United States of America · 4 Days · 9 Moments · September 2017

Patty's adventure in Sedona, AZ

22 September 2017

We visited the Palatki Ruins where we got to be up close and personal with the red rock! 6 miles down a rocky dirt road, which Pat loved by the way, since we didn't have time to do an ATV tour! We viewed ancient pictographs, and ruins of cliff dwellers! Very cool!
Our last day, we wanted to do a great hike! Brins Mesa Trail was it! We started out walking thru a dense pine forest where the trail was fine red sand, then as we ascended it became red rock with great stops along the way to view the scenery!

21 September 2017

Who knew sunset would be such an event! Sedona airport provided the best location!
Pretty foliage around the Chapel. Posted for my friend Shelly who has helped me notice these small treasures!
Chapel of the Holy Cross was built into the red rock using red rock ! The views from it are spectacular, and the site was chosen when the rock formation of the Madonna and Child with the Two Praying Nuns was identified up on the horizon.
So today is recovery day by the pool! Plans for later... shrine of the holy cross and the sunset!

20 September 2017

On the way back from the Grand Canyon we stopped in Flagstaff. We had signed up for what we thought was a bike/ bar crawl. BUT, was really a ride along through downtown where our guide shows where he like to drink! ThePizza shop Pizzicletta was a few blocks away and was a cool place that was highly recommended to us. One long table and a couple bar seats. Food was incredible. The drive back from flagstaff was crazy steep and winding!
Today we drove up to th Grand Canyon from Sedona which was about a 2 hr drive, and was very scenic. Crowds were light, no problem parking at visitor center. Then hiked the South rim for about 2.5 miles to th canyon village. Had lunch at the historic El Tovar Hotel which was fabulous, then hiked back. Overall spent about 3 hrs taking photos and taking in the amazing scenery? From here we drove to Flagstaff for a bike beer and wine tour!

19 September 2017

We started the day anxious to do some hiking! First hike was along the Oak Creek in the Crescent Ranch state park. It was a very easy walk that gave us some great views of Cathedrahl Rock! After that we were in search of more of a challenge. We drove to the trailhead of Devils Bridge trail and started a REAL hike. The first sign we saw was that every person should have a gallon of water with them before starting the hike! Poo-poo, off we went. The trail lead us down a rocky road covered in red rock dust,for about an hour then up a very steep stepped rock climb to the devils bridge rock formation! Pat was brave enough to walk out onto it, my heart was pounding and I clung to the overlooking cliff area and couldn't do it. Great hike overall and we ended our day with cocktails at View 180 Bar !