India, Switzerland · 28 Days · 31 Moments · March 2016

Paddy's journey to and inside India

3 April 2016

Back home. Here is now spring and even found my Easter present. Thanks Patricia. It alway nice to come back. I honestly have to say, I had the honor to visit a friendly, interesting country with wonderful people there. I'll never forget.
Finally, back home from Delhi to Zurich.

1 April 2016

Arrived in new Delhi, Indira Gandhi airport.
Traveling further to Dehli. New Dehli, to be precise.
Business lunch with my colleagues here in Chennai. It was an Arabian style restaurant. They were so surprised when I asked for a knife. After while I changed to my hand. It was really more easier to eat that way.

31 March 2016

Had a ride with a Auto Ricksha. Was a funny experience. Much better than I thought. Due to the fact that there are no windows or doors, it's really refreshing and not hot as I thought. Really enjoyed it.

30 March 2016

Coming back to my comment about hygienically situation on the streets here in Chennai. I also see that they are doing big effort to clean their city. People gather garbage every morning. I understand from my local business contact that India recently bought 10 million public toilets. But even that is to little for such a huge population here. And every city has so many citizens which are just leaving on the streets. These people have no other choice then to do everything in public. This is definitely not a good situation. But I respect their progress to avoid this. Things will not change so fast.

28 March 2016

Good morning in Chennai. A business day starts. Chennai, previously called Madras, has 35 Millions of citizens. Right now they are finishing her Metro. Yes, they call it Chennai Metro. Today I've found something that disturbs me. After the first euphoria I haven't realized may be. But now I see more and more men peeing next to me. I understand this a complete different culture. But the ladies are not doing so, at least I haven't seen that. Hence I think it's just boys behavior, which a cannot accept.

27 March 2016

Shame on me. My first none Indian meal. But even so, everything is vegetarian. The Indians are so kind to pay attention, when you order strictly vegetarian, the amouse-bouche is also vegetarian. Like them
Chennai. The buses here do not have glasses in the Windows, except for the driver. It's fine these days, but what when the rain comes?
Visited today Mamallapuram. An interesting place and an UNESCO world monument. But also very crowded. And I was the one and only "white skin". I'm sure 200 people took a picture from me. Sometimes I felt like an animal in a zoo:). However, even my taxi driver warned me to be careful. When I left the car plenty of people came around me and offered their help. To be sure to have the most serious and "official" guide, wait until you're thru the entrance. The in-official will not follow you. But even these guys will try to sell all these tourist things.

26 March 2016

Stop over in Bangalore. We have to remain seated. In this short and uncomfortable seats. Oh god. But my right was a lady from Moscow and the seats in front of us were occupied from a lady from Japan and gentlemen from China. So we were all sitting in a plane in the middle of India and had some fun. Crazy little world.
Goa Airport. Flying with Jet Airways to Chennai with a stop in Bangalore.
Traveling by official coach from hotel to the airport.

24 March 2016

A Holi day in Goa. Most of the people are painted in purple colors and they are dancing in the streets. The Hindi celebrating the spring.
My driver of the day, Caitano, to the right. He offered me a beer in his brothers bar, Lenny. Caitano was born here and he now lives with his family near Varca beach. Therefore he has a lot to explain.
Tiger shrimps production. They are delivering the whole region from here. They "harvest" twice a year.

23 March 2016

India wins again. They beat Bangladesh. In cricket of course.
I'm getting used more and more to this extreme climate conditions. Hence I can focused on other things than just to avoid to sweat too much. On the picture you see a Gaur. The state animal from Goa
A typical, ordinary day. The people there doing theirs daily shopping. I was there with my fast and "furious" driver. :) The shop employee laughed about me when I asked for sun cream.

21 March 2016

My diner for today. Enough spicy for me. The waiter was very helpful and patient with me. I just remember Nan, for bread, and a mango topic to the right. Delicious
The taxi ride from Goa Airport was incredible. The driver droves as fast as he could. I never saw people walking alongside the highway. But in Goa the can even walk on both sides. You also never know when a men with his cow is slowly walking in the next road bend. Therefore I was happy to arrive the hotel without an accident and no animal and human being was injured.
Namaste in Goa, varca Beach

20 March 2016

My Hotel in Mumbai. Vivanta by Taj President. Not a clear day, today. But I heard that's normal here. Very strong security checks at the entrance.
Arrived in Mombai airport. After a very bizarre taxi ride I finally arrived at the hotel. They wanted from me to fill up your car with diesel. Ha ha.

19 March 2016

Ready for Mumbai. Distance to go, 6500 km roughly. (4000 miles)
Let's start

10 March 2016

Got the visa. Was a hard thing to get it. But the gentle employee helped me out.

9 March 2016

Before I start: I have to get a visa here:

6 March 2016

Before I start: Regarding National Geographic these are most beautiful places in India. Let's see if I will visit them
Before I start: The differences between my home country and India