Czech Republic · 3 Days · 6 Moments · May 2017

Patrick and Phil's voyage in Czech Republic

3 June 2017

As we await our bus to Vienna here are a few shots from yesterday and last night. Some of the shots as phil mentioned are from the crypt where the nazis and Czechs had their final battle. There's also a couple shots from up in the new town hall tower which gave a nice lay of the land. Finally, after our delicious homemade sausage pasta and chicken salad, we went along the water for some beers in the waterfront beer garden - a real hotspot with the locals it seemed. We got a nice view of the castle on the walk home that lit up by lighting donated by the Rolling Stones back in 1989 after one of their concerts here.

2 June 2017

Day 3 Woke up and headed south, going up into the tower of the new town hall. Also looked at st ceril church and it's crypt, where the final shootout between the Germans and the czechs who performed operation anthropoid, killing nazi Germany's third ranked Reinhard Heydrich. We took it easy the rest of the day, grabbed a beer in one of the waterside beer gardens, and relaxed in a park. We then hit the grocery store to pick up supper for tonight, and lunch for tomorrow. Tonight, a tomato sauce pasta with sausage, along with a salad, and sausages sandwiches for tomorrow's lunch. We also grabbed 6 .5 L beers, for 10 crowns each (roughly 55 cad, though we end up paying more cuz of exchange fees). We hope we saved enough crowns to buy an ice cream tonight, which seems to be a staple here.

1 June 2017

Day 2 in Prague - Phil still doesn't seem to understand where to post stuff on Journi... we'll work on it. Today we went for a nice walk all around Prague. We started off by walking to a beautiful bier garden that overlooks Prague - it had some magnificent views. We then made our way thru the royal garden and to the castle, both magnificent. No romantic dinner tonight however you can see the local beer we had with our meal... interesting note: they use degrees for their beers as opposed to percentage. 12degree beer seems to translate to about a 4.5%. The reason their beers percentage is so low... so that people can drink all day! (At least that's what the tour guide said...)
Day 2 (see Netherlands for day 1) Woke up and ate breakfast at the hostel (they offered a lousy sandwich as well as a wheat-y cereal and nesquick). We went up north of the city where you get a nice view, and into one of the parks, heading towards the castle. We made our way through the kings garden, which is beautiful, and then into the castle itself. The castle is really more of a little village. We made our way south, and found a spot in a park to lie down and take it easy. For supper we had leftover pork from the night before, along with rice (provided by the hostel), and we picked up a Greek salad at the grocery store. We went out to the pub crawl that night, which featured going to four different venues, including finishing at pragues well known five story club. We must have been a gang of about 70, mostly comprised of Canadians and Americans. We weren't having a blast, so we just stuck it out to see the club at the end, grabbed a kebob and called it a night.

31 May 2017

Arrived in Prague to some beautiful views. We're staying in the old town so we're very close to the old town square and charles bridge. We had a nice walking tour as we arrived so we have a lay of the land going forward. We plan on visiting the castle and a bier garden tomorrow.
Dinner tonight was a duck leg and a pork knuckle with some local Czech Pilsners along the river. We got some beautiful views crossing the charles bridge on our way back after dinner and got a nice little show from a pianist while we watched the sunset from across the river.