Europe, North America, Asia · 16 Days · 63 Moments · January 2019

Paul's tour through Thailand 2019

3 February 2019

A quick lunch in Japan before my next flight Ahi Tuna over rice. It also includes a broth to make Ochazuke
Up at 4:00 to get to the airport.

2 February 2019

Final meal in Thailand
Finally got around to a Thai Massage. Thai Torture is more like it. I’m not particularly flexible - but now just about everything hurts/is sore.
Khao San Road Actually, not particularly interesting. I guess it comes alive at night with all the backpackers & hippies.

1 February 2019

Wat Thammikarat
Wat Lokaya Sutha Sleeping Buddha
Phra Mongkhon BoPrit
Wat Phra Sanphet
Wat Ratchaburana
Wat Maha That Buddha Head in Bodhi Tree
Wat Maha That
Wat Pananchoeng
Wat Yai Chai Mongkol
On the Train to Ayutthaya Only 15฿

31 January 2019

Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium
Sai Sin Bracelets (From left to right) - Big Buddha - Phuket - Big Buddha - Koh Samui - Lucky Buddha - Golden Mount, Bangkok - Golden Buddha - Wat Traimit - Bangkok
Looks like I picked a perfect week to NOT be in Chicago. Both F &C)
Riding the Thai-Burma Railway
Bridge over the river Kwai (technically, Kwae Yai)
Long Boat (James Bond Boat) ride from Jeath to the Bridge
Jeath War Museum
Kanchanaburi War Cemetary

30 January 2019

Jim Thompson House
Wat Arun (continued)
Wat Arun
The ferry to Wat Arun
The top of the Golden Mount
The Golden Mount

29 January 2019

Glass Wall Mall - just about a block from my hotel
Wat Pho
The Grand Palace
Wat Sitaram
Took a motorbike ride weaving through traffic and the my first Tuk-Tuk.

28 January 2019

I guess I signed up for an inflight meal. Actually pretty good.
E-Saan (Isan - Northeastern Region) restaurant for a late lunch. Quite spicy!
Wat Ratchathammaram
Bengal Tiger Show
Sea Lion show Mostly took video

27 January 2019

Namung Waterfall 2
The Mummified Monk
Hin Ta & Hin Yai (Grandpa & Grandma) named for their resemblance to their anatomy.
Wat Plai Laem
Big Buddha Ko Samui
Breakfast on the Beach

26 January 2019

Starz Cabaret. Lip syncing to the standards.
Thai Suki for dinner at MK Restaurant (one of the bigger Suki restaurants in Thailand). You order a variety of vegetables & meats and cook them in a heated water bowl.
At the Chalong Elephant Retirement. Her name is Sumbaht and she likes bananas.
Big Buddha overseeing Phuket. As we came in from the Scuba boats you could see it illuminated, watching over the island.

25 January 2019

The calm before the storm. I walked it last night, crowded with people and all kinds of craziness on display.
Patong Beach, strolled the length in water up to my knees. So warm (not like the lake at all).
Lots of steps and dripping in sweat I got to the top. It just can’t compare to the scale of an Icelandic waterfall, but there was some Zen about the moment & I took time out to meditate at the top fall.

24 January 2019

Shark Point, Koh Bida Nok, and other islands along the Scuba trail
The Famous Beach from the Leonardo Decaprio movie. It’s been closed to tourists for over a year because of the damage that so many visitors were causing.

23 January 2019

On the way to scuba Underwater photos to post soon

22 January 2019

Dining at the open food market. No I did not eat a scorpion. There was also a stall which specialized in bugs. I thought of my brother, but then said no thanks.

20 January 2019

View from my seat on United View from my seat on Thai Airways
Eggs Benedict Breakfast in Munich

18 January 2019

Snow coming down lightly as I drive to the airport, several inches predicted for later this evening, just hoping we take off (on time would be nice, but as long as I’m off the ground tonight I’ll be happy)