Netherlands · 3 Days · 7 Moments · May 2017

Patrick and Phil's voyage in Netherlands

30 May 2017

Our last full day in Amsterdam we rented bikes. We had Deutsch pancakes to energize us and took the free fairy out of the city center and began our trip to Zaanse-Schans, a small town in the north that is known for its windmills. We biked down with 2 Aussies we met the night before and have some good footage on the GoPro. We stopped in at a couple gas stations along the way and had a local help redirect us a few times. Thankfully we were advised that a road we were about to get on was a highway and we found an alternate route. As advertised, biking in Amsterdam is pretty wild but we managed to get out unscathed. Off to Prague now!

29 May 2017

Some shots at the Heineken experience, cool museum/tour. Will be able to help brew the Reid Rousse back home now. Also the classic iamsterdam picture - we're around the "r"

28 May 2017

Some more of Amsterdam and a Deutsch favourite of potatoes, vegetables, and a homemade meatball - was delicious
Late lunch/early dinner eaten next to the brewery found in the old windmill. Tried the beer from the brewery, quite nice. Seemed to be a pilsner of some kind. The food pictures is a beer bread, liver sausage, Deutsch cheese, bitterballen (deep fried beef with a mustard for dipping) very tasty
Boat tour around Amsterdam. Some notable shots are the famous canal with 7 identical bridges in a row, a sweet boy (dog) on the boat with us, and the boys struggling with the angle of a selfie
Centraal, the bus/train terminal in the heart of Amsterdam.

27 May 2017

Very easy transit from Brussels to Amsterdam. Took the bus and the tram once we arrived in the 'dam. Arrived to the coco mama hostel to a very welcoming group (Americans, Parisians, Aussie, etc) and a nice BBQ to get us going. Good burgers and local beers like this one were drank - good fun, relaxing night.