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ScubaBird Journey!

13 May 2018

20 January 2018

Hi, lost my way on here for a little while! I’ve been back to Vobster with Clint & Anne on the 20th January 2018. Managed to pass my OS3, it was nice to get back in there after my last episode here. It was colder than last time so only done one Dive ... that was the plan and I stuck to it. We done our stride entry in and practised going up and down the shot line quite a few times before we went down at 6m ... then back up to the platform to perform our skills.. mask clearing and ‘out of air’ ... we went back down to 6m and I brought Clint up as an ‘out of air’ scenario first time too fast! Back down again .. this time slowly without putting too much air in my BCD. We exited up through the rocks and up the steps. OS3 done just 2 mor dives to do! Deb & Chris pics above!

31 December 2017

29 December 2017

Boxing Day 2017 Dive! Brixham Breakwater with Clint! Anne and Rick were shore cover and my husband Roger, Kris & Emily (my adopted daughter) looked on! We did 20 mins in 5m with a vis of 3-4m! Clint dropped one of his weight pouches so we had to abort the dive early. But, a very nice dive. We saw spider and hermit crabs, a large 🦀, lots of tiny fish darting around and a small scallop fluttering in front of us! Thank you Clint 3rd Open Water Dive added to my log book! 👌👍

28 December 2017

19 December 2017

I’m getting fidgety.. I need to get back in the water! I need to complete my 3 Open Water Dives x flipping cold got the better of me but now I’m raring to go! Christmas and New Year to get through .. then back to dry suit training 😉👌💕

19 November 2017

5th November 2017. My first open water Dive with Clint. We entered off the beach off Brixham Breakwater. Buddy check! Slowly backwards with our fins on holding Clint’s arm up to our waist, right underwater ‘The Baptism’ as Derek called it. Checking my weight, more weight was needed as I’m too buoyant, eventually we’re off into the sea. Down we went observing tiny fish and bits of coral, a crab buried under the sand and then as we got deeper a few large pollock! We found my first scallop, we put that in Clint’s pocket, my first treasure. We managed a nice 5.5m bimble and 45 minutes. Vis was ok at around 4metres. We returned to the surface and slowly got back to the beach even if the current got a bit choppy and ended up washed up on the beach as I had so much weight on I found it difficult to stand up. But hey! Brilliant Dive. De kit and then we headed for Breakfast at the Breakwater! Proud as punch!
It was almost 3pm by the time I went in for my 2nd Dive. Big stride entry off the platform into the lake, fabulous. Phil said yes go in style! I finned to the buoy so that we could go down to He shot line, I was fine. Happy and feeling warm. It was in fact 11degrees in the water. I was going down the shot line, started to equalise my ears and started to have a little bit of water in my mouth. I couldn’t understand what was happening, and then I had more water, this was time to get out! I panicked and ended up back on the surface. That Dive unfortunately was aborted and I was gutted and felt angry with myself for panicking. It happens but the more I go over it I couldn’t quite understand what went wrong? There is always another day and I won’t let it deter me! Well, I got my OO2 signed off for my first Dive 13.2 metres and 32 minutes so I should be happy with that. And a big thank you to Phil and Colin for being so patient and helping me on my 2nd Dive. A learning curb too.

18 November 2017

18th November 2017 the club trip to Vobster Quay is going to be a memorable one in a good way and not so good! Phil took me in first and we had a little bimble around the shallows and saw lots of little perch fish, a plane and a car, my buoyancy was a little better on the way back to the platform where we done our skills, out of air of which I took my reg out and then placed phil’s octopus in my mouth for alternate source. The other skill went really well a little water in my mask, clear, a little bit more water, clear then filled my mask and clear! Great! Back up to the surface gently and out. My next Dive was a bit of a wait Phil took Sally in for her 2 & 3 A’s she had a wetsuit on so she would have got cold. I had a dry suit on so I was warmer evenso standing around for a couple of hours trying not to drink too much tea so I didn’t need to keep going the loo and stripping down to my waist I was beginning to feel the cold in my feet!

6 November 2017

My first Open Water Dive 5.11.17 x

29 October 2017

OS5 Skills and Safety Sheltered Water. Kit up and enter water either by forward roll or stride entry, I went for the stride entry! Perfect 👌 My buddy Wyn went for the forward roll, descend down and then ‘out of air’ scenario first me, Wyn put air in my BCD and bought me up to the surface, he then put air into his own BCD, rolled me over onto my back, taking my regs and mask off, then proceeded to tow me to the shallow end, finning & calling to the pretend boat for help! Ok back down the deep end, my turn, same scenario except my turn to save him! I did it on the 2nd attempt as I was too concerned about letting Wyn go on the surface! Of course he can float with his BCD inflated what was I thinking? We done it! Chuffed to bits we then took our fins off and climbed the ladder with the rest of our kit on! After everything this passed week that evening did me the world of good. God bless Mum! I know you will always be looking out for me whether it be on dry land or underwater.

21 October 2017

It has been a very sad time the last 2 weeks, my mum passed away on Wednesday 18th October very unexpectedly. I have been keeping myself busy with organising the funeral and writing our memories ready for the 1st November to send her on her way. I’m sure we will give her the best send off. It has been hard to try and do normal things like work and getting ready for my open water part of the course, but that’s what Mum would have wanted! I went to Aquanauts on Saturday 21st October and tried on my new Dry Suit, they had 2 for me to try but I went for the Tri-Laminate because it felt better and I got to say it looked really smart! New pink and black scrappy fins too to go with my pink & black mask! I passed my OS5 Skills & Safety Sheltered Water test on Wednesday 25th October.... swim test to go on November 1st @ 8pm .. yes same day as my mums funeral! I have warned Clint I may not make it and may have to do it another day, but I will try it may make me feel better!

14 October 2017

Hi! I've been busy! After 6 months of getting used to the water and going through the skills needed I am finally seeing the end of an exciting part 1 of of my journey. I have passed the grade up to OS3 (last Wednesday eve), just 2 more sheltered pool sessions and a swim test then hopefully a date to get and do it again in open water! I know I am getting ready for this now, the excitement is unbelievable and I know my fellow club members and Clint especially cannot wait to get me in the Sea! I'm getting organised and visited the Dive shop in Plymouth (Aquanauts) who were really helpful and honest about what they were selling me. My first dry suit is ordered Scubapro Everydry 4 in neoprene, going to try all the kit on next Saturday including my comfy warm thermals! Photo time then I'm sure! Watch this space!

16 September 2017

Wednesday 12th September.. no Scuba gear just mask, fins, snorkel and swimsuit... let's concentrate on that! Had a bit of trouble getting down to duck dive.. so buoyant I definitely need weight! Off to the deep end and jumped in whoa! No bcd to keep me afloat! But hey! I did it again and again! I'm getting the hang of this, not frightened of the water now! Just got to believe I can do this!😊

7 September 2017

Week 18! Straight in shallow end of pool to do the mask clearing but with my eyes open ... blurry but hey! I did it! Getting confident with this! Fin down to the deep end mask off, and then back on! Clear after a few attempts! Remember breathe in and out of regs then when ready breathe out of nose! Fabulously brilliant 😃 mask off and swim, fin 20 meters with eyes open and just breathe in and out of regs! Clint held my hand all the way! We went back down to show Anne who was with another Try diver! I felt so much more positive and proud 🙋👍

3 September 2017

Week 17 was an amazing feeling! I can actually say it was the best training session so far! I now know there is more to come 🐙 I've cracked the mask clearing for sure! I feel more confident and competent every week! I was determined this was the week I was going to get it right! 'BAR' check, stride entry, slowly descend, rescue Clint and fin backwards slowly! Mask cleared with holding my head straight, mask on, breathe in and out through regulator, mask off, back on and clear! I felt elated and could have cried I was that happy! No stopping me now:) x thanks to Clint & Anne for being so patient with me! Can't wait for next week I'll do it all again with my eyes open x Happy Days!

24 August 2017

Week 16 training in the pool 👌 stride entry! No problem, dumped air slowly going down, feet together, no flailing about said Clint. Ok boss! Up and down, kneel at bottom, out of air skill. Regulator out and use alternate source, hold on and up we go, bringing Clint up to the surface. Down again and try and get that neutral buoyancy- almost I can say I've never been happier in the last 16 weeks! Fin to the shallow end and now for the mask clearing! Step by step... no mask hold breath, close eyes and let go of my nose. No mask just regulator breathe in through my mouth out through my nose! Bubbles ha! Mask on and regs in here we go! Smashed it! Just practise will make perfect 🙋

23 August 2017

Week 16 Mask Cleared!

6 August 2017

Watching some divers from another club at Brixham Breakwater 😊 I spend a lot of weekends whilst we are on our little boat 'Ladybird' watching the different clubs and divers in and out! At least I can get some good tips on what to wear and how to clamber over the stones on the beach with full kit on.. not to mention how to and not how to get your fins on! Quite looking forward to when I can actually experience the underwater world of SCUBA 🦀🦂🦑🐙🦐🐟🐬

2 August 2017

Training week 14 mastered the mask clearing whoop! Now to get competent 👍🐬🌊

16 July 2017

Thursday 13th July I seen an email via the club (Colin Cowell) advertising for a couple of friends of his Fran & Graham Coustance they were selling their diving kits as they just didn't have the time to dive anymore! I wasn't going to bother getting any kit for at least another couple of months, but this was too much of a bargain to pass it by! I emailed Fran and arranged to go the following evening after work to try them on on and have a look! I was over the moon perfect fit BCD, scubapro regs, SMB with reel, yellow strap fins, mesh dive bag and a dive storage box! £450.00 for the lot! I missed out on Fran's Dive watch but not the end of the world I can get one sometime! All bran new and only used 3 times! Wait till Clint & Anne see my bargains 😊
12th July was my 11th week in the pool! Determination this week to clear my mask with Clint as my instructor and stride jump in the deep end with full kit on holding on tight with my left hand onto my BCD and my right hand onto my mask... on the 2nd attempt I did it! No arms flailing anywhere I was calm and more confident and no 'jelly ' legs! So proud of myself! I dumped my air from my BCD and gently descended with a little help from Clint and holding onto my faithful ladder, I felt quite buoyant so must get some lead to put round my waist. We swam underwater finning slowly back to the shallow end and up we popped! Now to clear the mask! Clint put some water in the top of my mask, breathe in through my regulator and hold my head up with both hands at the side of my mask. Snort out of nose gently! I did it my smile said everything and Clint was overjoyed at my efforts so was Phil and Dave who were at the side of the pool! I just need to practice this a bit more.
10th July 2017 was my first committee meeting at the club as Secretary. It was quite interesting and gave me a bit more insight to what was going on, from try dives, training and was told about EWSA (Oosa) who own the clubs building. There are plans to knock down and rebuild a new club on the same site for all 4 water sport clubs! There were lots of questions to be answered at the next AGM on the 19th July by Ian Saunders our equipment officer. I was busy scribbling notes on my A4 pad ready for the next evening when I would type up the minutes to be sent out to all @ exeter bsac.co.uk!

10 July 2017

5.7.17 Andy Lair took this lesson with me! We will concentrate on the Mask clearing and conquer this! Almost! Nearly there! I jumped in the deep end twice because Anne blinked and missed it! Full kit on and lugged from the shallow end up to the deep end carrying the fins. My buoyancy was better and felt a lot better with the new jacket that I wore! Must get one soon that i can call my own! I was gutted that I was unable to complete the mask clearing! Next week I am going to do this! Watch this space! 😉

28 June 2017

I jumped in the deep end with a lot of hesitation, dumped air and continued to descend to the bottom, I got down with a little help from Clint and the pool ladder ha! I didn't want to let go! as I felt quite buoyant 🙄 ... if you can imagine someone trying to do the moon walk underwater that was me! we practiced buoyancy with Clint holding my fins, up, down! Mask clearing was a bit of a nightmare! I just could not do it, but I did get my face in the water! No mask just the regulator- remember breathe in and out through ur mouth only 😊 to finish we played frisby underwater 😀

24 May 2017

Clint and Anne said we are going to practice snorkelling... this took me a few weeks! Then I mastered the 'Duck Dive' in the shallow end albeit ha! With my fins and mask ... deep breath, bent my torso and headed for the bottom finning half the width of the pool! We were all smiles when I returned to the surface! Now back to SCUBA ! Next week 😉

1 May 2017

My Try Dive was over! The expression on my face was a picture and said it all 😀 I wanted to do this! I was going to learn this incredible sport. My new hobby SCUBA Diving! I was due to have my left eye lasered so that I could give up wearing glasses on the 24th March 2017 so I agreed to join the club at the end of April to give me time to heal .. I joined Exeter BSAC and now I was in my training to be an Ocean Diver! Roger bought my first pair of shoe fins lilac/black! So thrilled I bought a new pink/black mask £59.99! Clint's most concern was my phobia of being out of my depth and water... I know I must do this so we are going to forget the training for now and get used to being in the water 😂

1 March 2017

Roger came with me on my first Try Dive 1st March 2017! I was excited and apprehensive at the same time! The adrenaline was about to get the better of me! Ok chat over! Kit on swimsuit, one of Rogers t-shirts and then I was donned with Mask, Buoyancy Control (BC) jacket, regulator and fins. We put all the kit on in the shallow end of the pool. Loving it! Smiling to myself probably because I can't quite believe I'm doing this 😊Not sure I can get my face in the water! I done exactly what I was told following Clint's signals to me to go under! Oh my! I did it! We knelt on the bottom and signalled ok👌 I was breathing underwater! He took my hand and gently finned down towards the deep end of the pool equalising my ears as I went (pinching my nose) and gently breathing. We did another 2 lengths of the pool at the bottom and then Clint showed me a couple of tricks that I will need to do during my training! Mask clearing and regulator retrieval 😰🙄 he made it look so easy!
It was during a get together Christmas 2016 at the SCFCC (Starcross fishing and cruising club) I got introduced to the Membership Secretary Sue Earl properly. This is where my new hobby, adventure, journey started to become a SCUBA diver! We chatted for a good hour about her experiences and what to expect... I have never been so enthusiastic about anything so much! I wondered if I could actually learn this new hobby I was about to undertake?! Sue called a good friend of hers Clint Currie who is the Chairman of Exeter BSAC (British Scuba Aqua Club)! Immediately arranged for a try dive, which unfortunately got postponed as I had the dreaded flue/sickness bug during January 17! It soon got rearranged for March 1st 2017! 5 days before my 53rd birthday! I know how cool is that learning SCUBA diving at 53! Wow! I explained to Clint that I have a bit of a phobia of putting my head underwater- he wasn't phased one bit! His reply was 'I love a Challenge'! And smiled! 😊

4 August 2016

Mum xx