North America, Europe · 7 Days · 37 Moments · September 2016

Paul's trip to Denmark

25 September 2016

Time to head home

25 September 2016

Breakfast Croque Madame Plus I thought the description of a "Miami Benedict" was interesting and not particularly "Miami" to me.

24 September 2016

Time to head home, but here is a picture of the hotel in Copenhagen.
A walk through Copenhagen
Hans Christian Anderson's Little Mermaid (sculpted by Edward Eriksen). Disney is currently in talks with Copenhagen to place a statue of Ariel next to the Little Mermaid.
A parade!!!
I'm not sure if it's cause or effect, but people don't tip in Europe because the service sucks! Consistently, at every place I've been I feel like they tolerate my patronage and can't be bothered to do any more than the absolute minimum.

23 September 2016

Tivoli Gardens at Night
Lunch at Granola
A walk around Copenhagen

22 September 2016

Ben Harper in Copenhagen

21 September 2016

Surprisingly, I could not find any Swedish Fish in Sweden (the candy type, found lots of the fishy type)
Drove back into Denmark this evening. Interestingly, going into Sweden as I came off the Bridge there were officials checking passports and what appeared to be random car checks. Going into Denmark... No sign of any type of border control.
What's a visit to Sweden if you don't make a pilgrimage to the Mother Ship
Swedish Farewell Dinner at the most well known Swedish restaurant in the world
Swedish Lunch McFeast, Chili Cheese Tops, & a Coke Zero
The world famous Kasewood sign
Ales Stenar or Ale's Stones - a Nordic Stonehenge but you can walk right up and touch them. Constructed around 500 CE as a "Stone Ship" and it lines up with the important solar events (Winter/Summer Solstice, etc)
Hiking the Swedish countryside. Their "Right to Public Access" means you can pretty much go anywhere as long as you don't interfere or leave a mess.
Wallander walking tour of Ystad.
Continental Breakfast

20 September 2016

Took the scenic route to Ystad. Great views of the Baltic Sea but I couldn't take pictures as I was driving (and not a lot of places to pull over)
Nothing says Sweden to me like a Steak & Béarnaise Pizza! Yes I'm being serious, I had my first (and the only one I've ever found) when I was in Sweden for McDonalds back in 2000.
What does this mean? (The other side is always the same picture but without the red line through it) --I figured it out. These marked the end of a pedestrian only street (the other side marked the beginning) - basically saying be careful there are cars again. I saw the same design as I was entering or leaving the city (Malmö with a red slash through the name - means you are leaving Malmö)
Surf Shack - a Swedish take on the Shake Shack with a surf theme.
Teknikens och Söfartens hus (Science & Maritime House). Mostly looked at the Science but definitely cool
Submarine, you get to crawl all through it. Incredibly tight & I can only imagine how claustrophobic it would be when it had its full crew (26) and was 100 m underwater.
Had a Cappuccino with Tony
St. Petri kyrka Yeah it's a 700 year old church. it's Europe, if it's not 1000 years old, it's NBD.
My very small, but quite functional room in Malmö

19 September 2016

Dinner at Mando's Steakhouse
I was just talking with someone about this (I felt like it needed to protect your face). I saw a surprising number of people wearing this (un-inflated of course) considering they are 300€.
Park Art
The day in Malmö
The famous Turning Torso Building. I could see it from everywhere, but it certainly took a lot of time to walk to it.
At O'Hare waiting for the flight to board. Checking my bag & security went very smoothly so I have quite a bit of time to kill.