Luxembourg, France · 11 Days · 11 Moments · August 2017

Green family's voyage to France and Luxemberg

19 August 2017

These are a few more table tennis photos of the coaches, players and venue.
Although Hannah performed well in the finals she was unable to secure a medal place with the girls - Singapore gold, Wales silver, USA and Ireland won Bronze. In the boys Iran gold, Germany silver, Australia and Portugal.

17 August 2017

More amazing Luxembourg Amanda and Olivia explorations.

16 August 2017

The next seven days were some of the hardest of our time - 6 hours minimum training for Hannah each day with one day of 8 hours training with three training session morning, afternoon, and evening - I was coaching all that time and also had to attend a number of master coaching lecturers with the Chinese Elite coaches and also the coaches from the International Table Tennis Federation - the last Day Thursday the 17th of August was the final day and competition reigned supreme all day. Hannah gave it her best however the competition from all of the other continents was extremely tough.
More table tennis photos with a collection of Hannahs room mates who were from USA and Luxembourg and also Ireland and Wales along with many others from countries from all over, the world. The food at the event was excellent. Hannah and I also had the privilege of gaining some knowledge Zhang Yining from China who has four Olympic gold medals so she knows a lot about table tennis.

10 August 2017

Amanda and Olivia spent some time exploring Luxembourg while Paul and Hannah were at the table tennis centre. The photos show just how amazing Luxembourg is and the incredible architecture and history.
Our first day at the Luxembourg Institute de Sports - registration day - very exciting
The very old original part of Luxembourg - amazing it was like going back in time - day one in Luxembourg

9 August 2017

Mum with a delightful pastry the shape of a heart and dad with a pastry from the famous 'Paul' shop, what a coincidence- and the girls with the largest Macaroon available ' what a way to go'
Leaving Australia and travelling on the endless plane to Europe 'what a flight' plane food not bad though.
Waiting for the plane lists and lots of excitement happening in this photo.