United States of America · 7 Days · 18 Moments · July 2017

patty's adventure in Jackson Hole, WY, United

6 August 2017

Giving Hank a bath before we head to the airport. That makes three sad faces. 😔😔🐶

4 August 2017

Hank and Butch fishing out back. Caught a little (and i do mean little!) Brown trout.
Hank's first time fishing. Butch burned his knees on yesterday's 5-hour float & fish. Butch will walk out of our cabin mansion and fish the Big Hole River arm behind us.

3 August 2017

Fly fishing on the Big Hole River. About 5 hourz with a guide. Good morning: Brown trout, rainbow trout, and white fish. Slow in the afternoon.

2 August 2017

Bend in the Big Hole River behind the lodge. Hank as wild man.
Dorsey's lodge outside Butte, Montana, on the Big Hole River. Died and gone to heaven. Even have an amazing kitchen WITH chef's quality knives.
In windy, flat Eastern Idaho. On our way to MT.

1 August 2017

Our semi-okay hotel in Jackson. The Antler Inn. Great location. Glad we were in town. Awesome restaurants.
We hiked Jenny Lake on Tuesday. Thankfully, we did the long leg first. About 6 miles. Needed the ferry crossing as a break. My mom used to go on picnics to Jenny Lake when she was a young woman in Idaho Falls - before she went to Tokyo.
Saying goodbye to Jenny Lake and the Tetons. Sob. Loved it!! #comingback
Antler arch at Jackson town square.

31 July 2017

Our picnic in Yellowstone. Butch bought Hank an orange, plastic food bowl. Big mistake!! Hank jumped up onto the table to get his bowl. #newplaytoy
Yellowstone Lake. Could not resist getting in. Hank, too, but then he'd hustle right out. Too cold. Hank ended up swimming to get a rock i threw. Big mistake!! I had to rescue him.
Old Faithful. Way too touristy.
In the Jackson town park. Hank wants my coffee!

30 July 2017

First visit to the Grand Tetons. Love this park!! And, yes, i actually hiked in this dress. Taggart Lake loop. 4 miles 2 months after my surgery. Not bad.