United Kingdom · 1 Days · 13 Moments · September 2017

Paul & Vicky's Mini Break to Plymouth

1 October 2017

A bit of retail therapy to end of a great weekend, even despite the weather.

30 September 2017

The best Raspberry Mojito yet...
Smeaton's Tower and the views from the top. Fantastic visit, and with the howling wind and rain, gave us a good feel for how it might have felt when it was located 14 miles offshore at the Eddystone Reef.
Memorials and tributes at The Hoe. Pictured are the memorials to the Royal Marines, RAF and Royal Navy, and a statue of Sir Francis Drake overlooking Drake's Island.
Pidgeons enjoying the view from the Hoe, this afternoon.
Ships! (Well in the submarines case, boats). Quick geek-out post of some of the cool floaty things we saw today. I asked Vicky what her favourite was and she said "the big grey one". I'm sure you'll all agree that narrows it down...
Covered Slip No. 1 and King Billy figurehead at Mutton Cove, originally dated back to the 1770's. Thanks Mr Snooks for pointing it out and nice work!
Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Looks amazing, think apartments there probably out of my budget...
Drake's Island, former home to the coastal defence battery, and now privately owned.
Boat Trip! Touring the dockyard, despite the rain...
Just got down to The Barbican, waiting for the boat to tour the docks. Great to be back down here after My jaunt on TS Royalist 20 years ago!
The Mayflower Steps, where it is believed the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for North America in 1620.
Sutton Harbour at The Barbican in Plymouth. Great place to grab a coffee and go for a stroll up to the Hoe.