North America, Europe · 4 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

Patty & Keegan's Adventures in Italy - 2017

14 July 2017

More pics in Verona, the arena, some sculptures... So much art and culture here!!
Multiple pic s on this post, swipe to see more. Spent the afternoon exploring Verona. We went to Juliet's balcony and saw all the love notes on the walls, some painted on, written on, stickers, actual paper notes taped to the wall - even a marriage proposal! With all of the terrorism in the world currently, the Italian Army patrols the streets. Those soldiers looked so young -- and intimidating!! I was too afraid to ask to take their pic so I was going to try to sneak one but they were scary and I decides a pic of the Jeep would have to suffice!
So tired!! This was about 24 hours awake, my eyes were (are) red and burning!!
The landscape flying over was really cool! I loved how the clouds cast shadows over the land
Thankfully, the flight from Germany to Italy was only about an hour. We were all tired of bring on an airplane. Even better was that there were no babies on the 2nd flight!!
Our group all together at the airport. Long flight to Germany, a 2 hour layover then onto a puddle hopper to Milan. I think airtime is about 10 hours total! Once we get to Milan we will meet up with others in our tour group from all over the US and start our adventure to Verona to Juliet's balcony 💕

13 July 2017

The flight to Germany was about 10 hours. As if that wasn't bad enough, the lady in front of me was traveling with a baby who screamed the ENTIRE flight. Not just a baby crying, she was shrieking a blood curdling sound, the woman across the aisle was having to cower and cover her ears. At first I felt bad for the poor mama traveling alone with a baby but by the end of the flight I was really annoyed with the mother, as were many others. Instead of standing up (she was in an aisle seat) and walking with baby she was just shushing her. Thankfully our connecting flight is much smaller and so far no babies!!

10 July 2017

I am so excited to share this trip of a lifetime with my kiddo!! I hope he learns to appreciate the world and embrace all that there is to learn, see and do... maybe even inherit some of my love of travel and exploration of this small world! Only a couple more days until we start our journey - I am as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve!!