Morocco, Spain · 21 Days · 61 Moments · August 2017

Paul's and Kasia's adventure in Morocco

27 August 2017

Everything comes to and end and so I'm already omw to the airport in Malaga without having really seen the city :( Still super cebulą price to get there :D

26 August 2017

We found the legendary bus from Tangier to the new port Tangier med. It's easy to find when you know were to look. Only 7 MAD one way per person. Here's a link with all the info you need:

25 August 2017

Paul leaving for the airport :(
Bus ticket to Tangier with CTM
Last Hotel in Tangier for 30€ (needed to get rid of the money) :p 2€ taxes were not included Taxi from the CTM station to Medina is 100 MAD

24 August 2017

After night spend on the Sahara Desert - coming back on camels (5am 😌 wake up) and looking at the sunrise from the road.

23 August 2017

Our shit load crazy guide. Dunno what he took, but for sure nothing legal :D

21 August 2017

Local beers and Italian food (first meal of the day after 42°C!) When youre happy enough to find beer it's quite expensive btw., depending on the brand it's between 40 and 60 MAD in a restaurant!
Paul screaming.. And meeting Mr. Turtle. 🐢🐢🐢
42°C and 'right'palace Bahia :) 10Dh.

20 August 2017

First day in Marrakesh 🔝
My FRIEND and Brother.. Only 360Dh for a freaking tea. But it's a good tea.
First sightseeing after sick morning :*
Enjoying ice-cream for the sick belly :)
Waka waka Hostel in Marrakesh. 20€x2ppl 2nights. And then... 800Dh 3day Sahara trip! 😍
Poor Polly being sick on the way to Marrakesh 6.45bus! 🔜 (80Dh per person plus 5Dh each for the bag)

19 August 2017

Paul trying not to look like he is 40yo (on the phones APP). :D. 😂
Really cool Youth Hostel in Essaouira. Smoke night + making new friends
Eating the best craps in Essaouira (The best Nutella + Banana)
Watching Essaouira's art galleries. feathers art and paintings with Chaimaa
Drinking Sugar cane juice from the street. (10Dh)
Finally back together.. Sightseeing of the walls. Full of love
Bad accident sightseeing. City walls (from Game of thrones - Unsolied House. (10Dh)
Again weird nr. Calling Kasia..
Essaouria additional night because #accident.

18 August 2017

Our 250Dh hostel
Crazy pickup ride from Aourir to Essaouira (70Dh per person). VERY uncomfortable :(. Also Marrocan guy drove like crazy and the car was breaking on the way :D
Waiting with Khaled for the transport to Essaouira (just 3h?).
IG Photoshop morning in Paradise Valley.

17 August 2017

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G NIGHT at Paradise Valley Jungle. Sleeping outside, looking at the sky full of stars (😍). Spotting 4 shooting stars! Dinner by the water - 🐑(Bleh..) Tajin. Plus 🐱Mr. Ginger and Berber music.
Walk around the corners of Paradise Valley. After swimming in the big pool and jumping from the clif!
Romantic dinner date 🙈🇦🇹🇵🇱😍
From Aourir Blue bus for 20Dh per person to Paradise Valley
Short visit in Aourir. The sweetest small/ugly bananas. 🙊🍌🍌
Leaving our Taghazout hostel like.. To catch a bus to Paradise Valley!
Fixing broken YI camera case

16 August 2017

Kasia after henna session!(15Dh/10Dh) per hand/feet
Kasia getting a Henna from Ahmed's aunt...only after 3 hours of waiting time...must be love :p
Waiting for the henna...for 30 Dirham :p And yes, I had to stay awake!
Hammam with Ahmed. Kasia with massage: 60 Dirham Paul: 60 Dirham
Surfing in Taghazout! 300 Dirham for rental plus waves :p

14 August 2017

Moroccan breakfast for 20 Dirham plus 10 for two yogurt drinks yo! You can choose either nutella or honey filling
GREAT Pizza from 20 Dh to 40 Dh. Almost Italian taste!

13 August 2017

Power nap. 💕
Dancing lesson after lunch. SUKEINA 😍
Sunday Breakfast with Fam
Morning trip to Agadir. Bus 7.50 DiH. Breakfast 16 :D
FLORIDA restaurant - Not the best pasta.. But pretty good Tajine
Beach day and checking out the infinity pool in Taghazout Hotel
Price list in our hostel for August, which is not main season in Morocco.

12 August 2017

ATM trip to Agadir. Because in Taghazout you won't find single ATM.. :)

11 August 2017

New home in Taghazout 😇

10 August 2017

The Casbah or Agadir Oufella You can hike up there yourself from the bus stop in Marina, it's approx 45 minutes but totally worth it. We went both ways by foot, calculate enough time for that.
Wall around Agadir Marina and the beat ice-cream dessert at Olivier I!
Climbing Agadir Hill. Whole hike took more or less 45m. Just before the sunset. But it was craaaazy windy and cold! :o

9 August 2017

Getting ripped off again. Paid 80 DiH for this red henna on the feet. Shouldn't pay more than 15DiH (even for the black one.) plus wearing sandals after wasn't a great idea :P
Airbnb Crew - with Ahmed and Rachel
Getting ripped off at the Souk! This watermelon should be for 20DIH / 1. So we paid 50DIH for half.. 😅😘
Enjoying 50DiH half of watermelon at Agadir beach :)

8 August 2017

After surviving 46.8°C (the highest temp in Morocco that day) we went for a walk from Ahmed's flat to the beach. Not the 'safest' feeling on the way :P. New thing we've learned - Maroccans are crazy proud of their flag and will put them everywhere. 8-10 is just a right number!

7 August 2017

Took a taxi from the airport to out host Ahmed. A taxi from the airport to the city shouldn't be more than 200 Dirham!