Croatia, Canada · 371 Days · 10 Moments · June 2016

Patrick, Phil and Tim's voyage in Croatia

29 June 2017

Split day 2 (2/2) We went out for dinner with Dagma (Dutch) and Laura, a Lithuanian! The food was delicious. After that we grabbed a bottle of rakjia (Croatian liquor), then went to a cool outdoor club. After that we grabbed a kebab, and called it a night.
Split day 2 (1/2) We took a bus to the park, and then boarded a boat which took us into its heart. We toured the park, which took us roughly an hour. It was super beautiful, having nice little walkways through "marshy" areas, but these marshy areas had super clear water. We then took a dip. There's a cool phenomenon that happens here, as the sea level is high enough that salt water is present in the park, in the same river beds as the fresh water rivers. Because the salt water is denser, it can be found at the bottom, while the fresh water remains on top. This creates a greenhouse effect, where the fresh water acts as a magnifying glass, heating up the salt water. In august, this is supposed to result in significant temperature differences, with the fresh water being around 25 degrees and the salt water ten degrees warmer.
Dubrovnik day 2 We woke up the next day and did a sea kayaking tour. They took us around the little cursed island (for it has a monastery that was force sold), and stopped at a cave for lunch, where we also did some cliff jumps, 19 and 26 feet. After that we toured old town a bit more, we stopped for a beer at a bar located outside of the city walls facing the sea, built into the rock. It was the coolest venue right on the water, and also had various perfect cliff jumping spots. There was a 33-40 footer that we started with, and then we saw some Australians climbing up top, at about a 65-68 footer. They did it, so I had to do it too! We made sausage pasta for supper, which also allowed us to make sandwiches for the following day. We met a Montreal-British couple and went to a bar in the old town.
Dubrovnik day 1 We arrived in Dubrovnik in the afternoon, greeted by its beautiful landscape. This included mountains on one side and the crystal clear turquoise water on the other. We hiked up to our hostel which was a good 20 minute uphill march; our room was a three bed private. We walked down to old town Dubrovnik, a fortified little village build between the 7th and 10th centuries. I'd reckon it's about 400 meters wide. We walked the town, took a dip at one of the pebble beaches (most of the beaches are pebbly, which is what results in the extra clear water). The beaches are small but widespread. We had dinner in the old town sitting outside on the cobblestone. We all had seafood; it was good but the portions were small. Headed to bed after some Italian cookies and milk.

24 June 2017

Day 1 in split we spent at the beach and touring the city. Pretty small and accessible so we were able to get it all in pretty quickly and efficiently in that afternoon. Today (June 24th) we visited Krka national park just outside of split, famous for its waterfalls and crystal clear water. We hiked around the trails for the first bit and then swam in the water. We brought the GoPro in so hopefully we'll have some good footage to show you all when we're back home.
Split day 1 (1/2) We hit the supermarket and grabbed the ingredients for some massive sandwiches, made some for supper and the next days lunch, grabbed a single beer each, and headed up to one of the little peaks in split which was supposed to have a really nice view of the city, mountains, and coast. Unfortunately, we never quite found it, nor were we in time for the sunset, but stopped at a cute little spot which still had a nice view, accented by the post-sunset time frame. We headed in to get some sleep because the next day we were going to KRKA national park.
Split day 1 (1/2) We had an 8 am 4 hour bus ride to split, and hopped on the front seats of the top decker bus, which gave us panoramic views of the scenic drive. We checked into our hostel, which was really a converted apartment, making for a comfortable atmosphere. We headed into the city and got tim his first kebab. Then we went down to one of the beaches, where you had to walk out about 100 yards out before getting neck deep. It was a in a bay, with clubs and bars closer to the coast, so the atmosphere was a lot of fun.

21 June 2017

Dubrovnik day 3 We walked to the west side of the city, where the atmosphere was cool and relaxed, offering a nice touristy restaurant strip, and a quaint walkway along the water with natural little places to sit down and grab a private spot by the water. We then headed back to the east side where old town is, and did the wall walk, of the fortifying walls surrounding old town. It provided great vantage points, views and picture opportunities. We grabbed some bread cheese cold cuts a cucumber and a (2L) beer each and ate by the water.

22 April 2017

Day 3 we did the wall tour and got some incredible views. The wall is quite impressive and seeing the views from above and the city inside was quite cool. At the end of the day our feet were starting to feel the effects of all the walking so we picked up some beers, meat, cheese and bread, and watched the sunset from the port. We actually did so with a friend from school from back home who we ran into by chance - small world! In the morning we caught a bus over to Split for our last 2 days in Croatia.

24 June 2016

Day 1 and 2 in Dubrovnik we captured footage in the go pro so no pictures for this post. We arrived in Dubrovnik in the afternoon and checked into the hostel after one heck of a hike. Who knew Dubrovnik was so mountainous?! We found a nice spot for dinner which we all enjoyed but found the portions to be quite small. The next day we embarked on a kayak tour where we did roughly 9km of kayaking around Dubrovnik and a small island right next to it that has a small castle and garden but is uninhabited because it was cursed a while back. Other parts of the kayak tour included stops at a cave where we swam, cliff jumped and snorkelled. There were so many fish and the water was crystal clear, it was incredible. Later in the day we found a bar on the skirts of the wall where we could enjoy a beverage to refresh ourselves from the heat and there was some cliff jumping/swimming as well - really cool spot. At night we ran into a Montréal girl and English boy who we went to a pub with - fun night