United States of America · 2 Days · 12 Moments · May 2015

Patrick & Peter's Caribbean Voyage 2015

3 May 2015

At Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

2 May 2015

First evening
Well we just ventured out to Walmart in this behemoth to pick up a few essentials. The Cabana Bay Beach Resort is fabulous. 50's fabulous. Keep expecting to bump into Baby & Johnny dancing a Merengue.
Cabana Bay Beach Resort.
Seated and ready to go✈️😀
Sat at the gate waiting for the flight to be called. We are in premium so should be one of the first to board.
Ready? Set? Go.

1 May 2015

Pre holiday cocktails.
So our new adventure is soon to begin and I will be blogging here on this app throughout the trip as normal for anyone that's interested. We've just finished packing and even though we have double the luggage allowance we still struggled to get it in 4 cases. Am sure would be the same if we had triple allowance. I blame Peter and all those shoes and hats.