Europe · 11 Days · 24 Moments · April 2017

Paxton's tourGermany,Austria, Czech Republic

22 April 2017

We arrived at the airport at 10:30 where we said our goodbyes to Vio. When we were all done getting our tickets and baggage taken we all hugged Nadine and said our goodbyes. Our flight left at 1:30 from Frankfurt and we flew to Munchin where we were pushing it right for time to catch our next flight which was a 9 hour flight back to Toronto. On the flight back we were with another school group from Saskatchewan and I talked to one of the kids on it for the last 2 hours of the flight. When we landed in Toronto we had to pick up our luggage and go threw security and customs. When we were done I went strait to timmies and got a strawberry banana smoothy. Just as I finished it, it was time to board the last plane which took us to Edmonton.

21 April 2017

At Heidelberg we toured the Heidelberg castle well what was left of it from being destroyed so many times. There we got to see one of the world biggest wine barrels. When we were done there we got some free time in town and I got sorbet ice cream strawberry and lemon which was really good. Afterwards we drive a hour to Hockenheim where we ate supper and stayed our last night before we were flying out to go home.
The next morning we got to spend 3 hours in Rothenburg to shop and look around to place. Me, Colton and Dawson walked around with Mr.Missfeldt and explored the place. We also all got this sausage from with sausage place for the bus rid and me and Mr.Missfeldt got this poppy seed pastry which was really good. After Rothenburg we headed to Heidelberg.

20 April 2017

When we got to Rothenburg we dropped all of our luggage off at the hotel and then went to go and eat supper which was brotworsts with sour Croat and mash potatoes. When we were done we did our last tour of the day which was the night watch mans tour were we got told about the mid evil town of Rothenburg. When the tour was over we went straight back to the hotel and went to bed.
From Dauha we had a two hour bus ride to the castle of Neuschwanstein. On the way I had a little nap but when I was awake I got to see a peak of what the mountains are like in Germany. As we got closer to our destination we stopped along the side of the road where we threw snow balls at each other and I got a picture with the castles behind me. When we arrived to our destination we got 30min to go look around and eat lunch. Then we went to the castle and hiked up 1.7 km to where the castle was located. The view from the top was amazing and the castle up close was amazing to. We did the tour in the castle and afterwards we hiked back down and headed to Rothenburg for supper and our night watchman tour.
To start the day off we had to be on the bus by 8:00 and the first stop of our day was the concentration camp. When I was there I got to see the gas chamber which they said was never used, the VIP house and the normal house of the people. We were there for an hour and the end the concentration camp off we watched a video about it which was really sad to watch and see the misery the people went through during this time.

19 April 2017

Also in Munich we got to see a palace.
From Vienna we spent 6 hours on the bus going to Munich and when we arrived there we got time to go and eat before our bus tour and I got a rot worse. After we did a bus tour and got to see the head quarters of BMW. This building was enormous they had a tract that you could test drive a vehicle. After we went to supper which was rice and chicken with a dessert of a dumpling apricot/ice cream. When we were done eating got 20 minutes of shopping and then we went to the hotel to end the day off.

18 April 2017

Food that I tried and ate that day.
We got to see the Hapsburg palace and it was amazing and we got a bus tour around the city. After we got free time and I bought stuff. When everyone else went to the concert thingy we went to a cafa which was good and to a grocery store to get food.

17 April 2017

When we got to Vienna after a 4 hour drive we got to see a church then went to the Mozart museum thingy.

16 April 2017

For lunch in Prague I had a cheese,egg,tomato sauce, ham crepe with a cup of really rich hot chocolate. After lunch we went to go to have a turtleneck, which was so good I downed it in 5 minutes. For supper we had dumplings and roast beef.
In Prague we walked around the city and got to see the famous tourist attractions of the city which were the astronomical clock,castle, and Charles Bridget. After that we got 5 hours of shopping.

14 April 2017

Ate an amazing supper and before had the a large bowl of chocolate ice cream.
Fredrick's castle
Went to the square of the Knzerthaus Berlin where the building on the left which was Germany's built there's 1 metre higher so they could be better than France.
Berlin Wall

13 April 2017

Drove to Berlin from lunbeck 4 hours and toured the city of Berlin. Got to see the university of Berlin.
Houses leaving lunbeck and farm land on the way to Berlin. Got to see a McCormick tractor.

12 April 2017

Walking back to the hotel from eating supper underground and saw this neat building with vines crawling up it. Me and Amanda were being stalked by this car on the way back.
Walking down the the allies of lubect wasting time and supposed to be shopping. Went to mcdonalds and it was completely different from ours at home.
First destination to start off the trip and my first three letter of my name was on it#sweet. We toured the inside of it and then we went to go to the river and I chase pigeons.
Got sick in the plane from eating a nasty sandwich.
After a seven hour flight and Dawson/Colton looks rough arriving at Frankfurt airport where we ended up having a 2 hour layover.