United States of America · 10 Days · 11 Moments · July 2018

Paul's journi to United States of America

11 July 2018

Day 11! After having done 12 hours of driving instead of 8, we finally arrived at the biggest cavern in the US. It was absolutely amazing and gigantic!

10 July 2018

Day 10! Another Rotary picnic, but this time in the middle of nowhere... it was kind of boring but we couldn’t drive for that long so we had to stop.

9 July 2018

Day 9! Houston, tranquility base here. The eagle has landed. Visit of the NASA space center and we saw an actual rocket! Then, we went to San Antonio! This city is amazing, it looks like the Amazonian forest with a little river going though it!

8 July 2018

Day 8! Today was laundry day and beach day! Sadly, it was raining but he water was still very warm! And we went to see a movie. We just spend time on the beach but it was enjoyable to have a little break.

7 July 2018

Day 7! Visit of New Orleans! Sadly I didn’t hear any french but it was very nice. I ate some Gumbo, I was very excited about that! It was really good!

6 July 2018

Day 6! We drove a lot to go to New Orleans and we had a Rotary picnic. We are a lot and had a boat ride on the Bayou!

5 July 2018

Day 5! Graceland We went to Elvis’ mansion: Graceland. We also saw his grave. Then went to Walmart to buy dinner and breakfast-> $3,78!!!! Love Walmart! My friends brought a watermelon and actual food, it was very funny to go in the hotel with a watermelon. It was a very nice hotel and we had a king size bed that I shared with Gustavo, we were only two in our room!

4 July 2018

Dollywood We spent all day at an amusement park, at Dollywood! We listened to a lot of Country Music and we did some rides! I even did them and did not chicken out! Then we went at a country music concert and watched the fireworks from there.

3 July 2018

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee After a very long drive in the bus, we arrived in Tennessee to see a dinner theater. It was a country dinner. We saw a show with horses, bisons, pigs, cows, chickens and cowboys! It was very southern, full of Howdy, Yeehaw, and y’all!

2 July 2018

Visit of Washington DC! Seeing Washington for the third time! We visited the cemetery and saw JFK’s grave, we also visited some Smithsonian’s museums and the White House. Then, at night, we saw the memorials all lit up!

1 July 2018

Meeting the exchange students and after spending a LOT of time in a bus with 40 people, without air conditioning... we finally arrived at the hotel. Then, we went to a buffet for our first dinner!