Singapore · 2 Days · 12 Moments · April 2015

Pearl's trip to Singapore

12 April 2015

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11 April 2015

Parc Soverign Hotel - The front and side of the building, the entrance to the reception lobby and a fusion restaurant. There is a small 711 store next to the restaurant.
Sidetrack : Cant help showing the art school compound. This is one of the private art colleges in Singapore (the other one being NAFA). They specialized in western and contemporary arts, media and design. Students comes from local, the region and further afield. It's a well established school with well established standards and reputation. The lecturers and students are hip and modern. Sidetrack : A morning glory plant at the art school.
Walk further ahead is a massive big black granite looking building. That's La Salle College of the Arts. Cross over a small road to get to Parc Hotel
Back to the walking trail to Parc Hotel : Continue to walk along Albert Mall. At the right hand side is the OG Department store. This is an old time 1980s chinese ladies oriented store which managed to keep itself modern and updated. Another branch is at Chinatown. OG stands for Oriental Girl. The main road with traffic light ahead is the Bencoolen Street. Cross over the street. Opposite is the infamous Sim Lim Square where multiple floors and multiple small shops selling IT and infocomm stuff are located. Their prices are not really transparent and quality / copy may not be genuine. Still, it's interesting to have a stroll inside the building to feel the flavour and the vibes. (I personally frequent 'Funan, the IT Mall' at Victoria Street especially the big store called Challenger. There are branches of smaller Challenger stores in other malls in the outskirts/heartland malls).
Sidetrack : Looking towards the left hand side of the junction - the branch of Albert Mall that leads to the temples, prayer flower and fruit sellers, fortune tellers, and heaps of people. This is a very vibrant place, especially at 15th of the Lunar month. Nearby are buildings with shops selling chinese vegetarian food, crystals sellers, temple or prayer stuff, and other chinese or folk religion and cultural (whether genuine or fake), foot reflexology shops and such. I personally lurked around these buildings only once in my life in SG, so things might have changed.
Bird's Eye View : Current Location Sidetrack : The famous chinese and indian temples are nearby on the left hand of the junction.
For Chii's info, another tourist hotel nearby (Iblis Hotel) can be seen in the near distance, it's that building in grey.
Along the way at Albert Mall - Albert Centre where an old HDB food centre can be found. I have never been inside before nor try any food here but I am sure old-time/old-signage food by early generation hawkers can still be found in this old authentic HDB food centre.
From Bugis Street crossing over the Albert Mall. Albert Mall is a stretch of pedestrianized street with pasar malam stuff. It is a busy street with the locals and tourists. Some consider this place as the true Chinatown as it is organic and frequented by the local older chinese community, and not engineered by the government.
Passing thru Bugis Street, the famous street in the 60s and 70s for sailors and soldiers. It's now a tourist spot for souvenirs, bric n brac, etc. Consist of the busy ground floor and a more spacious upper floors with fashion, accessories and other stuff. Location : Bugis Village, aka Bugis Street
Start point of this walking trail to Parc Sovereign Hotel : From Bugis MRT Station. Location : from Bugis Junction building crossing over to Bugis Village across the road.