North America, Europe · 13 Days · 41 Moments · November 2017

Paul's tour through Europe

17 November 2017

Ok, this is getting silly. My first flight was delayed and now my second is also. Damn. I just want to be on my way. I left the hotel 9.5 hours ago and I’m not even on my plane yet for the 11 hour flight. Omg I’m going to lose my mind.
Well, we got to London. Only problem was that there wasn’t a gate, so we offloaded on the tarmac and then they crammed us into a bus for a lovely ride to customs. Queuing up for deep lines at British immigration and then what’s this? Another train to change terminals? Yes!
1st flight delayed a bit. Not too much of a deal as I have several hours of layover in London. Knees touching the seat in front of me, good thing it’s not a very long flight.
Back to the airport in Munich. Up at 6, out of the hotel at 7, wandering lost in the main train station by 8, and lookin at a 2-hour line for check in. Hooray! I’ll be traveling 7 hours by the time I arrive in London. Then it’s another Immigration into London, recheck my bag, Immigration out of London, 2-hour layover, then 11 hours to Vegas, Immigration, collect my bag, and drive home - arriving at home around 8:00 - what’s that? 20-21 hours?

16 November 2017

Oh, the beauty of the simplicity that is the döner kebab!
Here’s the booth we’ve been working for the last few days. How much software would you like to buy?

15 November 2017

After the Italian with the Brits I went with a friend from the states to Marianplatz. Found an Irish bar with live music.

14 November 2017

Dinner with the Brits. Lee, Dan, and Christian. This night went to shit in a hurry. After about 10 drinks Lee thought it would be funny to hand Christian a wet toilet brush in the bathroom. It hit him on the head and he had feces water running down his head and back. Christian stormed out and Lee had to run after him. This picture was after Christian showered and they came back - and yet before another 10 drinks. Didn’t get to be until close to 3:00 AM. It was a very long day the next day at the show. And the bathroom smelled like an outhouse in summer filled with rotten oysters.

13 November 2017

Team dinner at the Shenkenpeter. Enjoyed a little schnitzel with mushroom sauce and some spetzle.
Say hello to Ashley. Feels like I’m back in Asia. Absolutely packed trains every morning and returns at night. You have to push your way through the crowd just to board. Let the fun times roll.
Jason’s chocolate mousse looked less like a dessert than something a moose would leave behind.

12 November 2017

Dinner at the hotel. A nice Italian place. Little margarita pizza to start and then roll slowly into a carbonara!
6:30 on a Sunday, so beer and PowerPoint!
Schlepping our bags up and down the stairs through 3 train stations.
Hitting the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) to catch the ICE (high speed train) taking us down to Munich.
Germany = Gloomy

11 November 2017

Having breakfast now at 3:00PM. Slept til 1:30. We are at a famous restaurant in the town square that specializes in Nuremberger sausages. We all enjoyed some breakfast beer and wound up sitting with a nice old man who had all kinds of things in his pockets that he wanted to share with us. Musical instruments, a journal, a toy, pictures, maps - you name it. At one point he even broke into song with ‘singing in the rain’. Wild.
Did not take any pics tonight once in Nuremberg. Wound up going to dinner with some colleagues and drinking way too much beer and going to bed at 5:30AM.

10 November 2017

Layover in Dusseldorf
Off to Nuremberg. Handy little box lunch on my way to Dusseldorf.
Cute little panda luggage with a built-in scooter.

9 November 2017

Curry #4 of the trip - and likely the last. With tomorrow taking me to Germany it will be pork and potatoes for the remainder of the journey. I ate the same as before, only this time I had them make my naan bread with chilis. Delicious. Think fresh baked bread with fresh Serrano chiles baked right in.
Took the prospects to a lovely lunch. Split two bottles of wind and had a fixed menu of Steak and Potatoes. The steak they served dis not come from the beautiful pieces aging in the fridge.
Back in the rental car! Back to the airport and returning to London overnight before off to Nuremberg through Dusseldorf.
At the customer this morning. Parking was terrible, so we parked on the sidewalk in the roundabout.
Beautiful view of the Atlantic from the breakfast area. Gonna get some cold cuts! The entire hotel was leaning to one side and swayed in the wind of the storm. I put my chapstick on the floor to see if i was crazy and sure enough it took off rolling all the way across the room!

8 November 2017

Our hotel is so old! The elevator is the size of a phone booth and has manual doors!
Im diggin the ice cream cone filled with chunks of deli meat.
Walking around the old city. Beautiful streets/alleys with lots and lots of bars. We stopped in for some Rioja (local red wine) and some tapas.
The rain in Spain apparently does fall gently on the plain.
The BA lounge and my seat down to Bilbao, Spain

7 November 2017

Long day. Back in London for a very late dinner. Curry #3 foe the week. Christian, once again, left in the middle of dinner to vomit. He did this once on my last trip. He eats way too fast.
Had some ‘gruel’ at the customer site. Really don’t know exactly what it was.
Took the drive-on train under the English channel to Calais, from there it was another hour or so to the meeting.
Out the door at 5:30. Good thing the jet-lag has had me up since 1:30. Going to be a very long day getting to France and then back before catching a flight to Spain early Wednesday.

6 November 2017

Christian has joined me as we are off to France in the early morning. That can only mean a trip to Sipson Tandoori for my 2nd Curry of the week!
Missed breakfast so not a lot options. When in London a safe bet is the fish and chips.

5 November 2017

First curry of the trip! Luckily the hotel has an Indian restaurant right inside.
Nothing better than having an amazing and thoughtful daughter. Peyton made me a care package, along with a very lovely note, and put it into my bag. She is so special. Made my day.
Economy sucks.
Heading out for two weeks in Europe