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7 February 2017

Thank you so much Keersa!!! You are such a blessing!!!!!!!

2 February 2017

NOTE FOR JILL: Sorry lol this is a long one! An hour and 6 minutes😂😂😂😂 Today was a blast! I didnt get any pictures from today but if you have the one of all of us, would love to see it:) also i hope his name was Paul😂😂
felt violation isn the one room we payed and said what was prayed was significant  spoke about the house being a place where drugs were dealed- shady hands from earlier spoke more about things that happened, like sharing love of God to a lady that lived nearby and how the fence was significant with that Read Isaiah 61 over Paul You get to throw love around like confetti!  to Paul, your an artist and this will be your piece of art  Prayed for Paul: that the word would sink into the ground and that restoration is being done through this man and the honor of him and the creativity he has, blessed the authority God has given him  He has established you! 
To Paul: pain in wrist- creativity  breakthrough Prayed protection over construction and having supernatural help, insight in the process. blessing and peace over his family  to paul- you have permission to be creative! and blessed his wife for building the fence, it is a picture of woman being honored to establish the borders. there is excellence in his construction, he builds with Jesus and partners with Holy spirit. in the places where there is water damage, God will give him creative strategies/ ideas and architectural ideas to solve those things. He has the anointing to fix problems, an ew wave of that is coming and with thi house in particular. we felt peace because of what God did him him, one mentioned how his process was here and that also had to do with the peace  Ryan lane- little king Paul shared part of his testimony with the house  wife saw beauty out of ashes  both are significant  Paul confirmed that he had also felt violation isn the one room we payed and said w
Broke widow, coke can, soccer ball, God is saying i see fun to me, life in this place prayed that the earth would love this house that it would receive it. problems would fix itself . water under house to dry up, released a seal so nothing would come through. Felt like what started in the one room was because of poverty, so declared prosperity and abundance. prayed over people here, saw God washing their hands, prayed to be a man or honor, canceled shame, to lead well, released restoration of joy, to encounter them bird calling, side fact birds call for environment to grow prayed God to have direct access to this house dirty dealings with finance, and guilt/failure for not being like ancestors, saw the lord take him to the attic to show his inheritance. blessed the man to be grateful for his ancestors and blessed him to be himself. released him to make money honestly released protection over building and for creativity in building house
light and mirror and them feeling seen known and loved. dance moves- establishing elegance. he is re writing the story. something significant about header being exposed.   Outside- pile of bricks, penny- fountain of youth. trees- life, they are inviting they have history but are ready to receive change. window broken into, beauty out of destruction-creativity. the beauty of their uniqueness tell their story. made declarations for land beyond to have abundance in community, ideas, strength, prosperity, that God would bring them back to him. bless place and community. released a God encounter over everyone. Jesus will speak even in the sleep they will hear and see themselves clearly as God sees them (beautiful). in the spirit, deity of this place coming into beautiful order.
mark for the rest of his life, not just the people hurt but to be a mouth piece, a beacon on a hill, drawing the deceived out of the dark to be healed. saw a spiritual pool in the center of the house swirling, there's a cleansing well, everything is being restored with this newness of life. blessed the matter, foundation, the old that's going to go and all that's coming in new. to the earth we said receive the blood of Christ. released this land from poverty and declared abundance, a blessing and that it would carry on to those ahead and those behind. Thanked Jesus that this place would be healthy spiritual, physically and emotionally. saw a master bed and the father is establishing a true father and mother heart, more like king and queen. saw light come into the room. felt the restoring in the room. saw pink, purity and love. there is joy and honor now of the feminine. light an
m his perspective. that they would receive forgiveness. Declared There is no fear in love and released what Gods love looks like, close relationships restored with the man and other people. declared this would be a place of love and that fear wouldn't be able to enter, for any children harmed or hurt and we stood in that place to ask forgiveness on behalf of what was done. released love and identity to the core of who they are. Saw us wrapping blankets around the kids- an incubation period for them to be captured by love. Released the fathers love that they would experience the fathers unconditional love that it would dwell here. saw reconciliation, blessed the father who lived here blessed the vulnerability of him being able to look at himself in the mirrior for the first time redeeming and healing him, blessed the process of reconciliation and healing and saw his heart blowing up with real love. breathed life and clarity of purpose, that restoration would be the mark for the rest of
s for this place when i saw openings where the light was shining through, also saw a heart that had doors and they were being opened, it once was dark, but a light shined through, it will be a light to the people that come here (emotional healing). released the blessing of heaven and the light over the room. this room will be a room where many encounter his presence.  next room- saw baby dragon, felt fear and love violated, broken relationships, (saw them restored later) matter has memory, the land is crying to be restored and will respond to love so we prayed: felt pain caused and prayed forgiveness to those who offended love to cover their shame and void, forgave them for knowing or not knowing what they did. Saw a light come on in the bathroom- vulnerability and a mirror was also lit up- self love. release the ability for the people to see their self the way God sees them, 
What Paul carries have been released  contend- as you contend for this, it is a spiritual battle, but the lord is with you and is so strong here and released any intentional striving and that that's done. the enemy doesn't want a good spiritual stronghold, but ts too late God has invaded:) Saw place as furnished and done, it was beautiful and beauty brings healing, an image of God, this will bring healing to people Saw God giving Paul the keys to the kingdom to hand out to people in ushering the kingdom  To Paul-  he carries his peace and heard friend of God over him. he is such a welcoming person, God has gifted him with making people of diverse feel at home and it will be used greatly room with the porch- mentioned circle maker, we need a gentle rain that will fill up everything and not cause damage. and anything hidden would revealed and restored. mentioned how in our encounter time saw single lights thrown as we said and did things, then it created a huge light, felt like it wa
uch an atmosphere of peace, saw many welcome signs. it is a welcoming place stuff is already happening because of what Paul has prayed   this will be an anchor house, the holy spirit will dwell here (anchor the size of the house) Got the word restoration- in the people and anyone that steps foot in this area saw angel touching people as they came in like a fire tunnel, the angels are the extra welcome signs People that come here will be able to connect with God, it will be a safe place for them to connect with God. there are angels surrounding the house. people will be able to connect with God easier then they would if they wee in a different environment. its a thin place people will feel at home  For Paul-  he is essential, because of what came out of him it has change environment of this house saw a massive angel in the corner and the name was community, he builds the foundations for community- goes with restoration