North America, Europe · 7 Days · 24 Moments · October 2015

Paul's voyage in Iceland

8 October 2015

Woke up early and heading to the airport. I will try to backfill some of the trip but due to an abundance of water (rain / scuba) I did not use the iPhone as much as I'd have liked. Next up Amsterdam!

7 October 2015

Dinner at Lava at Blue Lagoon. I ate most of the first course (Arctic Char) before remembering to take the photo.
Blue Lagoon.
Amazing Rainbow. While I couldn't get the full picture you could see the entire rainbow - start to finish. I've never seen that in the states.

6 October 2015

Northern Lights. My pictures don't begin to do them justice.
Northern lights. From the dock in Reykjavik. Hopefully it will (still) be there once we depart and get away from the city lights.
Waiting to be picked up to dive at Silfra. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post pictures. Importing to the iPhone hasn't gone well so far.

5 October 2015

Famous Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur
Thingvellir national park

4 October 2015


3 October 2015

At the Maritime Museum, It's mostly focused on fishing, I was hoping for more Vikings & Explorers. I guess the people who got off at Iceland weren't interested in going further.
Roma Cafe, the milk had the fancy pattern but I forgot to take the picture first. Planning a lazy Saturday morning exploring Reykjavik.

2 October 2015

Now will there be whales on this whale watching tour? There were not, but we got a voucher for a free trip anytime in the next two years.
Can you find the whale in this picture? Neither could I.
Embarking on a whale watching tour, a three hour tour.

1 October 2015

Still can't sleep. I took an Ambien hoping to sleep through the flight and reset my internal clock. I might have slept for 30 minutes but now I'm awake. Guess I'll have to rely on caffeine to get me through tomorrow.
Dinner, The Barbacoa Bocadillo at Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill at JFK
Manhattan as we come into LGA
Took my first Uber to O'Hare. It was fast, easy and inexpensive. Save at least $10.
On my way to LGA