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Kameren's Navy Grad: Chicago, IL, United Stat

12 August 2017

Saying see ya later at the airport... He's off to San Antonio for his A School. While there, he'll be training for MA (most people know it as MP - Military Police) I'm really hoping he gets a K9!! His school is 52 days, where he goes from there we don't know yet but wherever he goes and whatever he does, we know he'll make us all proud πŸ’™ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
This was my favorite exhibit in the Harley museum!! This bike was found on the shores of BC Canada. The bike was in a box that had traveled from Japan as a result of the tsunami. Instead of restoring the bike, it was decided to let it deteriorate naturally - as a way to pay tribute and remember the tsunami.
I had no idea that Harley Davidson alsomaegilf carts and boats!
At the Harley Museum
Kameren had to leave base and head to the airport at 3am this morning - his flight wasn't until 730pm. We don't understand why it was that way but know we have no option but to oblige. After he was dropped back off at base he had to stand watch so he had very little sleep (3 hrs) before he had to leave for the airport. Luckily, he was able to have family accompany him. Lisa and Peter dropped Patience off early in the morning so they could spend some time alone together. While they hung out, we made the short drive up to Wisconsin to tour Jelly Belly and visit the Harley Davidson museum.

11 August 2017

Some final odds and ends
Former cars of celebrities too!! I didn't get many pics of this part because I had already taken so many pictures my phone was dying!
Seriously, so many cool cars!!
More movie cars!!
The Volo car museum also had cars from movies!!! It was so fun to see/learn about them!
Our time with Kameren was very limited (he only had liberty 11am - 645pm) so we made the most out of the time we had with him. Took him to lunch while we got to catch up a little bit then to the Volo car museum. This museum was his choice and was amazing!!! They had so many classic cars - many of which were for sale!!
Friday we finally got to see Kameren graduate from Navy basic training. We were so happy to be there and participate in a well deserved and very proud moment. We love you kiddo and are so proud of the dedication and commitment you've shown! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

10 August 2017

After getting situated we make the trek to the Navy Pier. We spent the afternoon walking around, some light shopping and relaxing in the beautiful arboretum. Every time I come to Chicago thats my favorite place - not disappointed this time.
Finally got some Chicago style pizza!! It was pretty good but the place we went the last time we visited was better - wish I could remember the name so I could take my family there!
Well, Motel 6 was much nicer than tbe Ramada but still not up to par. Our room had mold in the shower and we had to ask for clean sheets - Ash's bed sheets didnt look clean... Lisa and Peter had an awesome experience of sewage coming up their sink this morning so.... After a delicious breakfast at a place called the Wildberry CafΓ© we found a new hotel - a Doubletree Hilton and just got settled into our room. It's pretty nice - no mold and very clean (even smells good!!), after the last 2 places me and Ashlynn actually feel like royalty!! And the kicker?! It's in a nicer part of town and is only $10 more a night!! The gals that helped us at the front desk were really friendly and made us all feel much more at ease! Now we are off to find adventure - the good (FUN) kind!!
Well, it has been an adventure thus far... The place we picked for dinner was closed when we finally got there 😞 So, we ended up at a dive chinese place that was closing so we had to sit curbside w/our takeout. The hotel we booked was a total dive - seriously, had mold growing on our walls, shower, floor trim... The whole place smelled horrible!! My sisters toilet didn't flush and there was blood (or something that looked like blood) on their bed coverings so now we're in a Motel 6, which is actually MUCH nicer. Dad was even threatening to sleep in the rental car if we didnt change hotels!! Tomorrow we'll have breakfast, get the hotel situation managed then off to WI for the Jelly Belly tour!! Maybe a water park & who knows where else the day will bring us! All part of the adventure!!