United Kingdom · 1 Days · 11 Moments · May 2017

John O groats to stamfotd

25 May 2017

Points failure. Hoping engineer who just walked by can fix Might give gummy can if wd40
Memories from last night Train to Newcastle Bus breaking down Boss lady taking a dump Cycle up firt Scottish hill Knocking on wrong apartment door Waking up slow. It alert
View out window heading north from Stirling. View incredible our playground for the next 2 days
Arrived appt after ride up first Scottish hill 4 flights of stairs and trying to get into wrong appt Made it Perfect for us and bikes Just heard from Mooks Off to sleep for 3 hours
Arrived Edinburgh Try and get to flat and get 3 hours kip Wake 545. Plan broke and train
Bus stopped again. Great people on the bus

24 May 2017

Met Suzanne be he boss. She is running marathon Sunday Got her details I she can talk to Stefan
Cissp leRn Isaca
Reading Tri 220 Cut couple of inches off legs and arms of wetsuit Will hep in transition
On the bus Hope the bike will make it
Started in Peterborough station Met Phil at the station while waiting for Ian to arrive Suddenly realised from board no trains going to Edinburgh Electric overhead broken and repairs to be done Just get on with it. Made it to Newcastle and got a bus 2.5 hours journey. Woo goo not As getting off the train guy mentioned Austrians coast route from Edinburgh to Newcastle Might be worth a look