ITALY! so far.... Haha. Knocking these places off! Making good time baby!
First dead end. First of many!!! My conspiring warlock face somehow made it on this. To lazy to eliminate it. On we go! Mom... That store series is for you!
So! Hello rain. You slowed me at first. Extra ESPRESSO! Drew out the game plan. No gps today. Also working with a broken back... DAMN YOU 30s. I've decided to use every twinge as a reminder to "be in the moment. Be here and breath it in." You know what? It worked amazingly. I've definitely stumbled on to something. First site... Check. Boats! More boats. Ok... This is a piazza! Holy moly!

10 May 2016

Time to go at it Venice! Um... Oh! Here I ammmm! Coooooollll! DHL, police, taxis boats. This is different. Got to generator hostel.... Um... This could be a business model. Just saying. So as custom requires... I just started walking my neighborhood. And! Bam! Found a wine distiller (With no name) who at the end just gave me samples of his "fuerte" and "medio" every other direction we tried to take the conversation failed and led back to my free samples. €3.50 and you can get a 2 liter. Sooooo, if your on a budget. Take a note. Had a funny dinner with DJ and her bff number 2 Nie (or something like that). Over priced... So it won't get mention.
Ha! Kidding... Still got the morning. Helllloooo David! Your veins are impressive. I was honestly reluctant to go, I mean Europe has endless statues. However, so glad Sheila insisted! Thanks she-ball!!!!

9 May 2016

Piazzale Michelangelo.... Just sat in the shade all afternoon. Bye bye Florence. Gone tomorrow.
Ok! Food tip I got from Martin. There is a popular sandwich place on Nevi street. Go next door! Empty and just as good! Holy cow.... Seasoned Pork with a garlic cream sauce and HMMMMMMM!
So cruising around at that late hour, it took me completely by surprise the sheer number of men walking the streets. I can't remember ever seeing a larger disparity in men to woman. My night took a distinctly different tone the moment we walked out of red's. Men in large groups are a dangerous bunch when coupled with alcohol and the frustration of a nights potential unrealized. Needless to say... "Miami Pete" had to rear his head a few times. Nothing came of it... No harm no foul. Thank you jeebus! On a side note.... Have I mentioned how much aussies drink? Ha!
Processed carbs and coffee... 90% of the diet here. Incredible! It's official. Eat what you want, in slightly smaller potions then we are used to and just walk. Cause these people drink like fish, eat and smoke... And nada! Amazeballs. Dad... You'd appreciate the garbage system they use here. Just makes sense. Annnnnnnnnnd gelato!

8 May 2016

Oh! Your never alone with a gelato in hand! There goes my healthy dinner.
€6 euro all you can eat! This place is great. Very local, hip... Great relaxed environment. 15min from center of town.
€6 dinner! And it's delicious and healthy!!! Super local. Zero tourists! Which is fine by me.
I truly enjoy seeing random creative additions to otherwise mundane urban landscapes. Anywho... Stopped in here for a pizza (that I eyed walking bye yesterday.). Unfortunately didn't meet my stomachs lofty expectations. I did however meet Martin. Another Aussie... I'm noticing a theme here. Its down to 2 theories. 1. Australia sucks! And they all want out! 2. The government has figured out that by sending them all away, at least 7% will settle abroad. This leaves more jobs for the rest of them. I digress.... So I met Martin. Awesome person! We sat and chatted for a few hours. Mostly about.... Girls. Love, hate, and all the in between. He seemed to think I had useful advise, I did clarify my track record. He still received it.
My favorite walking mate!
Beautiful day... Coolest water fountains on the planet. You know what? The cooing of pigeons when removed from the city environment is quite lovely. I don't know if it's just me. That cooing in my minds eye is synonymous with filth and scavenging. Not the case when those flying rats are in a garden. Just say'n.
Medici house. Love me some garden napping.
Connor! This has assassins Creed all over it! I've never wanted to scale buildings and pounce of prey more in my life. Unfortunately there is no reset button and my knees hurt. Sticking to walking like the rest of the prey, but with my head on the swivel!
Back to the streets! I absolutely love walking aimlessly. Taking any little ally, waiting to happen upon a gem of a place. These curators of espresso euphoria give every twist and turn a preordained aroma. Then! I realize that there are 11,678,962 cafes in every city in Europe. So, I can't go wrong... And that still provides me comfort. As for this very morning... I found the INTERACTIVE Leonardo museum!!!! I could touch everything, ok.... Most things! Built a bridge, pulled and pushed every lever. LOVE IT!
So, who would have figured as I watched my heaters laying an egg... My Aussie friends (with some Canadians) from Budapest would sit in a booth right in front of me. These coincidences I'm finding out are more common place then the exception. All I can say is.... I'm so glad those days of Peer pressure factoring into my decision making process are looooong behind me. I selfied their rounds of shots. Not touching these lips! My "say yes to life" theory didn't fully consider situations like the human pyramid in front of the duomo at 3am.... Soooo, I had to oblige. This was only funnier cause it did draw a crowd. I was not the attraction. Don't worry. They all made it back to their place safely, with teeth intact.... Barely.

7 May 2016

The heat play tonight and? This place is playing it! Run back for a jacket but damn! The duomo is just as incredible at night as it is in the day. Naturally I celebrated its beauty with chocolate! Hehehehe!
Here in the piazza santa Croce. Scouting this cities supposed the late night area, when... This random man in the crowd started slowly stretching and removing articles of clothing. One shoe, stretch, then another.... Stretch, hat tossed to a side. Finally, off came the jacket and sweater, revealing a flesh print skin tight suit. That is when the camera went on the ready! This completely spontaneous (to those caught unawares!) yoga, Ti chi demonstration broke out. It took but 2-3 minutes and as quickly as it had begun, they scattered in all directions. The show... Was over.
Heeeeellllloooo ITALY! Specifically, Florence! As is customary now. If I'm In any one place more then 4 days. I hunt down a gym and cell data. Found... The one, gym in Florence. Florence fitness, you're expensive... But necessary. With all the bars, cafes, pastry stores and gelato!!! It's no wonder no one works out.