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Paul's journi to Croatia

5 February 2019

We do hop the bus to go downtown Corfu almost every day now. It has the living amenities, coffee shops, Greek restaurants and shopping that make our time here a living experience. This is really what we concentrate on. If it wasn't here it would be Milton in the snow and cold, well hopefully Mesa in the heat, dry and desert sand. The day after a storm the fishermen are always out in force (well two or three boats). I can see them now, out our picture window to the sea of course. The mostly use nets for the commercial fishing. We have found in Croatia, Italy and Greece that the fish and seafood is by far the most expensive product, especially in restaurants. A few days ago we specifically went to a restaurant across from the daily market and had a “snapper” the local fish in season. Sometimes we are reluctant to ask so we just let them serve us; 55 euros, ouch! And ouch again. Well the sun is now shining and we are planning our day so I will say goodbye.
Our lives in Corfu are a mixture of experiences. The apartment, although have a most magnificent view out our front floor to ceiling picture windows, has many practical living features that are less desirable. When we look straight down into our front yard it is really a dog kennel, stripped of vegetation and strewn with dog chewables. There are 3 dogs in the ground apartment and they are outside all the time. They can be generally OK but as time goes on their presents irritates us more. Then there are the neighbouring dogs and roosters. Then there are the invisible cats who drive all the dogs crazy. So it is best to look straight out to sea as you can guess from all our photos of the view. We now have bus passes for Corfu city blue buses. This gives us unlimited access to transportation in a big area around the Corfu Town. We are just beginning to explore the island but these buses travel to the far side and a long way up and down the island so we can see a lot of the island by trave
I think Athens needs to be more intellectual tour, i.e., you have to imagine more what there was here 4000 or 2000 years ago because so much of the physical aspects have been destroyed by war, or torn down to build something else or as with the smog and acid rain pollution in Athens for the late 1900’s, just dissolved away. Certainly the history of civilization in Athens goes so much further back than Rome or Split or anywhere else in Europe. It just dazes ones mind to compare to Canada and North America where our history go back only hundreds of years and before that the zero impact Indian people ghosted around the continent leaving few traces of their existence.
Yesterday, although we didn't go out in it was a lot better day with rain than a February day at home with snow blowing. We are flying to Rome on Valentines Day and staying in a hotel looking directly at the Acropolis and all the old centre of Athens. Mary Lou is magic a finding these spots on our travels. We will be in Athens for 6 days returning to Corfu on February 20th. Ben flies over to Rome on February 22 but we don't know yet when he will arrive here in Corfu. We have downloaded a wonderful Rick Steeves app that allows you to also download his described tours of most sites in Athens. He has these for places all over Europe. They are wonderful descriptions of what you will see as you walk on the tour. I get the feeling that Athens will be physically much different than Rome and Split where we walked right into all the major buildings and facilities.
Good morning . We are 7 hours ahead of you so you are in the middle of the night as I write. Yesterday was the stormiest day we have had so far in Europe so we had a full day at home.I can see blue sky through the heavy clouds this morning so things are looking up for today. Living here on stormy days reminds me so much of living at our old house on the the lake when the winter storms were blowing. The sea looks so angry. The ferries continue to flow back and forth in front of us though. They are out about 4 or 5 kilometers as they leave Corfu port and head for mainland Greece. The time difference is wonderful for Mary Lou. She can stay up late into the morning and all her friends at home are just settling in for the evening. She knows well the weather you have had all winter, I basically don't dwell on your cold snow and ice. I just compare what we have with what it would be back in Ontario and I know how much more enjoyable the climate is.

19 October 2018

In case I have missed getting you connected on our 2018 Asia Pacific Cruise please close this book and open book Vancouver, Los Angeles, Japan, China Vietnam

7 December 2017

This is the catamaran passenger ferry to the big islands off Split. Today we obtained the ferry schedules to the islands called Brac, Hvar, Solta, Korcula and the farthest Vis. The one way voyage takes 1 hour to Solta to over three hours to get to Vis. Vis was so far off the coast that Tito had his revolutionary headquarters on the island in WW II. It was an off limits military island up to the last decade. The fare to far away Vis is only $10 CAD. We will be planning individual day trips out of Split to each of these islands and the towns on them.

6 December 2017

This is the inner Palace in Split. To Mary Lou and I this is our downtown. The Palace was originally built in 300 AD and yesterday we toured the basement or understucture of the Palace. Each wall in basement mirrored the ground floor layout of the Palace.

3 December 2017

Mary Lou is eating fish soup at Libar Restaurant right outside our apartment door. We didn’t come here until yesterday because I thought this restaurnt was closed. I am like like a Jewish mother feeding her baby chicken soup. Mary Lou has had a bad cold ever since we arrived and it is still hanging on to her.

28 November 2017

Doctors and hospital facility we searched out in our neighbourhood in case we need medical.

18 November 2017

This is the web page of Mary Lou & Paul’s travel blog. From you browser you enter the link and it takes you to this page.

17 November 2017

Our destination is Split in Croatia. We fly Air Transit from Toronto to Paris then into Zagreb for final leg into Split on the western coast of Croatia

7 November 2017

This is our street with the apartment on the right

26 September 2017

This is photo of Split harbour and the downtown area with Diocletions Palace Centre right and our apartment under the arrow